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The nine stage: 18143 lottery prediction Bundesliga Frankfurt away win Serie A Naples victory

2018-11-01 14:03 North late New Vision Network TF003

But also to the weekend, the lottery is still b sing leading role has 4, rare is the Dutch B strong B in the limelight of 5 games, in addition to the second division in 2 games, 1 games, 1 Games in the Bundesliga, Serie A Ligue 1 Games overall, prediction of the difficulty is not small.

First Bundesliga match, Stuttgart last season was a dark horse, is the main home court record is very good, don't seem to have this season last season in the limelight, home court temporarily only 1 wins 1 flat 2 negative, temporarily ranked second; Frankfurt in the Europa League show color, the Bundesliga seventh is pretty good in this game, preferred guest.

A Naples serie a match against Empoli, the home court is certainly no problem, the key can not play the game.

A French side Paris Saint Germain against Lille, this is a worthy of the name of the disparity between the strength of the first World War, the great Paris in Ligue 11 game winning streak, six consecutive home court; Lille road record of only 2 wins 1 flat 2 negative, law-abiding. Stroke can be considered unpopular.

Jose Serie B is not analyzed, recommend a Twente against Val Wake, Twente once in the Eredivisie is the famous team, had been relegated to Serie B, two teams ranked relatively high, his preferred.

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