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Developed countries $3 trillion in aid to developing countries or "developed" why? Experts say

2018-10-31 13:45 Theory Weekly TF011

Just 1978 years of reform and opening up, according to the world bank index, China's per capita GDP is $156, is one of the poorest countries in the world. 20 years ago, China's per capita GDP is only $850, or low income countries. Last year, China's per capita GDP reached $8640, becoming the middle-income countries. Has been able to achieve such brilliant results, mainly by the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision to promote the reform and opening up, people rely on the efforts of the results. But in this process, the economists have also contributed to the wisdom.

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Over the past 40 years, the result is very bright, but there are many problems in the current economic operation environment, including corruption income distribution problems, problems, problems and so on. In the construction of a socialist country China process, how to overcome institutional problems, seize the time to provide the opportunity to continue to promote China rapid economic development? It also requires in-depth research, economists give advice and suggestions.

Chinese economists to do policy research, to carry out theoretical innovation

In our reform process, often appear this kind of circumstance, that is some very good point of departure of the reform measures, theoretically is very clear, but the results are often contrary to the original desire, even the problem is made more complicated.

Why is there such a situation? Admittedly, in the process of reform and opening up, we always to the developed countries and the existing theory with the existing experience, hope to use those theories and experiences to the reform and development of the country as a reference.

But we know that the applicability of the theory is a prerequisite, the applicability of the experience is a prerequisite. As a developing country, our premise of course with the developed countries are not the same, not the same with the theoretical model of perfect and complete. As to the theory as a reference, it may appear Huainan was orange, Huaibei Zhi "problem.

Economists need a deeper understanding of Chinese economic reality, from the economic phenomenon of Chinese in understanding the causes of the problems and solve problems can mobilize resources, to promote the reform of power forward in and so on, put forward a new theory. This theory can better let us understand the transformation of the past 40 years, why the achievements at the same time there are so many problems, how to effectively solve these problems, can be unified from understanding and transforming the world in which we get the theory.

Now the theory of economics in developing countries using a common phenomenon is that in the understanding of the world seem very powerful, but in the transformation of the world feeble. As China economists, the reform and opening up we have experienced is a human social and economic history of experimental rare, from this experiment, we want oneself to sum up experience, put forward a new theory. This is the general secretary Xi Jinping said in a May 17, 2016 Conference on the work of philosophy and Social Sciences: This is a theory and will be able to produce the theory of era, this is a need to be able to generate ideas and thoughts of era. We can't live up to this time. China economists can't live up to this time, in the process of policy research, to carry out theoretical innovation.

Chinese economists should have a larger pattern, should not only care about the China themselves, but also concerned about the world.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, China rise, in the end can not be accepted by the world, depends largely on the China development is to bring together development opportunities in other countries. This we do not have to, say, to tell a good story Chinese.

Chinese is now the world's second largest economy and the largest trading nation, around 2025 will become a high income countries, then we to other developing countries in the world development should take greater responsibility.

According to my statistics, since the Second World War, the developed countries to help developing countries develop more than $three trillion, but these countries can really from low income to middle income is very small, can enter from middle income to high income is less. I think the most important reason is the Chinese about "way out of the decision". Because developed countries in providing assistance to developing countries, usually based on their theories, their ideas and their experience to do, although the starting point may be very good, but the effect is not satisfactory.

China become the developed countries of the world, will assume greater responsibility to other countries in the world, I think we should put forward their own theory. From the new structural economics perspective, economic development is a process of structure changing, from agriculture to manufacturing to services, from low income level to a high level of income. In this process, since World War II experience, few developing successful economies have a common characteristic, is seize the window of opportunity of international transfer of labor-intensive industries, from an agricultural society into a modern industrial society.

From this perspective, we put forward the "The Belt and Road" initiative as well as in the past years in non cooperative development, emphasis on infrastructure interoperability, emphasizing the cooperation capacity, it can really give other developing countries in the world has brought prosperity and a history of a rare opportunity. But, how do they seize this opportunity, our economists can provide some theoretical guidance for the development of their ideas, change.

As a China economist, should carry out the "localization, standardization and internationalization" research, on the one hand, we will continue to contribute their wisdom to promote the reform and opening up, China continued to deepen, make our country economy can continue to ride the wind and waves to move forward; on the other hand, we also should carry out a new theory, so that reform and development more smoothly and, in our theory, our ideas and our development to help other developing countries in the world, while other developing countries developed, can also create opportunities for the developed countries to achieve All flowers bloom together. spring garden.

(author Yifu Lin for the National Development Research Institute of Peking University, honorary president of South South cooperation and development, the dean of the school of new structural economics research institute)

Keywords solution

"Localization, standardization and internationalization" research

If developing countries hope to achieve economic theory "to understand and transform the world", is necessary according to the theory of innovation in developing countries experience. China economists should be economic phenomenon of local Chinese, and specification for the current international method, to study the local phenomenon including mathematical modeling and measurement test results, the results of this study is to make a creative contribution to the increment of human knowledge. (Ji Wen)



Source: Beijing daily Theory Weekly

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