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The Ministry of human social security: this year the employment goals ahead of schedule

2018-10-31 15:08 beijing evening news TF010

Today morning, human resources and social security ministry held a press conference in the three quarter of 2018. The reporter was informed that the three quarter of this year, China has been completed ahead of the annual goal of employment. Pension insurance fund has 416 billion 650 million yuan of funds to the account and start investing.

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Department spokesman Lu Aihong introduced, the comprehensive employment statistics monitoring and research situation, the first three quarters of China's employment situation is generally stable. The main performance of the steady growth of new jobs in cities and towns, from January to September a total urban employment reached 11 million 70 thousand people, an increase of 100 thousand over the same period last year, a quarter ahead of the completion of the annual task; the end of the three quarter of the registered urban unemployment rate fell to 3.82%, years of low. Although there are 8 million 200 thousand college graduates this year, but the overall stability of employment. The steady progress of employment of rural labor transfer, employment assistance to disadvantaged groups intensified, the first 9 months of employment difficulties in employment of 1 million 360 thousand people, an increase of 30 thousand people. Human resources market supply and demand basically stable. The 100 city public employment services market supply and demand data analysis shows that the three quarter of the opening rate of the human resources market is 1.25, the chain, an increased, which indicates that the recruitment number greater than the number of job seekers, and increase the chain, had an increased. From the recent investigation and monitoring the situation, but also the overall stability of the enterprise employment.

In addition, China's social security fund overall smooth operation. From January to September, the basic pension insurance and inductrial injury unemployment insurance fund total revenue of 3 trillion and 930 billion yuan, an increase of 18.2%, the total expenditure of funds 3 trillion and 450 billion yuan, an increase of 16.5%. The basic old-age insurance fund investment operation of enterprise employees steadily. As of the end of the month 9, Beijing, Shanxi, the government and the Social Security Fund Council signed entrusted investment contract, the total contract amount of 715 billion yuan, of which 416 billion 650 million yuan of funds have been credited into account and start investment.



Source: Beijing Evening News

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