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Beijing Lok Street No. 99, Lucheng Xing Zhuang, Shanglin parkland, top show Jin rui... To solve the dust

2018-10-31 11:18 beijing evening news TF015

These days, windy weather, emergency call center 12345 reflects the non many people call the city, lived in the community surrounding the site, open space, the old road has dust: in the Lok Street No. 99 hospital, a sudden appearance of a loess wind, sand filled; Lu Cheng Zhen Xing Zhuang Cun, broken road on the riverbank the road, exposed below sand, windy days passed, with a mouthful of sand; Shanglinyuan district next to the hill, so many residents headache dust problem......

Shanglinyuan district next to the hill

Lok Street, No. 99 hospital

No dust to the weeds

This year, ten months early, Tongzhou Lok Street Hospital No. 99 to several engineering vehicles, they will have a football field size of clearing weeds leveled, leaving a piece of the vast loess. Some residents are wondering, this time the windy weather, shovel weeds, bare loess in the wind dust everywhere, everyone miserable.

The reporter saw at the hospital No. 99, the land was a blue circle around the enclosure, the enclosure through the cracks, there is a piece of loess, the whole area the size of a football field, loess and does not cover dustproof net.

"You see, the blue enclosure is higher than a person, still can stop a part of dust windy weather." Residential tenants Mr. Shi said, 99 homes have been built for more than a decade, this piece of open space has been. Residents recall, a long period of time, the land is full of weeds, before there are residents in vegetables, is the use of this piece of land. But last year this piece of open space with the enclosure, you can not get in, planting vegetables and fruits is cleared, the land is completely barren.

At the beginning of October, Mr. Shi and other residents of the area have found that construction vehicles entering the open space, flattened space covered with weeds. We do not know the reason for this, some residents speculation may be for the upcoming winter, some fire prevention measures.

Residential property staff said that the shovel clearing weeds do not open the property, but the property unit, for reasons of shovel weeds they also don't know.

Lucheng Town Xing Zhuang Village

A car flew into the courtyard of Loess

Xing Zhuang village is located in the Chaobai River, these days, the villagers were plagued by the problem of dust. Villagers Mr. Qian said that a month at the beginning of the eastern side of the village road maintenance, but because water is not timely, resulting in some of the villagers near the road home "eat soil".

This way the villagers complain of dust is located in Chaobai River West Bank, is a north-south road embankment. Due to road and road aging, the original pavement has a large area of damage, exposing the sand below. The road is less than 10 meters, is home to some of the villagers.

Five pm yesterday, when the evening rush, the reporter saw, the road has many vehicles to come and go, some fast cars will set off bursts of smoke. Mr. Qian told reporters that the road aging will produce a part of the dust of the road on the south side, also being repaired, have a month, but this time the number of watering rarely, as long as the wind will set off the dust.

"The first few days the wind, the window and the clothes rod are all on the earth, I shall sprinkle in the yard, or too dirty." Mr. Qian said that a recent sprinkler is the day before yesterday at noon, and each watering interval is four or five days or so. He felt that a lot of the road traffic every day, hoping to increase the frequency of watering, it can also change the living environment.


Downstairs guarding the Loess Hill

"Living here, almost every day by the dust and noise." Daxing District Shanglin parkland area residents reflect, residential wall on the east side of less than one hundred meters, a two or three storey tsuchiyama has existed for many years. Since these tsuchiyama has attracted a large number of forklifts and trucks to the mining and transportation. Because of the lack of soil cover, as long as the wind blows out of the dust will cover, slightly too not to close the window, the window near the furniture will soon fall on a layer of ash.

Four pm yesterday, the reporter went to the district shanglinyuan. The residents of the home to look out of the windows, a dozen green tipcart shuttle, three or four forklifts shovel upside down, it is a small hill be in full swing scene. Through the observation that the green tarpaulin scattered cover a small area, most of the other sand still exposed.

Mr. Jin has lived here for 20 years, he recalls, the original district on the eastern side of this is a flat, a few years ago, near the rest of the soil pile construction here, in the course of time on the formation of soil. "The car is more and more recently this time to dig here and regardless of time, every day the noise and dust unbearable." Mr. Jin told reporters, he and his wife have been over sixty years, there is a family to take care of the elderly, weekdays would not how downstairs are looking to open the window ventilation. Now a window outside came off machine rumbling sound when the wind blows, there will be a lot of dust blew into the room.

Reporters noted that these accumulated soil boundary and no logo, no one here in the excavation and management of transport vehicles. In this regard, the old couple hope the noise and dust nuisance problems outside the window can be governance, also nearby residents of a quiet environment to rest.

Top show Jin Rui District

The wind up site muck

"Here the day did not start, but the site of the soil are hanging in the shadows, wind dust." Recently, who lives in Fengtai District area of the top show Rui people reflect their own in front of the building site is currently inactive during the day hours digging, the site where soil cover is not much, sometimes encounter wind will produce dust, have no small impact on the surrounding residents.

The reporters found that the current construction of the earthwork construction site from the nearest residential buildings is only 50 metres, due to daytime collection vehicles so the main city to project basically concentrated in the evening. The day when the site is relatively deserted, only two trucks at the site in turn ground earth. According to the reporter observed, this site is about the size of a football field, from the southwest and northwest corners of the two mounds have dustproof net cover, the rest is more exposed.

Nearby residents said, now more and more cold weather, the general window ventilation will choose in the sun for the day, if the site can in small quantities during the day more than some dust cloth, near the residential building tenants can also be more comfortable in window ventilation at.


Formal access cell

7 month 11 days, this newspaper reported the Chaoyang District Jiangnan landscape area and the electricity problems of Swan Bay area.

Reporters learned that the landscape of Jiangnan residential developers have electrical renovation project completed, is to carry out the approval and acceptance procedures to Chaoyang District power supply bureau. In addition the Swan Bay area development is expected to complete the electric connection work officially Chaoyang Yazhu before the end of August. Reporters learned that the current two district has access to formal power.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhang Qunchen, Chen Shengyu text and photo

Editor: TF015

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