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The nine stage: 18144 lottery prediction PK Rome Red Army Gunners premier Serie A at the enemy

2018-11-02 08:39 North late New Vision Network TF003

The weekend of 3, 4, two days for the period lottery games in November, including 6 Barclays Premier League games, the Bundesliga 6 games and 2 serie a game field, the difficulty is not small. The following simple analysis.

There is no doubt that the lottery "focus" is A Senna home court against Liverpool, saying, this season since Emeri took over, after a very short run, the team and the manager has entered a "tacit understanding", A Senna once made 10+ row, until the last round of the Premier League is currently Crystal Palace draw, A Senna four points behind Liverpool, ranked fourth, is to find their own position. Liverpool is a city with 26 points and tied for first.

Note that the first new season arsenal is the home court losing to Manchester City, the game I tend to support the Liverpool guest.

Tottenham - wolves should hope is relatively large, however, the game needs flat.

Three in the Bundesliga match against Freiburg, Bayern, Munich, the 3 single should grasp; Herta against Leipzig, this one is the best outcome; Wolfsburg against Dortmund, to be honest, I feel the Hornets not so fierce, may draw.

Serie A matches against Cagliari, Juventus, 3; Florence against Rome, the need to pay attention to is the home court record is very good, 4 wins and 1 draws, the best is the check.

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