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Beijing part of the "limited competitive real" price war: opening first sale to buy 70 thousand against 300 thousand

2018-11-01 13:46 beijing evening news TF003

"Cheap is cheap, but the location far, home, rental is not convenient, I still do not see." Buyers Miss Du refused broker recommended limiting competitive real meaning. A year ago, I'm afraid nobody can, once regarded as people just need to purchase a "Gospel" limit competitive housing, into the city was cold.

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From the second-hand housing broker "grab" guest

Miss Du is to buy second-hand housing for intermediary companies, however, saw three old house, began to give her broker recommended "limit real competition" in the new site.

"You see, the sea cloud building, K2 ten in the spring, Beijing Kaiting Tang, two hours agent sent me three projects, looking for more than second-hand housing"." According to the broker said, as long as Miss Du interested, they can open a car to take her to the sales office at any time without pay Kanpan, intermediary commission.

Miss Du has carefully studied the broker to push the new disc, is located in Daxing Sea Cloud building sales price 3.7 yuan / square meters, K2 and 10 in the spring sales price 2.8 yuan / square meters in Tongzhou, the old second-hand housing each set than she is looking at the cheap, but think again, she still the broker house refused to invite. "The price is cheap, but the location far, home is not convenient, if in the future to rent out, the rent is not what."

70 thousand is worth 300 thousand of the limit of real competition

The name is "real competition, limit prices, competing land, real estate, real estate in land areas, it is limited to the sales price, buyers may not be listed in the five years after getting the project property. A year ago, the real competition has been regarded as buyers who just need the gospel, however, a year later, the housing market competition began to start a marketing.

Excellent Vanke emerald mountain is located in Shijingshan Xiao limit competition room, claiming to be the first real competition limit Vanke to build high-end quality. Yesterday, the reporter's identity to purchase to the sales center, weekday afternoon, sales center is also sitting on a few showings. "This project is open in October 1st, the first month of the purchase discount." Sales of 7 million yuan, will be able to pay to 30 million yuan 1629, and the down payment by installments, the full amount of the purchase discount and 9.95. A set of 88 square meters Sanju middle calculation, preferential end price than the low limit price of 4000 yuan / square meter. "The price we really do not make money, is to take the amount of the opening."

Freeze the price quietly

Vanke jade Xiao Shan discount is not limited to the room only. The competitive real shot in Daxing District, the new disc discount is more common.

"Vanward Phyllis thing to 90 square meters Sanju, opened in July, selling 4 million 500 thousand yuan, sold 4 million 350 thousand yuan yesterday, has dropped to 4 million 200 thousand yuan." A real person revealed that he had seen at the opening of the Vanward Phyllis limited competitive real, the salesman told the house had been booked, and now, price promotions every day in the circle of friends.

According to the feedback, the purchase of up to now, the city has real Xuhui limit competitive price, sales price than the limit price is low 3000 yuan / square meters; Yue Fenghua limited competitive real opening day gives 1% off; Xirui day limit competitive real opening price of 48000 yuan / square meters, the average price 4000 lower than limit yuan / square meters.

Behind the price adjustment, but the downturn in sales data. From Centaline Property Research Center statistics show that as of October 16th, Beijing has a total of 24 housing projects have 27 competing limited pre-sale permit, total commercial housing limit competition of 14676 sets of listings. From the transaction, net signed data plus the subscription data, the average to the rate of only 30%. It can be said that in Beijing's strict control, the real competition appeared cold phenomenon.

The real competitive price war will continue

"The real competitive regional supply get together phenomenon obviously, part of the region in more than 3000, the oversupply situation began to appear significantly." Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei told reporters that the current Beijing property market as a whole is stable, whether new or second-hand housing transactions, are very stable, buyers are in a comprehensive wait-and-see. Under this background, the homogenization of serious competition the real market get together, zaodaolengyu nature is not surprising.

From the regional supply, Daxing District limited competitive housing project the largest number, up to 15; followed by Fangshan, the real competitive project 9; Haidian District Limited real competitive project for 8 ranked third. "Strict, so far only one project can be called" the sun ", and the difference has dropped to the rate of less than 20%."

Enjoysmart Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin also told reporters that when prices rose more limited competitive real advantages, but now just met the market cooling, the limit of real competitive advantage is not obvious. At the same time, the total housing property for the supply of housing will actually limit competitive effect.

In the face of "wait-and-see type buyers do not buy or buy up", the real competitive limit future? Zhang Dawei predicted that with the follow-up supply continues to rise, the location attribute is not good, to increase the difficulty of the real competition is likely to continue to limit price war.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhao Yingying

Editor: TF003

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