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Beijing Dongcheng Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine teacher Wei Yuxiang "combined" to repel the herpes zoster

2018-11-01 15:05 beijing evening news TF019

Wei Yuxiang, East Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine chief physician, former director of the Department of acupuncture and rehabilitation hospital of Gansu province of Gansu Province, Gansu Province, the third batch of Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Association vice president, the fifth batch of Gansu Province Chinese medicine academic advisor, engaged in clinical, teaching and research work for more than 40 years, specializes in the use of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupuncture, catgut embedding, floating needle therapy for treatment of postherpetic neuralgia, stroke, brain trauma sequela, peripheral nerve injury, chronic pain Difficult miscellaneous diseases. Time is every Tuesday, Thursday visits all day long and Tuesday night (17 PM to 20 pm).

Yu Xiang Wei

Mention of herpes zoster, many people shiver all over though not cold. Indeed, this is caused by the varicella zoster virus "acute infectious skin disease, what seems to be a minor illness, but were particularly painful, so there are a lot of herpes zoster sounds particularly scary" nickname ", such as the Dragon wrapped around the waist, wrapped around the waist to dragon, etc..

A cluster of patients with herpes zoster in early infection, blisters, along the side of peripheral nerve cluster zonal distribution. The main reason for herpes zoster is afraid of the pain, the pain often makes patients unbearable, mainly because the virus invades the nerve root. The majority of patients with herpes zoster neuralgia incidence in a month or so will disappear, but there are few patients with long-term sequelae of herpes zoster neuralgia.

Wei Yuxiang often encountered in the clinical sequelae of herpes zoster patients. Some patients can be diagnosed is the cause of herpes zoster neuralgia, treatment is relatively easy. "My therapy is to use acupuncture to surround nerve pain, prevent the spread of the virus; then through moxibustion to completely eliminate the virus. At the same time, combined with cupping and bloodletting to remove the plum blossom needle." The "combined" play out, a month can significantly improve the symptoms of pain.

Most shingles infringe on the trunk, relatively easy to identify. But at the end of the invasion of facial herpes zoster is often misdiagnosed. Wei Yuxiang saw a variety of herpes zoster in the years of work, for example, some people will suffer from eyelid herpes zoster virus, which is invading into the trigeminal nerve, if not timely treatment, patients with ptosis and other symptoms. Some patients are manifestations of herpes zoster oticus, earache, facial paralysis and inner ear dysfunction, there may be severe limitations of meningitis and polyneuritis. Wei Yuxiang also had a 35 year old patient, because she is "migraine" to see the doctor, hope that through the acupuncture treatment of migraine. In the interrogation, Wei learned at 9 years of age with Ngoc Huong had suffered from herpes zoster, since the beginning of migraine. Considering the history and symptoms of the patients, Wei Yuxiang judgment is the result of patients with herpes zoster sequela "migraine", after the "combination" therapy in patients with refractory migraine relieved. Wei Yuxiang said, like other disease, herpes zoster is the sooner the better treatment. She reminded the herpes zoster patients, after the illness is not too tight, the standard treatment, most patients will get timely and effective cure; even sequela patients, Chinese medicine can also help patients resume normal life as soon as possible.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Jia Xiaohong

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