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The movie "the poet" director, Nengkan middle-aged uncle Liu Hao: Zhu Yawen Song Jia to be director

2018-11-01 13:15 beijing evening news TF019

Starring Zhu Yawen, Song Jia movie "the poet" finalist at the Tokyo film festival main competition, so many fans quite looking forward to. Director Liu Hao to the domestic audience is somewhat strange, in an interview with reporters before him, has been in my mind a introverted, poetic art film director in the image, but unexpectedly, sitting in front of me is a middle-aged uncle born, especially to the reporter kan.

Reporter: Li Li talks

Interview guests: Liu Hao (film director)


Like many young artists, Liu Hao was a fan, then in order to fulfill their dream movie, decided to resign was admitted to Beijing Film Academy. Although in the circle no background, no amount of resources, but the fate of his very kind. In 2002, he graduated from the first works of "beauty" and Chen Mo Ting won the fifty-second Berlin International Film Festival Youth Forum best Asian Film Award, special award debut. It's "great sheep", the twenty-fifth finalists China Golden Rooster film directorial debut award. The "old" recent works "to the north", were nominated San Sebastian International Film Festival main competition, and won many international awards. This time, the new "poet" in Tokyo after the premiere, the film festival review published in the official website, praised the "poet" emotional interpretation of the "economic and political turmoil in this era of change, a passionate and tragic love story".

Though it is a frequent visitor to the film festival, but Liu Hao's works are not in the domestic large-scale release, which may be many art film director in the hearts of the common regret. This time, Zhu Yawen and Song Jia have joined and the producers of power, "the poet" is expected to finally meet on the big screen and the audience. In winning, this let Liu Hao excited: "the movie, just walked into the cinema, it is really finished. I also hope to have the opportunity to communicate with the domestic audience, any comments about them, I have prepared."

Poetry was a means to change the fate of 80s

Reporter: "The poet" is the movie you directed, and won the special award of Shanghai International Film Festival "the angel wing in early 2010". This story comes from where?

Liu Hao: because of the age, I experienced a century from 80s to 90s. 80s is a Renaissance, All flowers bloom together. in various art categories of unprecedented prosperity, every day there are a variety of new ideas, I was lucky enough to catch up with the. When I was young literary, but also love poetry. 90 years later I just work, overnight, once you're passionate about literature and art are not important, everything is measured by material wealth, then people will enter into a dilemma. Once the poet is a cult, just like today's stars, suddenly started neglect.

Reporter: In fact, to reflect the changes in this period, there are a lot of entrance, why you chose the poet of this image?

Liu Hao: at that time, to change the fate of the means is extremely limited, or is this person, his handwriting is beautiful, there is another, is the person can play the flute or the accordion, is likely to be seconded to a department, school, fill the diploma, then become the preparation of cadres life is full of infinite possibilities. So to write poetry in this film inside is more of a means to change the fate of. The movie is to borrow a poet, to reflect the effect of age on the people. In the era of change, in fact, everyone is looking for a position, and then on the way to find the unknown, and the reason he bumped, causing pain.

Reporter: Although the film called "the poet", the protagonist of the film is Zhu Yawen's poet Li Wu, but it did not show his poetry. This is why?

Liu Hao: This is my set. At that time, there is also some very pure literary youth, but more rarely, poet, scholar, want to publish literary works to change their own destiny. So I did not appear throughout the poem, Li five is probably slightly literary and textual fluency, only this. So I have established him as a mining poet, wrote is the industry of poetry.

Reporter: The movie has some scenes a sense of the times, is how to restore?

Liu Hao: take this movie, the most troublesome is the viewfinder, so we started when ready, just want to put the scene is relatively concentrated in a controllable range, don't let the audience find faults. The movie is in Xinjiang filming in Shihezi, the inside of the steam train, a federation is the heritage class scene, including red sofa, head portrait, these are real historical relics, so the texture. I would also like to thank the crew of art, all clothing items are at the grassroots level to collect, some even older than they. A compound in the film in Shihezi is an abandoned mining in building repair. In the movie many places are related to the different stages of reform and opening up. For example, a plot is a worker of mine because of "personal style" was arrested this year and 1983, the famous "strike hard" event echoes.

"The poet" crew at the Tokyo International Film Festival

Zhu Yawen and Song Jia are to be director of the

Reporter: This time to go to Zhu Yawen, Song Jia to join?

Liu Hao: is the script to attract them, of course, this time the studios are really awesome, including the actor's agency also is awesome, so it contributed to this cooperation. Both actors fee is very low, can not imagine, mainly because they love this script.

Reporter: Can you show you comment on two?

Liu Hao: I think they are both professional and creative actor, can be as a director. They are not the sort to acting as an actor, sometimes some small ideas put forward, more than I want to have. For example, a plot is Li Wu see the other man sent his wife to go home, he immediately turned to look, pretending to be asleep, hands still tightly with the angle, these details are Zhu Yawen thought out. For me this is luck, because the scene I have lots of things to solve, if actors suck in trouble, so the two actors really right.

Reporter: The movie also spent a lot of ink to write the love between them, do you think the era of love and what's different now?

Liu Hao: I remember seeing an article last year, the effect that once everything is so slow, I wrote you a letter to how many days to arrive, two people's feelings will go I to go, this is our parents' generation. Such feelings in that era, that is, It is quite common for now seem to be not at all surprising, very classic, very precious. Now people are saying, "not be broke, scattered". In my opinion, not to say anything to carry is dying, or have a feeling of awe.

Berlin winning debut after selling debt calendar

Reporter: I heard you before making the film also worked as a reporter for a few years?

Liu Hao: Yes, as a reporter let me have the opportunity to observe the society, today let me benefit, is anything, media people can see the essence through the phenomenon, is at a glance. I am particularly grateful to the media in those years.

Reporter: What they want to go to the movies?

Liu Hao: first love drama, writing the script, walk on in Shanghai. Not long after the five generation collective rise, I have every day watching movies in Shanghai art theater. I think I'm going to be a director, take an examination of a film school, I read a book for three years. But after graduation, still did not get into the cinema tickets, because I have no work. Then put before work out of savings, borrowed ten, took the first student work "Chen Mo and Ting".

After filming, I pay my debts, and began selling calendars in Beijing, certainly not like that, but to open a "shell company", Beijing is holding a deposit to the Shenzhen stock, make the difference, a year and a half the debt out of. When luck came, the Berlin Film Festival to the selection of the film, the film is elected, also won two awards. Thus began my occupation career.

Later, as "the poet" Li Wu did, overnight, the film is not standard based on the text, but the box office. I am also very depressed, then find the film a lot, but I was not always this ridge, to commercial movie I would have filmed, my older youth in this line and why ah, think or do you think is the most good.

Reporter: Your previous works almost all the finalists of the major film festivals and awards, but was not released in the country. Is not the art film cinema is still quite difficult?

Liu Hao: in fact is inertia. It is my first movie is started at the Berlin Film Festival, is also an independent film, then the temperament of the movie seems to be moving towards this inertia to go. Of course, I also hope I can let more people see the movie, let everyone to share a piece of. Anyway, not to force, the time has come to, because I do not rely on the film to life, I'm not for the room, not for cars, not to support the family, picked up the bag can go. For example, the "old", the script, the whole world bonuses add up to 780 thousand yuan, I will take their investment.

Reporter: So many years you have been to make art films, will not feel very lonely?

Liu Hao: No, I'm not insist, are you. I shot the film is dry this vote and I am very happy, if it can't make me happy, why should I do? Of course, my life habit is out of contact with anyone, especially enjoy one's time. In fact, I do not exclude commercial movie, I am a layman, my career goal is to become a occupation director, in the script is nothing more than this, I can. If not, I do, I will be bored. But do not rule out some commercial film script is very good, then I'll shoot.

(original title: "the poet" recorded an era of change)

Source: Beijing Evening News

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