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"Review" the richest man in Jack Ma did not "go for it? Alibaba responsible person also distinctive stance......

2018-10-31 22:30 The observation of Changan TF003

Forbes recently released 2018 annual Chinese 400 rich list, with a net worth of $238 billion 740 million Ma Yun champion. However, the richest man seems not to "buy", the Alibaba responsible person also said: do not need Chinese distinctive rich list, is in need of entrepreneurship.

On the tip of the Pyramid people can always gain attention, the list of before a few of the more vulnerable the attention. However, what is the focus? Is often the lace news's throne flowers who, who who is richest, the industry heavyweights such as changes in net worth, these entrepreneurs are doing what, and what new create value for society, is rarely discussed. People gossip psychology, for some institutions to provide a list of unshakable production power, to a certain extent also explained that in response to the Alibaba helpless.

Obviously, there is still a lot of people cling to the "Losers are always in the wrong." logic, how many will have wealth as the judgment is not the only standard of outstanding entrepreneurs. In fact, the entrepreneur's success lies not only created the material wealth, but also in their body up the precious spirit of innovation.

In the process of steering a business, they sometimes find opportunities to seek a breakthrough in the adorable, sometimes in the flowers sometimes beset with troubles internally and externally, insight into the applause of the crisis, that face the challenges and difficulties facing the unknown momentum, pioneering spirit, is not how much money to the. "The ranking heroes", not only exposed the value behind Losers are always in the wrong. views of the general business atmosphere, more conducive to the conservation. If no one dare for the world first applause, no For the cold-shouldered Gan people applauded, how about enterprise innovation progress, product excellence?

Some time ago, "40 years of reform and opening up hundreds of outstanding private entrepreneurs" list released. The founder of both new technology and new mode, and also to join the national major strategic leader, the existence of these people stirred Chinese economy in a pond, the spirit infected countless generations, become the backbone of the development of the field of support.

In recent years, innovation and Entrepreneurship of the wind blowing, 18 Unicorn enterprises in New Asia 2017 years, Chinese accounted for 15; 3 years, China daily average of new market players more than 4 million, China has become a world-renowned commercial fertile soil, is calling for more "goers" join them. Therefore, it is necessary for us to rectify social ideas, provide the soil environment, suitable for entrepreneurship plenty of sun and rain.

"The vitality of the market from the people, especially from entrepreneurs, from the entrepreneurial spirit." This is the consensus of all countries in the world. See the ability of entrepreneurs to create wealth, more assertive valuable spirit, respect creation, encourage innovation, this is the China progress of resources and energy.

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Author: Bao Nan Jiang Zhongqi

Editor: rain

Source: Beijing daily Changan observer

Edit process: RB003

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