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Beijing pilot "Express home" centralized sorting to solve the problem of courier points and noise pollution.

2018-11-01 15:44. beijing evening news TF017

Entering the "express era", sending and receiving packages every day has become a common occurrence for many people. At the moment, as the electricity supplier Festival "double 11" is approaching, the packages of various express points are starting to get more and more busy. At the same time, some people reflected that some of the express points were convenient for people, but also caused some chaos such as illegal occupation, noise pollution and so on, which brought troubles to citizens' lives. A week ago, our reporter went to several express points for a visit.


Unloading and bumping away from school, residents hope to improve.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, the 15 express business in West Jingtai west area was extremely busy. A van has just arrived, slowly reversing the car and stopping the door. Many younger brothers came forward and moved out of the car. Around them, dozens of express tricycles are parked in front of the courier point and in the blank area. Pedestrians need to go through the space reserved for these tricycles.

At this point, it is the time for school close in the afternoon. Hou and his granddaughter are returning home from school, and the express delivery area is the only way for him to pick up his children every day. Hou is somewhat entangled in the situation of this area. "It's been several years. It's not very disturbing, but it's really crowded. It's not very convenient. I don't know who the site belongs to. In Hou's view, the tricycle of the express point is not chaotic, but the space available is very narrow and easy to cause safety problems. "When children go to school, they jump and jump, chasing and fighting, and always worry about where to bump."

"Noise pollution is not only a matter of safety, but also annoying." Mr. Shi, who lives in building 15, said that the delivery time of the delivery point was basically in the morning and afternoon. "Sometimes we are still resting in the morning. They stop at the bottom and express their duties in a special way." Another resident said angrily, "this parking will definitely have an impact on us. I don't live upstairs, I want to live upstairs. I complained earlier. "

The reporter noted that the parking area of van and express tricycle was located at the front door, rather than on the side of the road. At the scene, there are some private cars parked in this area, surrounded by many express tricycles. On the ground, reporters did not see any parking spaces.

The express point official said that it has been running for nearly three years. "We have no way. We have been complained before. In fact, we have postponed the unloading time. There will be more than two cars at 8 a.m. every morning, and not a car after 9. Just a little crowded in the afternoon, just staggering the two periods, leaving a few tricycles here in the evening, basically no one. " The official disclosed that the site was rented by the company from the owner's premises. "We rent the landlord, the owner is responsible for paying the property fee, and the area facing the front and the opposite windows is also rented. Later, it will strengthen management and avoid occupying roads as much as possible." As for how many square meters of rented space, the person in charge said it was not clear.


The parcel is stacked on the road.

"Bookshelf" express cupboards "occupy" blind roads, big and small parcels, piled up on sidewalks, parcels of people queuing up, occasional express cars occupying motorways. At 5:20 in the afternoon, reporters at the West Gate's campus logistics integrated service center outside the East Fifth Ring Road saw a scene like this.

On the same day, there were five facades in the courier spot, which gathered several major express brands on the market. "The thing is put out, mainly because the house can not be placed, there are too many express tickets every day. At the same time, it is easy to find out on the shelf outside. " A courier revealed. Reporters saw that there was a row of "bookshelf" express cupboards on the spot, though they were placed against the wall, but they obviously occupied the blind road. And these couriers stacked on the ground further compressed the already spacious sidewalk space. At 6 o'clock in the evening, occasional express tricycle came to the roadside. The courier took the cargo off the truck one by one. The staff at the courier point laid out the blue mat on the floor, and the big and small packages were placed on the sidewalk on the front door.

"During school hours, it's common for a team to get express delivery. Sometimes it's too late to get around the road." A student may be due to the fact that the students and youth groups live mainly in the vicinity. "It's going to be" double 11 "right now. It is estimated that there will be more express tickets.

Are there any related aspects to manage such scenes? A person in charge of the delivery said, "usually almost all of them are placed like this, but they are not collected every night. There are also city inspectors to check and check, they (express shop) put the things outside.

On the day of the interview, on the side of the school gate, which was about 20 meters away from the express point, there was a patrol car with flashing lights and a body with the word "comprehensive law enforcement". Reporters went forward to consult, the car crew told himself is the three rooms responsible for comprehensive management staff. He said that it was not allowed to stack express on the sidewalk. They have been strengthening the enforcement of the courier point. "Leaders and the other side are communicating with each other. You can also report the phone calls." According to his guidelines, the reporter saw a public sign with a green bottom white character not far away. The above content is: this section is strictly prohibited. No operation outside the shop, no setting up points without permission, no heap of materials. The public notice unit is a three room area office with a corresponding telephone number.


Enterprises are responsible for daily management responsibilities.

"Some of the chaos of the express points is the historical legacy of the rapid development of the express industry, which is not unique to any city." Zhao Xiaomin, an expert in capital and CEO, a well-known express industry, said that in the past, with the rapid growth of business, many courier companies focused their attention on the size of postal service and the layout of the network when they were laying up their stores. "Many online stores have made great contributions in the past, and now there may be some contradictions in the new development. In particular, some new outlets have not taken into account many factors in terms of daily operation, office procedures, vehicle access and convenience. Now we need to pay attention to these factors, which requires a process. "

To improve and manage these chaos, Zhao Xiaomin put forward three suggestions. "First, express delivery enterprises should take the responsibility of daily management, and transfer, integrate and upgrade relevant stores along with the urban planning adjustment and the new development situation. Second, the government supervision department should take the step by step and guidance method as far as possible in order to rectify the work. To bring convenience to users at the same time, it will not raise the cost of enterprises; third, in addition to regulating governance, the relevant government departments are critical to the regional planning of express points. At present, "the north, the deep, the Zhejiang and the Soviet Union" are advancing this work.

Zhao Xiaomin believes that in this process, enterprises must take the initiative to actively link up and communicate with relevant government departments. "We must combine the regional planning of the government with the regional planning of enterprises. Enterprises should make some forward-looking considerations to promote the upgrading and transformation of networks. The government departments should give some flexible space to step in and advance the work step by step. Otherwise, it will be harmful to users, enterprises and so on.

In the future, enterprises should not only optimize their layout and management, but also consider the convenience, operation efficiency and operating cost of the network. Without affecting the supply of services, we should handle the relationship with the surrounding residents well. Find a balance between ensuring efficient operation of the company and complying with the urban governance structure.

Early start law enforcement, pilot "Express home"

Reporters found through search, "double 11" every year before the advent of the city's urban management, comprehensive treatment, transportation and other relevant law enforcement forces, will be targeted at the chaos and problems in the courier industry to carry out law enforcement. The content of law enforcement is mainly concentrated on Lane sorting, express vehicles, parking and packaging. According to public reports, Chaoyang Hu Lou urban management team and general urban management team have carried out law enforcement activities ahead of schedule.

While "blocking" at the same time, some "sparse" initiatives have also begun to come out. Recently, the city's first government led "Express home" officially put into use, to solve the problem of courier and nuisance. It is understood that the "Express home" is located in jianguen Bridge northwest corner of the more than 1000 square meters of the East Street. At present, seven courier points from five express companies, including Zhong Tong, Yuantong, rhyme, Debang and yantun, have been "moving" so far, so that they are unified and centralized.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Songlinwen and photo

Editor: TF017

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