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Beijing Jinhaihu town Zhangzuo village no garbage thrown clear roadside residents in front of firewood heap

2018-10-31 09:56 Beijing daily TF011

Days ago, who lives in Pinggu District Jinhaihu town Zhangzuo villagers Mr. Gao calls reflected with the beautiful countryside construction, other nearby village village has undergone great changes, getting more beautiful. But he is not satisfied, Zhangzuo village environment is not what happens, on both sides of the road, the village center of the small square garbage not clean up, every family in front of heaps wood and other debris, the village of a toilet dirty smelly; some villagers also secretly built a small house in front of the house.

Piles of garbage village square.

The village garbage huddle around

10 month 30 day, reporters drove hundreds of kilometers, to the Jingdong Pinggu District Jinhaihu town Zhangzuo village, the field to understand the local environmental conditions. It is understood that the Zhangzuo Village area of 8.93 square kilometers, 365 residents, is a typical hillside village. Reporters along the path of the village inspections, found the roadside litter, from time to time the villagers heaps of debris and garbage, and some garbage piled up in the abandoned pig circle, the smell can smell smell of the garbage from time to time. The villagers aunt Lee told reporters that the village a few years ago although also implemented garbage treatment, but is very simple, is to give each household made two small trash, placed in front of the door of garbage collection. "But you see, just two barrels, where work ah, do not put." She was pointing at the foot of cracking, broken two trash complained. The reporters found that many villagers in front of the garbage bin has indeed been dilapidated, the rubbish is thrown to the ground, not timely collect clear away.

Reporters along the village path to a central square, found that the environment here is bad health. Around the ground around a hexagonal pavilion leisure on the rubbish out flowing smelly water, garbage, waste paper, peel leftovers everything, the weather has been cold, but open the pile of garbage from time to time attracted flies flying. Are several villagers in the rest of the six Jiao Ting told reporters that the removal and cleaning basically no one to do the whole village daily garbage, often a few months can not see the garbage and debris to clean sanitation staff along the street. Engage in environmental sanitation and garbage are in need of money and manpower, the village is estimated to lack of money, gubuguolai." A villager told reporters that the reason why.

An interview with reporters that day, sunny autumn, fresh air, but around Zhangzuo village a few turns around, village inside and outside environmental health status is worrying. Streets and lanes, front and back corner, there is no clear all kinds of garbage, wild dogs and poultry in the garbage around, looking for something to eat.

The toilet is dirty shabby.

The villagers still burn wood gas

Reporters learned in the interview for the village Zhang, the village since last year, has implemented a clean energy transformation project, funded by the government for every family installed a natural gas pipeline, the introduction of clean energy, since then, the villagers have to burn firewood and charcoal for heating and cooking history, the village air quality is getting better and better. However, a phenomenon is that reporters confused, most of the villagers at home has been connected to the gas pipeline, is also stacked with piles of firewood, firewood, the whole village environment was very dirty. Reporters asked several informed the villagers learned that the original is that burn natural gas was too expensive, some villagers say that can not afford to burn, so it everywhere to pick up wood for a fire for cooking and heating. "Today, the annual gas prices are rising, we burn the winter months of natural gas, to spend thousands of dollars. I have no fixed income, simply can not afford to burn." The villagers Guo uncle told reporters. He said, around the village of kushuzhi wood all over the mountains and plains, mountains, collected on the day of the firewood, enough for a week, some villagers do not burn gas.

The reporter for the village of Nantou and the village in the very next to the vegetable, also found two shabby and dirty toilets, there is no dirty fast feet. According to the new rural construction of Beijing city environment standard, the toilet must be carried out in accordance with the transformation of the construction of public toilets standards compliance. The reporter asked several villagers, they say, their home is no toilet, can only make do with such a toilet.



Source: Beijing Daily reporter Sun Xiaojie

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