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Chinese ICT Institute jointly issued the "block chain and supply chain financial white paper" (2018)

2018-11-01 11:30 beijing evening news TF003

10 31, in Chinese Information Communication Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "ICT Institute") sponsored by the "block chain policy legal research group was established and the" block chain and supply chain financial white paper 2018 "conference, by the Institute of science and technology, ICT, Tencent financial Shenzhen ETS third party led organization units jointly issued the" block chain and supply chain financial white paper "(2018).

The white paper pointed out that the block chain technology for supply chain financial solutions to ensure that the underlying credible data, mutual transfer, privacy protection, solve the problem of information island in the supply chain, the core enterprise credit suppliers to release the entire supply chain, improve the financing efficiency of the whole chain, reduce business costs, rich in financial institutions the business scene, so as to improve the supply chain efficiency of capital operation.

On the basis of supply chain finance business segments categories, the paper summarizes the blockchain credible plans to promote supply chain finance application project group of the enterprise based on the current implementation of the typical solution and technology of block chain. Which, by the Tencent and easy financial cooperation, the use of financial platform to build Tencent block chain technology block chain micro enterprises chain ", has become the first selected case.

Micro enterprises chain supply chain in different financial participation shows different value. For Small and micro businesses, reduce financing costs, second loan; certificate chain is convenient, can spin transfer. For the core enterprises, optimize the account period, improve cash flow and balance sheet; improve the supply chain efficiency, strengthen the supply chain management. For financial institutions, access to small and micro business point, enhance the capacity for passengers; enjoy more independent pricing, improve business income; line operation, no complicated process. At present, the core enterprise micro enterprise service chain chain has 71, has established strategic cooperation of 12 banks, covering real estate, construction and service industries, advanced manufacturing, energy, automotive medicine etc..

"Platform connected parties enterprises and financial institutions in the supply chain through the chain block, a true record of assets (the core enterprise based on the accounts payable) chain, circulation, resolution and payment. Because of the block chain data after many records can not be tampered with, non repudiation, can be traced back, so as to realize the transfer of accounts receivable should be split, and all can be traced back to the initial asset register chain." Tencent blockchain business leader Cai Yige said. In the transaction data privacy protection, supply chain finance play a chain to realize data isolation and protection of parallel advantage. According to the business logic design platform corresponding to the chain and books, between the chain and chain data completely isolated, with the business risk control requirements.

It is understood that he led a joint Tencent, ant gold clothing, HUAWEI and other 158 enterprises in April this year, Chinese ICT Institute, officially launched the credible blockchain promotion plan, at present, there are already more than 200 companies joined the trusted chain block. Trusted the blockchain mission is to promote the basic block chain core technology research and industry application of landing, accelerate the iterative update credible block chain standards, government decision-making support and promote the healthy development of the block chain industry, enhance the international influence of China's chain block.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Intern Hu Decheng

Editor: TF003

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