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Beijing four electronic street "Wright" size shops were closed convenience facilities is admission

2018-11-01 13:42 beijing evening news TF017

Half a month ago, one of the largest electronic components market "Wright", the fourth most stalls had stopped operating outside the hall, only a few of the counter. The past two years, this street has large and small shops have been closed down. West Fourth North Street, once in the last century in 90s formed the market of electronic components and continues today, it has become the domestic and international famous distribution center, in the street, has hundreds of large and small market stores, in the words of merchants joking, if you will begin, can save all household electrical appliances in this street.

However, recently this street a little cold. Business forecast, six more months, most of the shops are estimated to leave the west. Although some reluctant, whether businesses or nearby residents, understand this change. This market does not meet the town now, and with the electrical appliances to improve the quality of maintenance and other factors, the electronic components sales has been unable to and had compared.

Half a year ago, the street is a large market has already closed and transformation for the convenience food market, now here is crowded. According to the streets of Xinjiekou revealed that the future road will have more service for the residents of public facilities.

Business is slack

Merchants have tuiyi

On Wednesday afternoon, an old gentleman went into the electronic components store West Fourth North Street on the west side of the road. "There is this?" He is holding a light emitting diode lamp. ". What color?" Cao Xiaocheng asked. The old man said to be angry, home bonsai bad, do not know how to match, they find here.

Clear color, power, Cao Xiaocheng found a combination of elements, the old gentleman undaunted, "how much money? If it's too expensive, I just got a new." Cao Xiaocheng smiled, "1 hair 5 a." "So cheap? The...... I came to 20." The old gentleman cheerfully went, the $3 sale is made, which is also a reporter at the store two hours, see three counter only a business transaction.

Cao Xiaocheng is one of the oldest businesses here, in the early 90 century, he came home from Zhangjiakou Beijing electronic components business, his counter has been "Wright" in the market, with small components such as resistors and capacitors for complete four. At the end of September, "Wright" market, the landlord Xicheng District sugar alcohol company to recover the house, Cao Xiaocheng hesitated whether to keep the fourth, decided the shop beside, rented a counter. "Other businesses, some do not dry, some moved to the South Fourth Ring Road on the edge of the Tianya market."

This shop a total of about twenty or thirty square meters, North over the counter boss main industrial switch, on the south side of the main counter heating outside the tube, by Cao Xiaocheng is the counter. This afternoon, only five or six people came to the store, in addition to the old gentleman do buy a lamp, a few other for motor and transformer customers are disappointed.

Two years ago, the reporter visited here once breakdown, four from the intersection to Ping Road, street on both sides of the large and small electronic market has about 100, some large market and even hundreds of stalls. But the day before the reporter counted again, leaving about half of the store, and the store hanging at the end of the day, sale of ordinary citizens do not call out the name of the electronic components.

"Oh, I have half a year, we estimate that almost all the withdrawal." Cao Xiaocheng said.

A variety of business

Still save here

Listen to the words of Cao Xiaocheng, outside of the counter boss Mr. Liu Yue bowed head and smiled. He came here in 1999 set up shop, home in Guangdong Maoming, where factories gathered all kinds of electrical components, products have been brought into the country.

Imagine a decade ago, wearing a suit of earthy buyers from all over the country came to west to find parts. Even the city of Beijing, but also has numerous appliance repair station maintenance master come to seek help. For example, the heating tube, a small head is a household water heater, a big head of the school authorities for bathroom. At that time, people's living standards improve, but the income is still not so much now, and appliances popularization speed, quality is not stable. So whether it is the producer or maintenance, need a procurement center. Some of the practical ability of the public figure cheap repair appliances themselves, will find here.

"So, we develop a habit, no matter how humble people need something, how cheap, even if I didn't have the goods, we should try to give people referrals to other shops. Whose home electrical appliances bad not worry? Can help us find accessories, happy heart." Cao Xiaocheng said. For example the heating pipe." A Liu Yue picked up on the shelf, "it is not my goods, but a nearby restaurant guy." Water heater store is broken, ordered from a young man, but found not, had to the store to buy another one, and to buy the wrong in this shop. "If someone can sell it. Are old friends for many years, although things are not worth much, but each other provides a convenient."

Here the "heat", until about a decade ago, with communications and the rise of e-commerce, many electrical appliances manufacturers to establish direct contact with the component manufacturers, no longer need to travel to the west. Electrical market survival of the fittest, rough products gradually eliminated, stable quality of products on the market, the demand for small maintenance. More importantly, people have money, if the electrical fault, "new" has become a more simple choice.

So the merchants here began pondering their provide some services, such as water heater is broken here to find accessories, Liu Yue can in addition to the sale of accessories to help users find the maintenance master. In those years the business was good, merchants to provide such services, but the survival difficulties, which is another way of making money. The West also has a variety of kitchen equipment especially electric heating device, custom restaurant stove is logical. But this year Beijing began remediation group renting and some conditions do not meet the requirements of small restaurants, they are gone, and a number of small four regulars.

"Today, I meet here every day most of the old people, in order to save money to repair appliances." Liu Yue said. Some old people don't complain about their online shopping and the children do not want to help. Recently, Cao Xiaocheng's main customers are various training institutions to teach children the knowledge of electronic circuits, to find his purchasing as a teaching aid. "Love it is a good habit, especially for young people today can enrich the knowledge." However, it is difficult to support the cost of store sales.

Not in the market

To change the public facilities

In recent times the streets of Xinjiekou have carried out in the ease of similar market decision. The staff of the streets, after concentrated publicity, some property units also gradually recover the plant to other uses, and the open hole wall renovation work has been completed, many shops are not planning the restoration, is no longer suitable for shop. For example, cable manufacturers franchise stores, almost half a year ago suddenly closed." Cao Xiaocheng said. The internal electronic components industry also has a refining industry, a certain industry disappeared, are undoubtedly collapse of distribution "authority" status.

The mouth of the West Fourth North four "wide cloud Shunda" electronic market was a larger market, there are dozens of stalls. At ease after half a year ago, has been transformed into the "Jin Ying people life service center", in addition to the market there are a variety of life service.

Here is located in the Xinjiekou Street area, street workers said that other parts of the area currently, such as once a sound distribution center in the Xizhimen street, also has some area for reform, construction of small park, sports fitness sites or parking lot. The future will be within the jurisdiction according to the policy, the introduction of more convenient facilities such as food market. The reporter learned from the Xicheng District, currently planning West Fourth North Street is underway, there have been some scheme.

Here, as the electronic components distribution center in the west of brilliance is about more than 20 years, and half a month ago "Wright" part of the business, will undoubtedly become an accelerator of change here. Where artificial youth merchants are also gradually accepted although unable to part, this change, "because city life and progress."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Shuo

Editor: TF017

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