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Beijing City Management Committee: to strengthen the inspection and renovation waste issues into account

2018-10-31 11:14 beijing evening news TF008

The decoration garbage dumped exactly how to solve? The day before the report of policy of blank decoration waste resources, the city management committee said that to strengthen the decoration garbage and bulky waste inspection and found problems into account, and urge the district to carry out rectification.

Data figure decoration garbage Zhao Yingying photo

According to the existing policy, the implementation of the property management of residential areas, residential decoration garbage from the property is not unified; the implementation of property management by the local township government responsible for Street property; the region responsible for the management of garbage classification.

City Management Committee, in May 18th this year, the city management committee and the Municipal Construction Committee, municipal law enforcement bureau to carry out renovation waste standard management of special operations in the city, focused on cleaning up the residential area store decoration garbage. The next step, the city management committee to continue to strengthen the decoration garbage and bulky waste inspection and found problems into account, and urge the district to carry out rectification.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhao Yingying

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