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Beijing pilot "home delivery" to solve the centralized sorting express point Jeeves and noise pollution and chaos

2018-11-01 15:44 beijing evening news TF017

Enter the "FedEx era", a lot of people every day to send and receive parcels of homely food. Now, with the electricity supplier Festival "gradually approaching double 11", the courier parcel began, a busy scene. At the same time, some people reflect, some delivery points in convenience at the same time, some breeds such as illegal lane, noise pollution and other chaos, has brought trouble to the life of the people. A week ago, this reporter went to a number of courier points visited.


Unloading "hit" school, the residents hope to improve

3 pm, Jingtai No. 15 West Lane West Dishang a courier points very busy. A van had just arrived, slowly reversing stop to open the door, a little brother approached, a move from the car to the package. Around them, dozens of cars parked in the express delivery tricycles in front of and beside the blank area, pedestrians have to walk in the space reserved in these vehicles.

At this point, it is near the primary school school in the afternoon time. Hou uncle with his granddaughter was walking home from school, near the delivery point is his day the only way which must be passed for children. For the regional situation, somewhat tangled Hou uncle. "For several years. Not very disturbing, but really quite crowded, not too convenient, do not know the site belongs to who." In the opinion of the Hou uncle, the point of delivery tricycle parked not chaos, but stay out of the traffic space is quite narrow, it is easy to cause the safety problem. A child to school jumping, chasing, worrying about where the bump."

Not only is the security problem, noise pollution is also annoying." Living in the 15 floor of the Shi said that the courier delivery time is basically every morning and afternoon, sometimes in the morning we still rest, they rest in the parking, express and so on special effects." Another resident said angrily, "this parking will certainly have an impact on our. I don't live here to live in the upstairs, upstairs, as early as the complaint."

Reporters noted that van and courier tricycle parked area is in front of the road rather than Deshang, roadside parking position. At the scene, there are some cars parked in the area, many express tricycle "encirclement". But on the ground, the reporter did not see the relevant designated parking spaces.

The FedEx Office responsible person said, has been in the business for nearly three years of time. "We are no way, before also complained, in fact we have to postpone the unloading time. Every morning, 8 will have a car goods, after a car without 9. Only the morning afternoon crowded for a while, stagger the two time good, night stay a few tricycles here, nobody basically." The responsible person said, this site is unified by the company from the owners of rent, we rented the owners, the owners to pay property charges, in front of the window area on both sides is rented, the future will strengthen the management, try to avoid the lane." As for the specific rented area of many square meters in front of the door, the official said it is not clear.


The parcel piled on the road, "check"

The "bookshelf" express cabinet "occupied" the blind, the size of the parcel piles placed in the sidewalk, pick up people who lined up, occasionally occupy the express car lane...... At 5:20 in the afternoon, in the campus logistics integrated service center east rings outside the west gate of Communication University of China, the reporter saw this scene.

The same day, the courier is operating a total of five appearances, gathered in the current market of several major express brand. "Things put out, mainly because the house is not put, every day to express too much. At the same time, placed on the outer shelf, also easy to find." A courier staff revealed. This reporter saw a row of "bookshelf" express cabinet scene, although placed against the wall, it was occupied by the blind. These piled on the ground will also express, originally not spacious sidewalk space for further compression. To 6 pm, occasionally to courier delivery tricycle parked on the roadside. The courier will unload cargo car one by one, the point of delivery staff out of blue mats on the floor, large and small parcels that are stacked on the sidewalk in front of.

"In school time, lined collar express is commonplace, sometimes could not go over it, was on the road from the side around." A student may be introduced, because the surrounding inhabited mainly by students and youth groups, there have been a large amount of express. "Immediately to the" double 11 ", will express more, there may be more blocking."

This scene is not related to management? Who is responsible for the delivery of the staff said, "usually almost always stood just so, every night will close up. There are inspectors to check, check the time, they (express stores) placed on the outside of things in the."

On the day of the interview, in the side of the gate from the delivery point of about 20 meters, a car parked flashing lights, body spray has a "comprehensive law enforcement on the patrol car. Reporter approached consulting, told his staff car is three responsible for the comprehensive management of staff. He said, will express stacked on the pavement is not allowed, they have been on the point of delivery to strengthen law enforcement, "leadership and the other is communication, you can also call the hotline to reflect." According to his guidance, the reporter saw a billboard of green and white, the above content is: this section is jeeves. No operating outside the shop, are not allowed to set up their stalls, no huddle material...... The publicity card inscribed in units of three regional offices, together with the corresponding call report.


The enterprise effectively assume day-to-day management responsibilities

"Some of the chaos express point, is the legacy of the rapid development of express industry in the history of debts, which is not an unique city." Guan Shuo Enterprise & capital CEO, renowned courier industry experts Zhao Xiaomin said, in the past, along with the rapid growth of the business, many courier companies in the layout of the stores, the key factor to consider is mail volume size and network layout. "A lot of shop to make a big contribution in the past, now in the new development may be some conflicts. Especially some new outlets in the daily operation, office procedures, vehicle traffic stop, the employee's convenience level, many factors not taken into account. Now begin to pay attention to these factors, it needs a process."

To improve and control these chaos, Zhao Xiaomin put forward three proposals. "First, express enterprises to effectively assume day-to-day management responsibilities, with the planning adjustment and new development situation of the city, timely transfer, integration and upgrading of related stores; second, government supervision departments in the rectification work, as far as possible to take a step by step and guide the way. To bring convenience to the users, not rising cost; thirdly, the norms of governance, the relevant government departments of regional planning is the key point of delivery. At present, the "Guangzhou Shenzhen Zhejiang" is to promote this work."

Zhao Xiaomin believes that in this process, the enterprise must actively with relevant government departments for highly effective cohesion and communication. "To take the government's regional planning and regional planning enterprise network organically. Enterprise to do certain forward-looking considerations, promote the upgrading and transfer network. Government departments should give some flexibility, step in promoting the work of. Otherwise, detrimental to the user, will be on the enterprise and so on."

In the future, enterprises in addition to optimize network layout and management of their own outside, also want to consider more outlets around the convenience, the operation efficiency and operating cost. Does not affect the service supply at the same time, handle the relationship with the surrounding residents. In ensuring the efficient operation of the company and conform to the city governance structure, find the balance point.

Ahead of the beginning of law enforcement, the pilot "home delivery"

The reporter found by searching, before the annual double 11 season, the city district urban management, comprehensive management, transportation and other related law enforcement forces, law enforcement and rectification of some chaos and problems will appear in the express industry. Law enforcement regulation content, mainly concentrated in the lane and sorting, the delivery vehicle with the stop, with litter packaging etc.. According to reports, ACEE, Taiwan city management team of city management team, have to carry out law enforcement activities in advance.

In the "block" at the same time, some "sparse" initiatives have also begun to introduce. The day before, the city's first government led by the "home delivery" officially put into use, to solve the problem of nuisance express. It is understood that the "home delivery" is located in the northwest corner of Jianguomen Gongyuan street, 1000 square metres of the demolition of detention. At present, seven delivery points from the area, Tong, tact, rhyme, Debon and excellent speed five express enterprises have "move" so far, unified office, centralized sorting.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Songlinwen photo

Editor: TF017

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