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Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi is a teacher, is naughty, Peking Opera is the expert calligrapher is this?

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Badashanren signed written like "cry and laugh"; Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi began drawing is not professional, so the "stone" two characters in one "is not in cursive writing". This is Mr. Ouyang's "naughty".


My father's friend and Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi has always regarded me as Mr. Ouyang a friendship between generations, it is the capital of the happy and wise place. October 29th is the famous calligraphy educator Ouyang Zhongshi 90 birthday and taught for 70th anniversary, this is Mr. Ouyang to health and longevity, the evergreen tree of academic!

The stone then everyone ranks of young people

Mr. Ouyang had a photo of the inscription, is accompanied by Mr. Ouyang in 1981 1911 elderly centenarians, sun Mofo Mr. Zhang Boju to watch the "1911 Revolution" in the 70th anniversary exhibition at the Zhongshan Park in Beijing, Zhongshan hall, in the back of the photo wrote: "Mr. stone then." Mr Ouyang explained: I followed the old gentlemen learning.

Mr Ouyang Zhongshi's book as a tall, handsome, and his face. He is good at writing poetry, has a profound knowledge of classical literature. He is an expert of Beijing opera. This is his logic.

Mr. Ouyang will have a lot, but he is often called himself "homeless". He at the University Bachelor's degree in logic, under the tutelage of Chinese Dean Jin Yuelin logic. His favorite opera is "Xi", directly inherited from the school founder Mr. Xi Xi Xiao Bo himself, "Xi Xiaobo autobiography is because Ouyang manuscripts can be spread. He is good at poetry, poetry under the tutelage of a generation of Gu Sui sir, when Gu Xianji (words) Mr. Hill has advanced in age do not teach, he is in Gu home, some people do not believe, he will imitate Mr. Gu lectures every action, knowing that Mr. Gu will take his thigh "good"! Ouyang at the age of 4 years longer than Mr Ye Jiaying is a disciple of Mr. Gu sui. His lyrics are with Mr. Zhang Boju to learn kung fu. His modesty, when I learned the poem, poem like words; later learn lyrics, fill in words like a poem. "So stupid!" As for painting, childhood with Wu Yan master, Mr. Hou Qinru enlightenment, adult to Mr. Qi Baishi to study painting, after the university with Mr. Wu Yuru calligraphy.

Mr. Ouyang a lifetime with the most proud is the "teacher" and the title of occupation. Mr. Ouyang's poem: "as an ordinary teacher, since no light. No wonder it is not accidentally, no Leonardo is odd."


Start 70 years teaching career from teaching doll

Mr. and Mrs. because of love, so watch the works of Mr., after many years of accumulation, even in the cold stalls panned out several words of Mr. Ouyang's old. Five years ago, the calligraphy teaching "anthology edited by Mr. Ouyang Ouyang Zhongshi to talk about calligraphy" to get his support. He has published in the 85 years old birthday, as to the best birthday gift mr..

Mr. Ouyang and I talked about learning poetry, calligraphy has also learned from the 171 middle school in Beijing he was transferred to the Beijing Normal College (formerly the Capital Normal University). The reform and opening up in the society has set off a thousand things wait to be done, the upsurge of learning calligraphy, Mr. Ouyang met the requirements of the times, so to stir up the burden of its China calligraphy discipline.

Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi as an outstanding contemporary calligraphy educator, calligrapher, is known from the beginning of 1980s, served as director of Department of materials Chinese painting and calligraphy correspondence university in 1985 at the Capital Normal University founded the college calligraphy class, 1993 created China's first professional calligraphy doctoral degree.

In the China painting and calligraphy correspondence university, due to the lack of appropriate teaching materials, Mr. Ouyang personally written the script, "" to "", "running script to shallow," Kam "first", "seal to cursive" series of textbooks, is editor of "Zhangcao dictionary", "post election", "calligraphy calligraphy will", "calligraphy", "the book will be a collection", "trace Zhangcao dictionary" reference books and reference books. After several years of efforts, the book is mostly evens out, and edit the learning materials "a thick system Ouyang Zhongshi on calligraphy" under the guidance of Mr. Chinese, published by the youth press. Soon after the publication of printed and sold out of stock. This book is Mr. Ouyang written more than 30 years ago. The celebration of Mr. Ouyang's 90 birthday and 70th anniversary from teaching activities, you start with Mr. Ms. He Yinqiu's calligraphy in 1975 from the fifth grade primary school, in autumn is the author of Beijing Normal University Students should. Mr. Ouyang has been taught to 1980 is the autumn examination of Beijing Normal University, during which the Yin autumn almost every Sunday will go to Mr. Ouyang's learning calligraphy, Mr. Yin autumn not only correcting homework, sometimes in advance to Yin Qiu class lectures written. Not only teach calligraphy Professor Yin Qiu, also Chinese traditional culture. The autumn father Mr. He Falan put this 5 years in Mr. Ouyang's class and manuscripts and the corrected homework are bound. Mr. Ouyang's daughter and Kai Yin autumn from the manuscript editing selected for the compilation of the content compiled for teenagers to learn calligraphy "primer", the Chinese press published.

Yin Qiu said: "when it comes to writing, cannot do without my grandfather (Mr. Ouyang) my praise. The primary school, I have been a teacher love student...... But my grandpa in here, I almost always get praise, so to learn the words and grandpa is my most happy thing." Mr. Ouyang said: "a woman start process from the autumn learn to write, I understand my father for a pupil to interest as the starting point of the teaching mode, he timely praise, encouragement and criticism, to stimulate a students to learn writing interest, hobby and love. This day he let the students look forward to learning to write, and to this day he can make his students satisfied, he can give the students hope to make his students look forward to the next "this day."."

"Naughty" code of life

Mr. Ouyang is a vibrant good-natured elders. There was in him for his teacher generation "naughty" love, with love and care for the younger generation of humor.

Mr. Ouyang and Mr. Qi Baishi youth had been the eldest son of Qi Zi as usual in play, painting, Bai Shi old man also often pointing 12. That year, Mr. Qi Baishi promised to accept Mr. Ouyang for acts, but also a special gift to Ouyang ink pigment, can be "door wall". Ouyang was working for the University, he said, if the college entrance exam will come back with Mr. Qi painting. The test results of the Fu Jen Catholic University, Ouyang left Mr. Qi to ink, and the color and send them back to the teacher. Although no formal worship into Zimen, "but when the disciples had indeed. When Ouyang and Qi Zi together as in Qijia painting a child, often to guide Mr. whitehead. Once, Ouyang was drawing a tree trunk, accidentally elbow to the walls turned up. Mr. Qi came over to see, asked: what is this? Ouyang Dao: this tree has a tumor. Mr. Qi said: look at him really naughty.

Ouyang grew up to a theatre love show, a talent show. College professors often imitate you behave, make the students laugh. Once again, Ouyang in a parody of, just imitate to observe students in front of Mr. Jin Yuelin, suddenly petrified? Ouyang did not feel the show was going to mix. Originally, Mr. Jin Yuelin is standing behind Ouyang. Mr. Kim pointed to Ouyang Dao: really naughty! Mr. Ouyang and Mr. Jin Yuelin have deep feelings, Ouyang in the logical correspondence university when teaching director editor logic, only two students inscribed a title of Mr. Jin Yuelin made an exception for Ouyang wrote the title of "logic". This issue up to hundreds of thousands of copies of this tutorial. Mr. Kim died, Ouyang wrote to miss Mr. Kim and Mr. naughty "again back", Mr Kim had an antithetical couplet couplet: "all should not be across the board, which may seem simple, but contains idioms and subtle logical relations, has no on. Mr. Ouyang from the formal angle and Mr. Kim believes Mr Kim's discussion, in addition to illogical, "naughty" to miss mr.. This sentence for decades is not on, Ouyang realized that Mr Kim is on "across the board" in opposition to "cut" are illogical, but Ouyang understood the teacher is to show the refrain literature ", how much is also in order to cure Ouyang's" naughty "and the meaning of.

Calligraphy is "learning" out

Calligraphy is by practice, this seems to be the only proper course to take people practice calligraphy. Mr Ouyang has a different experience, he advocated that calligraphy is "learning" out. Mr. Ouyang's student, China Calligrapher Association of party secretary, standing vice president Chen Hongwu talked about his experience said: "a winter day in 1984, I was studying in Xi'an, Beijing to use winter vacation during Mr.. I read the "Mr. Lin" stele of Zhang asked: "Why are you copied the monument? It is what attracts you? You know the background of history and culture of Weibei? " I did not answer, Mr. Chen said: "writing is not only simple in shape, but take it as a science to study, and find similarities from your heart, it's crucial to understanding it!" In fact, Mr. this words of Upanishads, I was in more than 10 years before gradually understand." Mr Ouyang claims ", proposed book written Oncidium 'cultural view of the times' word for the book to radiance, Writings are for conveying truth., cut as needed." "

Mr. Ouyang's "learning" includes two meanings, namely learning objects and contents, requires learners to grasp the "good" and "of" standard, the learner is required to stimulate their interests, consciously. Sure to write, is for beginners to master fan word standard, and not in accordance with the "opinionated" wrong impression on writing, in order to emphasize the "learning" and not to blindly practice, Mr Ouyang even said a word not more than 5 times, you have to go back to the control range of word "learning", otherwise it will only repeat their mistakes.

(original title: "homeless" since married -- as we say "no" Mr. Ouyang naughty)

Source: Beijing Evening News

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