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Beijing Evening News: Tmall search for a joint Alibaba to create double 11 commercial miracle "you"

2018-10-31 16:28 beijing evening news TF019

Back light and then spend ten years, ten years of heart. As Tmall president Jing Jie said, 10 years back, Tmall double 11 to bring surprise and harvest you true. But as the creation of double 11 miracle courier, programmers, artists, brands and consumers of all, everyone contributed. "We hope to find out those interested in double 11 friends, invite them with a touching story, in this double 11 night with our hands again, more memory, more imagination. After all, the wonderful has just begun." In October 22nd, the Beijing evening news joint open Alibaba looking for "double 11 characters of Tmall creator" clues solicitation, received a lot of letters from readers. We selected several characters in which fine, and you re 110 years Tmall double temperature warm story.

She is a 90, and colleagues robot Trainer "word of mouth" express the goddess "; and she used intelligent products enabling dual 11 logistics, also a double 11 recollections inspired his creativity and imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style. This is from the Meiting rookie network with Tmall dual 11 "love between".

Fang Meiting is a smart product operation expert rookie network technology services, express company is her daily work. "I often go and courier delivery, so we can find the problem." Fang Meiting moved on to the side of the glasses, while his hair scattered around.

"As in previous years, the 2018 Tmall dual 11 means to me the high strength work, more importantly, I will be in the" exam "in the acceptance of an achievement." Speaking of this year's Tmall double 11, Party Meiting admitted than in previous years to be excited. Because her new ideas have been developed shortly after the landing, and the shopping Carnival style show.

At the end of last year, Fang Meiting and his colleagues through careful observation, many courier for endless express phone and distressed. "Take my understanding of the courier lim it, he sent more than 200 parcels a day, every parcel will need to communicate in advance, some do not allow courier cabinet, some sent home without the receipt and call. He only calls a day to spend two hours, but the flesh is weak."

Can not let the robot to call this thing to do? Fang Meiting and his colleagues tried to train a robot voice, a courier phone assistant. After rookie Ali, Ali communications and Xiaomi multiple team efforts, in April this year, rookie voice robot application of artificial intelligence technology was born: she can automatically call, and human freely exchange, listen and record consumer demand. Her voice sounds soft, natural, good attitude. When the courier in the site after receiving the parcel, the robot automatically in the background to complete the call sent before the ITU work package is delivered or the door, or from mentioning cabinet, will according to the needs of consumers, automatically pushed to courier handheld terminal.

"There have been five courier companies in the application of the robot. I often listen to the robot's telephone recording, many customers call do not know that they just talk to the robot!" Fang Meiting joy shows between the lines, she also told reporters that the robot will be on Tmall during the double 11, every day to help express dial about 1000000 telephone, in order to improve the efficiency of delivery courier, to enhance the user experience.

In fact, this is not the first time in the 11 party Meiting double check your own imagination. In the last two 11 years ago for a long time, Party Meiting was thinking about how to make each order with the fastest speed and arrived in the hands of users. To this end, she led the idea "intelligent delivery engine", thinking of each order can recommend the most appropriate to the merchant shipping company based on big data, so as to avoid the congestion, optimize resources, improve the efficiency of logistics. When this vision into reality, many businesses are in last year's double 11 with this artifact".

"Many consumers will be near the shopping festival dress shopping cart, but for me, each session ended double 11 means the starting point the next 11 double work. May be just a small problem in order to solve the double 11, we need a year or even two years ahead of time, but I think it's worth. Because I see my whole team is how to use the technology to create the full sense of science and technology 11." Fang Meiting told reporters that since joining the Ali family for 6 years, every year she and 11 double side "combat", grow together, this is full of challenges and surprises of work experience not only make her nervous, also let her attachment.


"Now really looking forward to the double 11 ah, but have little sense of urgency, hope this year launched 11 double box horse Xiansheng goods can be sold." Dressed in a light blue naive Hippo pattern Cai Cai character is very frank. There are less than half a month, this year 7 month entry "box horse" will usher in the entry of the two double 11. Compared with last year, this year to play the main body have said more of a "sense of urgency".

90 is a box of Xiansheng Ma Cai Cai "box". Box, box horse Xiansheng responsible for all stores operating community work. Cai Cai currently operating range is 3 km range of dam surrounding stores within the 10 member group, nearly 5000 members. Every day she worked from early push daily greetings beginning to late greetings over, the highlight is the recommended daily to members of high-quality goods, from time to time will release some parent-child activities line activities. "Whether it is reflected when shopping experience, membership service, or the quality of the goods, the price, box will quickly respond effectively and timely solve." Cai Cai said.

In the eyes of the horse is Xiansheng Cai Cai, box to those people who love life, to provide quality goods. As a new sample of retail supermarkets, in the box in the Xiansheng Ma Cai Cai to grow up fast, become a new generation of "small horse". The box is a group of lovely people. Every day we provide better shopping experience for the surrounding community residents, also met a lovely people more willing to output their own way of life, this is a mutual learning process." Remember to meet in a community warm-hearted grandmother and delicacy Master "nurse sister, very pleased to.

As one of the second grade "box horse", CAI has participated in the fort in the Xiansheng box store 10 Ma double 11 activity. The "double 11 day, we will recommend some preferential combination of goods to members of the group, and organize related line under double 11 membership activities." In the last two to 11, it hosted a Cai "beer" beer brand new release live. In the process of live on-site production of new beer to the bartender, have attracted thousands of audience of onlookers, and the scene to try to drink beer customers to interact, store atmosphere is very good. The conversion from "buyers" to "seller" this identity, Cai says he is enjoying.

In this year's double 11 will be Xiansheng box Ma Cai Cai stores the main dam. At present, she transferred to the new post business department, responsible for Vegetable & Fruit. For this year's double 11, she had her own "goal": "in this year's double 11 day, I set the expected sales are 3 times daily." For the "goal", Cai said she also some "small" urgent ", not only afraid not finish" themselves, "not enough to worry about store stocking". November at the beginning of the month, the store will start making CAI program of activities and determine the focus on the promotion of goods, then they will officially open the double time of the year 11. Although it was not yet time to either have their own ideas: "as a" chowhound "and a" Vegetable & Fruit stalls "staff, I hope to launch cherries and orange built this year, become explosive goods this year."

De Cheng Hu

Double lift 11, people first thought is the commodity price and with a superb collection of beautiful things. But you can not imagine, in the past few years, the balance of treasure in the US by continuously improve service levels, with a great positive energy for double 11. In the opinion of Zheng Wei, born in 2013, the balance of treasure is in the double 11 "stress test" was born in the beautiful accident.

Zheng Wei first joined in 2013 is the balance of treasure, Celestica fund balance treasure - Technical director. As he said, for any platform, double 11 can be counted as a top pressure test. "I just want to decorate the house this year, a lot of furniture purchasing what are pointing to the double 11, I believe that a lot of people like me, are simmering fresh waiting for double 11."

"Alipay has been the hope that we can put money in advance, so double 11 payment will be smooth many. But because most users still used to put money in the bank account, Alipay started to think that I give you a little higher than bank interest rates is not available?" Zheng Wei said, "this is the original intention of the birth of the balance of treasure. But who can think of the balance of treasure once fire, become astepping-stone to success Alipay from a payment tool to Internet banking. After 2013, the annual double 11 has a large number of orders through the balance of treasure to pay, it also makes millions of "hand chop party" has been more stable quickly grab your favorite goods."

From a professional point of view, in the double 11 period, the balance of treasure as Alipay currency underlying account application, it brings to the customer minimalist experience, so that we can be more efficient and more quickly complete the payment pressure. But Zheng Wei said that behind these good experience, actually is hiding some processing business and technology on more complex logic, also have relatively high challenge for the information system of the balance of treasure.

2013 is the first year of Zheng Wei joined the balance of treasure, the first year is also the balance of treasure in the double 11 exams. The first big test, the technical team of Zheng Wei by Ali cloud services platform architecture, monitoring, database applications such as application technology, create a cluster application service cloud based architecture, build a cloud monitoring system is relatively perfect. "So, in 2013, Celestica fund also completed a one-day redemption amount of stable fund the largest in the history of. In fact, from 2013 to 2017, the annual double 11, is a new business peak." Zheng Wei recalls.

In fact, in the past 5 years, the balance of treasure has experienced 5 double 11 exams, from millions of transactions initially, to tens of millions of transactions, trading volume to hundreds of millions, every two 11 challenges the new business peak. "In the past 5 years, the number of users and the balance of treasure volume of transactions are in billions of dollars for growth, so our information system security, system architecture and business logic did many times down the optimization and reconstruction, the main purpose is to let everyone can see the income balance treasure in the early morning the first time. Allow investors to experience more extreme service." Zheng Wei has said confidently, "in these exams, our team often have to work overtime until 5 pm. But in every exam, our information monitoring, disaster recovery strategy, liquidation ability and so on, also reflects the high level and the leading position."

For the upcoming 2018 years double 11 exams, Zheng Wei's team is still full of confidence: "because we have the accumulation of business, so we will be very actively involved in Alipay related activities, also ahead of the online shopping Carnival preparations."

Liu Yang

For every love to clean, obsessed with the quality of life of the "guest Er", "dog appliances" should be a familiar name. From 1999 began in Chaoyang District in an old residential building, nineteen years, such as this year's revenue of nearly 700 million yuan of the Internet business enterprise, Taobao sold two units per cleaner, which is a brand of dog". Walk into the Chaoyang District Beiyuan Road dog electric gate, a passion, energetic atmosphere blowing Internet startups. 11 racket, two banners, flags and banners everywhere, naive "Red Dog" quite comfortable in the middle of the busy customer service and operations staff. Puppy, loyal, kind, attention, these appliances become the dog gene.

This year 11 month 11 day zero, Tmall 11 will open the double ten national carnival. As for 9 years through Tmall double 11 experience, dog electronics founder Tan Chong said, "no experience of double 11 enterprise is a pity", "double 11 is a pain and growth." Remember the first time to participate in the 2010 11 scene, Tan Chong mood is sweet. Just enter the Internet platform near the fledgling electric dog, but not to 8 in the morning, they are the products already sold out, the sales reached 120 million, far beyond their expectations. Since then, every year to participate in the double 11 puppy appliances have a great surprise".

2011 11 11 April is Tan Chong most unforgettable day, this day the dog appliance sales reached 546 million yuan, in the Tmall store ranking behind TCL, ranked No. 2. No. 11 and No. 12 of the two days we are all through the night the state." Tan Chong recalls, in the big promotion day, they are wearing a red ribbon, wiping his face camouflage, also invited the band to participate, whenever sales break million will play a piece of music to celebrate. "The end of combat and celebration, employees take me up, together in the old building office to enjoy the celebration, until very late to sleep." Remember these, Tan Chong eyes flashing light: "did not experience the double 11 for the enterprise is a kind of regret, nor any employee will choose to leave in 11 during the double."

"We this year's sales target is 200 million, Tan Chong in the interview about the dog this year big promotion period sales target. In order to achieve this goal, from the beginning of the summer they started the preparatory work. According to the double 11 "to combat target, brand positioning and the platform of the party venue resources allocation, set the overall arrangement and structure of goods, distribution of goods, which is to take the amount of money, for GMV (site turnover); which is the image, for what is the tone of the brand; to guide the flow of money etc.."

In the eyes of dog vice president min farmers, the annual double 11 for the company is "the big parade". Every June, enterprise "parade" activities of the preparatory work began, until November 12th of that year or even longer to fight until the end of the morning. 11 is a full participation in the project, in fact the double 11 day, the puppy appliances all other departments can deploy the people to support customer service and warehouse department, most of the employees in customer service, warehouse management. "Although the final is full participation, but also with the parade and gradually set up adjustment. The first is the vanguard, responsible for coordinating resources and programs, stocking; article two wave operation, visual design department staff will participate in the three wave; the company's personnel involved, belongs to the company of the big party."

But the whole company "parade" also means a lot of mental and physical consumption. Min agricultural said, "double 11 is a pain and growth, pain and challenge is part of growing up. With your participation of play on the double 11 campaign, this feeling will be deeper. Regardless of the team or individual, double 11 is a new starting point for the future."

De Cheng Hu

Started from the Beijing rings outside a room, only two sewing machine, to set up factories in Tongzhou jiukeshu, the number of employees more than more than 300 people, China original design brand Liebo women's growth miracle reflects the strong momentum of rapid development and upgrading of the consumption China digital economy can create possible.

"From the first 11 years of Tmall sales of 5 million yuan to grow all the way to the annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan, consumers, suppliers, the courier together with us to create this." In the eyes of Liebo founder Tang Dafeng, and Tmall in the 11 double bonds in the ten years, every year the business event is a unique mark, with every step of growth liebo.

"The first few years of preparation for the double 11, heart was throbbing nerves." Liebo founder Tang Xiaofeng recalled 9 years ago in the first Tmall double 11, still impressive. "We all once have been shot empty, made 5 million of sales, we thrilled." Second years of Tmall double 11, Liebo is making about 20000000 of sales, but because of too much direct access to system downtime, Liebo team had to manually change the price to three or four a.m..

The first two orders lynx double 11 to bring the surge and the lessons that Liebo chose to give up electricity supplier ERP system to external procurement. "We decided to bite the bullet, in 11 years invested about 40000000 yuan to tailor their own ERP system, solve the electricity supplier orders, delivery and financial accounting problems." Tang Dafeng said. In 2012, Liebo rushed to Heaven Cat double 11 women sales list, on the order of about 900000 single peak, the peak of more than 220 thousand single day delivery.

Now, this set of ERP system has been gradually adopted Liebo and other businesses, only in 2017, sales of more than 1 billion yuan. Tang Dafeng said that with the new digital power retail empowerment garment industry, Liebo team witnessed the company in the limit order payment, logistics delivery and customer service service value is rising. And this way, Tmall double 11 trading volume increased exponentially, from the first year of 5200 million yuan soared to 9 years of 1682 billion yuan.

The birth of recall Liebo, Tom gale mixed feelings. "We started selling clothing wholesale to India and Pakistan, to get their satisfaction with their clothes after the beginning of a design, but did not expect that such a niche style dress, accompanied by surging power consumption upgrade, now go so far." Liebo's story is more than a decade ago many Amoy brand in the consumer enthusiasm to promote growth in miniature. In 2009, the first Tmall double 11 only 27 brands, and by 2017, only in the Tmall dual 11 "million club" brand reached 167.

Together to create the legendary Liebo in Tmall, and after the birth of 10 years, hundreds of efforts to adhere to the continuous specification of apparel suppliers. "The customer Tmall path requires us to more formal." Tang Dafeng said that this Liebo made a special contraction of supplier, and sent to the factory to help them grow, "from the standard to ensure the time stamps, and single volume, many suppliers from the list of millions a year slowly to the tens of millions of dollars, and we survived the throes of transformation."

"After 9 years of Tmall double 11, every year we calm. This year 11 our target is 120 million yuan, but not fear Yahuo, explosion and other issues." Tom Gale said with a smile, through the ERP system, Liebo this year Tmall double 11 pre-sale rate has reached 42%, with the global intelligent logistics backbone network, Liebo in the face of the upcoming surge of double 11 invoice can "double two everything in good order and well arranged, the first 11, we should reinforce the full delivery, you can run several pairs of shoes are bad. But now, my sister and I have the wind 5 years have not been to the warehouse. The smooth operation of our products have enough confidence."


Once a year the Tmall double 11 carnival, let the recent explosion of red "in my mind", the the Imperial Palace of food waiting eager for a fight. Last year, Tmall double 11, the the Imperial Palace of food orders bursting, many products received favorable. We selected positions, combination of express company and other logistics solutions." "I mind" responsible for electricity Star Song told reporters, because no additives are handmade cakes, short shelf life products, the the Imperial Palace of food taken straight factory form, reduced to warehouse turnover links, to ensure the date of fresh products received from customers, "this year Tmall double 11, we set up the higher the target, currently our team has already begun goods, warehousing and other aspects of the preparation, we have to refresh the data store."

The sea wrong cookies, cake, Royal 8 Zaohua Sachima crisp, palace, mung bean ice cream...... Chinese wind in recent years has become the trend of Tmall double 11, as a cultural center in Beijing to become China classical culture planning embrace digital, the Imperial Palace is one of the pioneer. Originated in the Imperial Palace, the main pure Handmade, young people loved the form of marketing plus, called "my heart" of the the Imperial Palace food became Tmall hot consumer favorite, Mid Autumn Festival this year launched the "Moon Palace" series is in short supply.

"I became popular in mind, largely the Imperial Palace food and Tmall jointly, mutual achievement results. "From April 23rd last year, we work with Tmall in the Imperial Palace building officially announced" I treasure in the heart in the Tmall flagship store, to the Mid Autumn Festival this year, we launched a joint moon cake together, the the Imperial Palace of food and Tmall have been working." "I will" responsible for electricity Star Song said, after Tmall and the Imperial Palace together around the sea food, biscuits, eight porridge and wrong figure twenty-four solar term health series produced a set of court life comics, a magic of rapper H5 and a set of court GIF posters, "we hope to young people loved the form of the traditional culture into the hearts of young people."

Tmall's massive user data and consumer feedback, but also to the the Imperial Palace of food in adhering to the traditional hand made material at the same time, also have the corresponding adjustment. "We research the modern young consumer eating habits, improved the traditional royal cake recipe, reduced the formula of oil, the proportion of sugar, do less oil and sugar, the modern concept of health is more in line with young people." Song Xing said, the the Imperial Palace of food has maintained the dissemination of traditional culture in the beginning of the heart, in the hope that food is the carrier of culture, will "eat" it became a cultural experience. The Tmall twin 11 the Imperial Palace, in addition to the introduction of explosion of sea wrong cookies, imperial concubine cake, also used the modern freeze-drying technology, on-line Palace osmanthus flavor soup, Tremella Tremella Sydney rose peach soup, meet the needs of young workers.

"The the Imperial Palace of food and Tmall cooperation is an open, will try the" hunger breeds discontentment "traditional eating habits and young people network consumption closely, so that the younger generation is in the most convenient way to bring home the culture of the Imperial Palace." Vice president of the Imperial Palace Museum Lou Wei said earlier. In fact, in recent years many time-honored brand is facing new challenges and upgrade Hwan young group, how to seize the line of strong purchasing power in the consumer to upgrade the tide to become the key.

With the help of the ecological system and Alibaba to build massive young users, Tmall in the mining of traditional brand with new value in the young consumer groups, has been very much at home. In addition to "my heart", Tmall also teamed up to create customized daoxiangcun National Museum series, Hangzhou, Hong Kong pastry cakes, embarrassed Guangzhou Restaurant - angry birds moon cakes and so on IP classic cases of cross-border cooperation, promote the traditional brand online upgrade.


The flower buckle into regular small collar sleeves, silk hidden in the elegant moonlight. This is not a movie star to make costumes, but to China style children's clothing design children 6 months to 12 years. Designer Pierre-Yves Babin is French, but with the Taobao store and every little once Tmall double 11, will pass the children's clothing works all over the world. 2018 Tmall double 11 is coming, he will bring discount clothing to consumers, and look forward to the double 11 bring you more surprises.

Shop Tang'Roulou and Tmall double 11 for the first time meet or 6 years ago, the scene can be made visible before the eyes of Pierre. Chinese fluent Pierre recalled to reporters: "just over 2012 year 11 month 11 zero feedback Taobao shop seller backstage surprised me too! Every once in a while there is an order, the day has sold hundreds of single, many styles are sold out! For us this private shop is far beyond the imagination!" Let Pierre is overjoyed, but China parents are fond of these clothes, but also many foreign friends through Taobao and double 11 acquainted with him. "Those who live in the city of Hangzhou, foreigners after the first purchase, often visit my shop. Some of them are Americans, some Germans, but they all love Chinese children wind."

In fact, Pierre love of China culture is far more than the dress up, it is also the Chinese cultural insight gives him more inspiration. "I love with a sense of history and culture China." Pierre told reporters that he lives in a quiet Beijing alley, every day at home, lock the door, he could not hear a car sound. He also love riding the shuttle in the alley, across the red brick and gray tiles, greet the old folks. Heard reporters from the "Beijing News", he said excitedly: "oh! I have heard the old man in the alley called Beijing evening news! Beijing evening news! It is also China selling flavor, that sounds really want people to buy a ah!" As with Pierre, his partner, with the French Amelie Peraud special love to see those drying in the rope quilt, "the dragon and flower shape quilt, also into a part of our design."

In the view of Pierre, part of a double 11 is China culture. "I just heard of this festival, think of the foreign black Friday. But I can say that all the year round in China, Tmall double 11 Shopping Festival more intimate with me. These days, I also put in the shopping cart, Yunnan coffee, and a Chinese brand shirt, I have chosen a double 11 day, waiting to buy it."

Although Pierre and his partner also opened a store, but a lot of feedback they received or from online users. "We have some Taobao customers reflect, children always wear our clothes, and now have 12 years old, 8 year old clothes to wear. So most of our design this year from the age of 8 before the number increased to 12 years old." Pierre said, these comments he narrowed the distance with the customer, he will use quality and price to repay this holiday, consumer feedback.

This year, Tmall 110, Pierre brand has just ushered in the opening 10th anniversary. "This shopping festival, some hot clothing we will play on 40 percent off of the price. I am here with my counterparts, but look forward to it." Pierre said.


The network shopping and double 11 is not a young man exclusive holiday, the most recent year's time, thirty year old Li Yue of this sentence to understand more and more profound. Let Li Yue surprise, he is over sixty years old parents.

In the Internet industry reported Li Yue in Beijing, is a rich experience of online shopping Master "Taobao", so he often talked about ten years ago to participate in the first session of the double 11 online shopping carnival. "When the double 11 is not today so much fame, because I am in the industry interviews and reports, so have the honor of being the first person to eat crabs." Li Yue look at their side in the past more than 10 years, Taobao shopping cart bills, while from time to time to showcase the rich "results", "there is not a set of complete feeling all double 11 Grand Slam?"

In the "double 11 Amoy to the baby too much, to seven thousand or eight thousand yuan Apple mobile phone, small to 9.9 bags of mail socks. But what impressed me most is a double 11 baby on my feet this double British made New Balance 991.5." Li Yue said he was New Balance shoes fans, home of different styles of New Balance shoes thirty or forty pairs, while wearing his feet on the double New Balance 991.5 is significant. Exactly, this pair of New Balance 991.5 English is a gift, a pair of parents gave Li Yue 11 gifts.

"Parents after retirement, I have time to teach them online, 'Taobao' evaluation than price, plus a shopping cart, orders, from what is really a skill, a skill to unlock. Last year's double 11 to become a successful test of their "Taobao" level, we have a sense of achievement." Li Yue said, "so, at the beginning of this year, my parents Alipay account into my" family account ", we also often through the" family account "to share some of their love each other things, what advice. This pair of New Balance 991.5 hit "family account" to this."

In fact, this pair of thinking for a long time New Balance 991.5, Li Yue in the Taobao shopping cart has a collection of a few days time. According to Li Yue's understanding of the shoe store, at the price of 1399 yuan is indeed high, "I thought about until eight hundred or nine hundred dollars and then shot right, just waiting for the day to see the double 11." Li Yue smiled and said, "not to interview, reported last year, the task of double 11 day very much, about Miss No. 11 zero order time."

In May of this year's birthday, rush into the house of Li Yue, saw a swing in the hall of the New Balance case 991.5. Later know, is actually the parents know I missed the last double 11 New Balance 991.5, they know that I love this and not willing to buy too expensive, just before my birthday to me secretly to a "empty shopping cart"." Li Yue said that although the parents when placing the price slightly higher than their expectations, but can you always wanted the British New Balance 991.5 to wear in the feet, rather than "miss this wait a year" experience to be lucky too.

Li Yue said, parents have been very concerned about their work, regardless of their writing is good or bad, parents are the most enthusiastic readers. "Empty shopping cart" is Taobao in the double 11 during a very successful event, my parents' first to empty the shopping cart ", is actually because I read the manuscript. So they also whim, by my birthday to me had a double 11."

Although there is a chance, but the family "empty shopping cart" experience really let Li Yue benefit a lot. In the view of Li Yue, and the double 11 online shopping is a way of life for young people, parents, and perhaps also a family ideal scene intersection. As Li Yue said: "thanks to my parents, not just for them to send me 11 double gift, thank you very much for their recognition of my work, let me know my interviews and reports is valuable."

Liu Yang

Thank you"

This is the double 11 tenth years, and from the Alibaba micro-blog, WeChat official "memory Museum collection plate message let us feel the double 11 almost with our lives in every important moment. Thanks to the dual 11! Thank you"!


Source: Beijing Evening News

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