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162 enterprises in Haidian "germ plan" Haidian District will help them through the "valley of death"

2018-11-01 16:47 beijing evening news TF003

Today (November 1st) afternoon, sponsored by the Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park Management Committee of the "Haidian publishing and germ enterprise service platform Haidian District first germ enterprise established ceremony" was held in the Western District of Zhongguancun. After strict selection, 162 enterprises in Haidian District will help them talent shows itself, smoothly through the "valley of death", entered a rapid growth stage, and then grow into towering trees.

This year, Haidian District issued the "innovation and development of 16" policies to support SME as 16 in the first release and the implementation of the June of this year, "embryo incubation programme" was officially launched. The goal of the program is the main active tracking start-up SME growth and to provide services, reduce the cost of enterprise development, to help them smoothly through the "valley of death", entered a rapid growth stage, and then grow into towering trees.

Germ enterprise plans to start, the response of many enterprises, hundreds of companies actively declare. After rigorous review and selection, the final 162 companies talent shows itself. SME is the most innovative dynamic in Haidian regional economic groups, is the high growth enterprises and leading enterprises in the reserve echelon, but also inject Everfount vitality into the development of the real economy, but facing talent, capital, space and other multi problems in the early stages of growth, how to provide a full range of these enterprises, the the period of service, help them smoothly through the risk and grow as the unicorn enterprises will become the priority among priorities germ cultivation work." Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park official said.

In addition, the meeting will be the person in charge of industry, from Taij accelerator, Beijing bank, Beijing technology center of enterprise innovation service alliance, Zhongguancun Venture Street ten agencies jointly signed the petition, "Haidian cooperation germ enterprise service platform, help the development of the high-tech SMEs in Haidian. It is understood that the platform will integrate the government, universities, enterprises, institutions and other investment alliance, all resources, and strive to build a Haidian District SME provide the integration of resources, services, information aggregation in one of the confluence of one-stop integrated service platform for innovation. Photo by Zhong Huixiong

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Ye Xiaoyan

Editor: TF003

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