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Panzi woman square has been C round of investment total financing amount of hundreds of millions of dollars

2018-10-31 17:52 beijing evening news TF003

The reporter was informed that the Panzi woman square has been in the layout of more than 40 stores, more than 200 stores, 2018 annual output value is expected to exceed 1 billion 500 million yuan. Panzi woman square from its inception in 2003, by locating the precise layout, focus on China's wind heritage, 15 years has been leading the China wind costume photography, it is reported that September 2018 has been the yuan capital C round of investment, the cumulative amount of financing of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Mr. Yang Jian woman plate square chairman said: "because of the wind from childhood by the influence of culture, in addition to the beauty and love of paranoia, then 2002 years, I persuaded friends, took only 100 thousand yuan hand began to dream of a woman square plate. We don't bigger pond fish, and fish to a pond, to and from the competitive studio industry breakthrough. But we fight head-on, but the market gap, we see clearly. The photography market is still a bud, most of them are from abroad from the mainstream, are also some luxury European atmosphere, although the European style looks more western style, but a closer look, China girl beauty cannot convey. While the market in addition to European lines, then some wedding photography and small art studio, featuring studio is almost zero. In fact, Chinese Oriental characteristic is very clear, this is a lot of foreign friends are very popular and even follow the inheritance of China culture, is also the country has been advocating and support direction. So with the flow, the nation is the world, the stronger the premise is to first into the essence of "truth, pinpoint their location, very China wind characteristics of the Panzi woman square that came into being. Panzi woman square has become an independent school style, in the market quickly opened the reputation, gained market recognition. In 2005, we set up only 2nd anniversary, our customers has exceeded tens of thousands of customers, then love and hope, we based on the 2013, we took the pace of development, open the layout of the country direct joining the racing together bridle to bridle. So far, we have been in the layout of more than 40 stores, more than 200 stores, customer service has more than 2 million, Panzi woman square has exclusive costume photography more than 80% market share, can be said to Panzi woman square has developed to a gilded signboard known to every family. "

The focus of energy-saving products in diversified development, in the past 15 years, a total of nearly 100 R & D team of more than 1000 sets of topics. It is understood that the Panzi woman square in addition to have "Panzi woman square" Chinese wind culture photography also has a "Feng Ling son" Chinese wind child photography and classical clothing tract industry chain and online photo gallery, now has constructed large territory China wind culture. Mr. Yang Jian said "the reason why there is China wind children photography" Phoenix Ling son ", one is based on the needs of the market, the two is his father, I could better understand the record growth of children mood, also want their children even every China baby can carry Chinese DNA thrive. "Feng Ling" is such a place, we will China culture programmed into albums and opened Ancient Chinese Literature Search Museum, let the children in the subtle artistic photos and learn the idiom stories, at the same time we also added the interactive games area, let the children every second is pleasant and happy. It is reported that children's photography is the rise of the market in recent years, currently less than 10%, but the "Feng Ling" brand to its formal establishment in 2015, currently in the country has opened 8 flagship store, single store profit rate of over 30%, far more than in the photographic industry average, and even other industries, the future "Feng Ling Er" development have a brilliant future.

Panzi woman square development also won the favor of the media and agencies, reached a strategic cooperation with the famous director Xixi Gao; a collaboration with ALI pictures, become Liu Yifei, Yang Yang starred in the movie "III. ten peach" Costume Theme of film only designated partners, and to achieve cooperation in 2018 and Kyushu DreamWorks. Adorable pictures, pictures and other visual entertainment, Dongyang Huan well-known film company, become "nine - clouds", "Sea Shepherd", "Yan Xi whirlwind Raiders" and many other popular TV costume photography class official exclusive brand; for the works of Zhang Yimou "shadow" costume photography class brand official authorization, and invite the famous movie star Ady Ann as the star experience division, opened a new era of energy-saving leap development.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jian

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