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For the "national security"! The United States named the China enterprises fully blocked

2018-10-31 22:18 The observation of Changan TF003

Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on China Fujian Jinhua export restriction integrated circuit Co. Ltd., banned its purchases of technology products. Minister of Commerce Ross said, out of "national security", "Jin Hua will be included in the entity list will limit its ability to threaten our military system is the necessary component of supply chain".

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ross Xinhua News Agency (Shen Ting photo)

The ban came into effect in October 30th. However, to make a public users wonder, China chip from time, actually the threat to U.S. national security? I wait for "core" scorched by the flames people actually do not know, there has been such a company?!

If the logic of the United States, it can only be a gross error conclusion. This reflects a logic of the absurd, the United states. In fact, Fujian Jinhua integrated circuit Co. ltd., It is In order to realize the integrated circuit chip localization for oneself, also be Chinese people have high hopes. 9 months of this year, Fujian Jinhua a chip project just officially put into operation, planned production capacity will reach 6 million 12 inch wafer. But even so, from the United States is still a huge gap between the level of memory chip.

The United States dished out the "China memory chip threat", is "to beat," for it is easy to find a pretext "sniper Chinese core" and the excuse. If the previous ZTE launched an attack, the United States also experienced a very long time for it; then another blow to the Washington China high-tech company launched directly, and many naked.

Once again sounded the blockade whistle, releasing more strong signal: once which Chinese's current or future may have a tiny bit after American Technology Corp, the United States will extinguish the sparks of fire use unscrupulous divisive tactics. As long as Chinese technology can curb the rise, what commercial credit, the image of a big country, can be cast aside.

The United States acting in such a paradox is not a day for two days. On the one hand, some did not fear that others will learn to own the advantages of technology, frequently ban. On the other hand, and decide to admit, always take the trade deficit with China said. This really makes people want to ask, if the United States is willing to sell a high-tech products, there will be a deficit?

So people have considered: if the United States is willing to sell Ford class aircraft carrier, a ship by 15 billion dollars, 4 ships can fill a deficit of $60 billion. Even if not to sell the carrier so high, even if the United States slightly relax its export restrictions, the goods trade deficit is not now the state.

According to the analysis of the Carnegie endowment for international peace April 2017 report, if the United States exports to China to Brazil to relax the control level, the U.S. trade deficit will be reduced by 24%; if to relax on the French level, the U.S. trade deficit will be reduced by 35%.

Therefore, Mr. Jean Trump was outraged by the trade deficit, the fundamental problem is not in the "Chinese do not buy", but do not sell in the U.S. "". Good stuff while reluctant to sell, while also accused Chinese, engaged in trade friction, the world which have so of truth!

I like the Ministry of Commerce spokesman said: China opposes the concept of national security, the generalization of abuse of export control measures, against the U.S. unilateral sanctions, interference of enterprises to carry out international trade and cooperation normal.

The United States in the face of continuous offensive overbearing, Chinese must be firm confidence and confidence, maintaining concentration and tenacity. Chinese not scare, never afraid of ghosts, nothing more. China economic great development potential and space there is no doubt that the "crisis" in the search "machine" to keep the rhythm of their own development, and strive to resolve the technical problems, "kabozi" China can confidently stand in the nations of the world.

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Author: Hu Yuqi

Source: Beijing daily Changan observer

Edit process: RB003

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