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Jordan Chan Alec Su Helen of Troy mourning Jin Yong Hu Ge and many other artists farewell Heroes

2018-10-31 11:36 beijing evening news TF017

For decades, Jin Yong's novel of the martial arts drama with countless people grow up, also featuring many actors. The news of Jin Yong's death yesterday came after, many have played the role of Jin Yong in the drama actor document expresses a feeling of sorrow in micro-blog. In the 2003 version of the TV series "Tianlongbabu" plays Qiao Feng Hu Jun in the micro-blog post he and Zhang Jizhong, Huang Xiaoming, Li Yapeng in the house of Jin Yong for his 90 birthday rare photo. He said: "before leaving, the old man to send us to the elevator. At the door of the wave became a farewell...... The old man, you all the way."

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In 1995 the Hong Kong version of the TV series "Jin Yong" The legend of Condor Hero by many fans as a classic. Carman Lee played Helen of Troy issued a tribute: "suddenly received this news, feel at a loss...... Under his pen Helen of Troy gave me everything, we had never met, for he had a special feeling and respect, thank you for creating this role, and I also had the honor of the students played. Cha, a good way to go!" Drama plays Yang Guo Louis Koo also wrote that: "I as an actor, he has played under the pen of Yang Guo, this is my deeply honored. The heroes of the spirit forever in his works."

Once in a different version of TV series "the deer" played the role of Wei Xiaobao, Acor Jordan Chan, Cherrie Ying couple off to Jin Yong in the role of identity: "Andy to leave, take cha!" "Acor had sent!" It played A Zhu's actor Liu Tao wrote in the "eight guardians": "thank you under the pen of A Zhu, let me feel that regardless of personal danger be passionately devoted, lofty sentiments of the chivalrous, you write a legendary era, eternal master, bye bye."

The film President Cai Yinong recalls a story on micro-blog, in 2008 the mainland version of the TV series "the legend of the Condor Heroes" starring Hu Ge had the accident stopped filming, leading to copyright authorization expires, almost unable to re shoot. Cai Yinong said, when she flew to Hongkong to meet with Jin Yong, Jin Yong knew the whole story, immediately signed and sealed, to renew the copyright year for her, does not charge any additional fees. Cai Yinong sighed: "I held an agreement, two to encourage a piece of light, friendship is tens of millions of pounds. When you are in the most difficult, almost desperate times, heroes piaoranerzhi, 09, your faith!" Hu Ge also forwarded micro-blog said: "Mr. chivalrous not only in the book, in his life, Mr. gone, we are very reluctant, but I guess Mr. may say:" you look at the clouds, gathered and scattered, dispersed and poly life, clutch, or so. ""

In addition, Deng Chao, Yang Mi, Xun Zhou, to Yuan Hong, Zhao Lixin, Liuxiaolingtong, Alec Su, Xu Qing, Michelle Chen, Liu Shishi and many other artists have starred in the drama Jin Yong issued a document.

Hongkong chief executive Lin Zhengyuee expressed deep condolences on the death of Jin Yong. She said: "the investigation of knowledge, is a famous martial arts writer, his works inherited the traditional China blend of classical literature, history and culture, popular, popular Chinese around the world love, the more have been adapted for television dramas and movies, there is a great contribution to the cultural heritage of china." Wang Zhimin, director of the liaison office to the Jin Yong family condolences, praising his patriotic, do a lot of work very fruitful for promoting the "one country two systems" development, has made a significant contribution to the promotion of Chinese culture.


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