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The architectural design exhibition opened in Beijing fourteen academicians participated in the exhibition

2018-11-01 15:01 beijing evening news TF003

The first building of the future architectural trends, design ideas and solutions for the core of the architectural design of Expo 2018 (Beijing) ("CADE") yesterday (October 31st) grand opening in the new country, the exhibition time will last from October 31st to November 3rd. The Expo as the Architectural Society of Chinese established 65th anniversary series of activities of the heavy work, "inheritance and rebirth" as the theme, the solutions from the perspective of architectural culture development, architecture design and construction, to create a one-stop industrial chain communication platform for architects.

China International Expo and Chinese international building curtain wall system and Materials Expo opens today
China International Expo and Chinese international building curtain wall system and Materials Expo admission flow
The German Federal interior, architecture and community Deputy Minister Gunther Adler visited Mr. Hall
China construction metal structure association president Mr. Hao Jiping to visit the exhibits
A corner of the exhibition hall

The reporter understands, the architectural design exhibition and exhibition by the architects salon two major contents. The exhibition will focus on the development of Chinese building for nearly one hundred years. Due to various factors and constraints, not systematic and comprehensive show, but researchers are still trying to through the "exhibition" "" "" "code" and "track" "case" "." the seven theme plate, to see only a small part way will more specific interval show.

Among them, "people" from more than twenty people of the 1920s and 1930s first generation graduated from University of Pennsylvania and 14 architecture professional background of the work presented in detail and sparse their creation record and thinking of their time. "" in Beijing and Shanghai City sampling, presents twelve buildings as part of modern architectural heritage protection in twentieth Century and excellent construction case, and put forward the question to media such as social concern the future destiny of Shenzhen gymnasium. 14 academicians participating in 2011 National Science and Technology Award winner Wu Liangyong, academician of the Academy of Sciences Chinese Qi Kang, China Academy of engineering, Fu Xinian and other famous architects.

To implement the spirit of the nineteen Party of socialist thought and China characteristics of general secretary Xi Jinping new era, inheriting the historical context of the city, showing the city sustainable development, we have the determination and confidence of the Expo into art and Design Architects and enterprise cross regional integration, building international platform for cross-cultural communication, to show the world a new look the new achievements in the construction industry China, left in the history of the thick and heavy in colours Expo a." Chairman of the Architectural Society of Chinese Tianjiao said, I believe in our joint efforts, the construction industry become a global superpower will in the near future."

It is understood that the architectural design exhibition combines academic research, culture, exhibition and building of new materials and new technology exhibition as a whole, the system of present development of Chinese building, cutting-edge architectural design ideas and material application trends, design for construction to provide more opportunities to promote the exchange of diverse. Although it is held for the first time, but has attracted the likes of Viv Lux, Canada Wood and other materials, precious stone art class of well-known exhibitors, and in building environment, architectural design company, the exhibitors, 3 days of exhibition time nearly 20 Academic Salon and 6 professional conference and forum.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yuan Lu

Editor: TF003

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