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How to spend the winter bike sharing: a deposit refund and slow urban disaster into bad weight

2018-11-01 14:12 beijing evening news TF017

Home, subway station shared bicycle has already disappeared? Finally found a car, but that is a bad car? Today, the bike sharing development will enter a third year, with winter approaching, many people have found a variety of colors of the high streets and back lanes suddenly seems to have no original bike sharing easy to find. In this regard, the reporter visited Beijing several places to find the shared bicycle number has decreased significantly, but in the process of slow development, placing order, vehicle operation and maintenance and other issues are still very prominent.

A small number, placing order is yet to be improved

Shaoyaoju subway station A port, the illegally parked bikes in three floors and three floors, occupying the Beijing Chengde road non motorized vehicles, and now, the early peak traffic here has been reduced by half.

Because near a large residential area, where shared bicycle tide phenomenon is very obvious. The reporter in September 2017 statistics, an early peak, the number of bikes can be docked here more than 500 vehicles. Although the surrounding office workers to the vehicle ride away from here, but the number of vehicles parked still not only increase, serious siltation, bicycle operators is sent to van vehicle deployment.

But on the morning of October 29th, the reporter found here again, the number of bike docked here only about 50 vehicles, the number is far less than last year. Parked vehicles, most of the orange Mobell bike, a few small yellow and blue bike car ofo. Although there is still space distance on the sidewalk, but all of them riding bike stopped near the non motorized Road Flyover near the subway, a staff member in charge here took the bike neatly.

The vehicle becomes less, the vehicle scheduling method also changed. The morning at 8 50, a van in Shaoyaoju station A port. Open the door, filled with shared bicycle, car of a woman off his bike, a car on the road to. See reporters come up with a mobile phone in the side photos, van driver quickly to the car and shouted: "quickly moved the car on the sidewalk, the road here won't let it."

"Before the car is to not stop. Now fewer cars, bikes quickly toward the side platform also can transport vehicles, bicycle parked problem has not been resolved." Living in Shaoyaoju subway station near Mr. Zhou said.

The reporters found that in many sections of the original Beijing, parked on the roadside "zombies", now also appears to reduce. A bicycle sharing management staff told reporters, on the one hand, the reduction in response to the call of the government. On the other hand, the cold weather, riding decreased, in order to avoid the vehicle idle and cholestasis in winter on the street, on the part of the car temporarily recovery maintenance.

But with the decrease in the number of bicycles, many sections of the display order has not improved.

Beigongda Simon subway station, at the beginning of this year have been thousands of "zombie" zombie car occupied, now disappeared, but the morning peak hours, people still took the bike parked in the narrow non motor vehicle lane. Until the end of the morning rush hour, still no one came to pick up.

East sanhuan CCTV on the west side of the sidewalk, originally after the evening peak piled hundreds of vehicles sharing bicycle, now only one of about three of the initial amount. But in addition to a row of neatly stacked on the north side of the bicycle is good, most bicycles 00 spread was placed at random. A nearby stall stall told reporters, "when cars and people often come to tidy up, now the car less, operation and maintenance of these also had disappeared."

Bad car increases, the hardest hit town

2016, ofo small yellow car towards the city from the campus quickly reached on orders and Mobell million, a bicycle in the same year in Beijing, Shanghai. For a time, the bike sharing tide almost riotous with colour across the country, even netizens ridicule "to share the color of bicycle is not much". And now, the first batch of delivery cycle has been in the street running for 2 years, some are already sick on the road".

"Street car less, not easy to find a car, and found it a bad car." Living in Wangjing, Ms. Zhu complained, now in the streets more and more difficult to find a car can ride a bicycle: "the lock of the car is stuck, cycling has been ticking incessantly, car lock is unable to play, finally by hand directly abruptly broke."

To unlock the bike, there is also a wide variety of situations: "some brake does not work, ride a slightly faster, holding the gate 35 meters to stop; some car support bad, riding on the road rattled pingponging; some basket, seat is crooked; some wheels round, riding straight. The ass on the way."

With the passage of time, small ads on the body is also more and more. Nine percent of the bike is too small advertising posts. Used to be engraved chapter rush, now mostly credit card cash, are doing business irregularities." A bicycle maintenance master said, "some small ads also upgraded the 'configuration', with the original sticker, now directly spray paint on the bicycle basket, to easily clean."

The integration of urban and rural isobsolete shared bicycle "disaster", a large number of abandoned bicycles up no serious impact on the wilderness, the surrounding city road landscape.

Chaoyang District East Reed Road on both sides of every few tens of meters, can be seen by sharing abandoned bikes. Some vehicle wheels disappeared, some seats were taken away. A lot of vehicles directly lying on the roadside wheels in the air, and some on the trees and poles beside. The four or five cars were thrown into the ditch, the car was covered with mud and sticks.

In the Eastern Wei Lu Ma Han Gongjiaozhanpai beside the two car sharing bike lying on the roadside, the car was dusty, one car chain is another car disappear without a trace, a wheelbarrow". A bus station waiting passengers told reporters that the two car has been around for a while: "so there is nobody, it is certainly not a."

According to insiders, shared bicycle product cycle is 3 years, three years will be the turning point, if the maintenance is not immediately in place, there will be a lot of bad car industry. Now, the bike sharing "doomsday is approaching" running for more than two years, maintenance costs soared, will be a huge challenge for enterprise operation and maintenance capabilities of bicycle.

Operating difficulties, sharing Zaibao depositrefund slow cycling

With the arrival of winter, once the bike sharing began to become fashionable for a time hitherto unknown challenge, some shared bicycle business is also difficult.

In April this year, the U.S. group acquired mobell. According to the U.S. group in September this year, the prospectus disclosure, the first half of 2018, v-mobile revenues of 2 billion 660 million yuan, 3 billion 60 million yuan loss. Bicycle sharing profit model has been questioned.

While the v-mobile rival ofo harder. This year, ofo suffered a series of owe disputes, including cloud bird Phoenix, including a number of outstanding supplier exposed ofo. From the beginning of the first half of this year, ofo has repeatedly came to negotiate the acquisition rumors, but have been denied the. Just last month, the operation of the main ofo Dong Xia Datong (Beijing) changed the legal representative Management Consulting Co. Ltd., by Dai Wei changed to Chen Zhengjiang. But ofo then responded that the change of normal personnel changes within the company, the actual controller is still the company's Dai wei.

And in the near future, many consumers in the ofo reaction, the fare paid links also played a "routine play".

"By the end of the small yellow car lock, even the default payment page select the 'card', not just the attention is the balance of money pit 20." Mr. Zhang found last month after riding, their balance suddenly becomes less, and finally found himself to be "card recharge imperceptibly": "the settlement page has 2 buttons, one is to pay 1 yuan, a prepaid monthly card, initially thought to be his hand slipped, later asked other people found that everyone was a hole."

This week, ofo has been broke a deposit refund difficult problem. Reporters on Monday afternoon was found, after repeated "retention" after the final success into the deposit back page. Click the "deposit", "page 199 yuan refund", and is expected to be 1 to 3 working days of the original road return payment account. This morning, but as of press time, the deposit account is still in the "refund", compared to the previous "seconds back", a deposit refund time was extended a lot.

From the "overnight fame" now that winter is approaching, the bike sharing development only in the past 2 years. Once the two giants in the industry, an investment system of the United States Mission arms, another one is struggling with independent development. After the farewell burn expansion, how to find a appropriate way to slow development, will be the primary problem facing the bike into the winter after sharing.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Bo

Editor: TF017

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