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Beijing district set up hundreds of billions of funds for private relief

2018-10-31 08:19 Beijing daily TF003

In order to fully support the development of private economy, the city district conscientiously implement the central and municipal government decision to deploy, Duocuobingju, by optimizing the business environment, improve the policy system, build communication platform, launch support program and other measures to support the steady and healthy development of private enterprises. West of the billions of funds for private listed companies to solve problems, Chaoyang integrated total size of 25 billion yuan of funds to support the development of enterprises, Haidian set up a professional platform to support the quality of listed companies.

 Beijing district set up hundreds of billions of funds for private relief

Reporter learned yesterday (October 30th), in accordance with the "government guidance and market operation, social participation principle, Xicheng District intends to initiate the establishment of Beijing new power quality enterprise development fund. The target fund size of 10 billion yuan, the first phase of the scale of 4 billion yuan, the two levels of government guide fund participation, actively introduce cooperative financial institutions and other social capital. The fund mainly invest in business entities, attention to good performance, a temporary liquidity crisis of the quality of private listed companies. Take stock, convertible bonds and other ways to provide financial support to alleviate the liquidity risk of listed companies, listed companies. The fund will be according to the actual operation of listed companies, design scientific and reasonable investment plan, does not seek a controlling stake, do not interfere with the normal operation of the enterprise activities, stage of ownership, once the enterprise to resolve the liquidity crisis after a timely exit. At the same time, formulate strict control mechanism, ensure the safety of funds, effective prevention of moral hazard.

At present, Xicheng District in accordance with the "one policy principle, has combed the area of key support standard of listed companies, and to carry out relevant preparatory work, the first to support the project has formed a specific program, the implementation is expected in the near future.

Chaoyang District is the integration of all fund resources to support the development of private enterprises, to support the financing of enterprises, improve the ability to open up the market, the total size of 25 billion yuan of funds, will focus on investment in accordance with the functional orientation of the capital and the future development direction of industry enterprises, strengthen the private enterprise of science and technology, the integration of cultural industry development support. Give full play to the leverage effect of financial capital, and guide social capital to enter, expand direct financing channels for enterprises. Including, in the face of current private listed companies pledge of the equity liquidity crisis, Chaoyang District intends to initiate the establishment of the Chaoyang District development fund to support the quality of listed companies, the first phase of the fund scale 20 billion yuan. In addition, to meet the capital function of the enterprise, Chaoyang District also actively support support. The innovation of science and technology, Zhongguancun Chaoyang Park to play the leading role, improve the scientific and technological achievements into the market system and service system, strengthen the original innovation, scientific and technological innovation of enterprises, especially the quasi quasi scale, sophisticated, quasi Unicorn support enterprises, the establishment of the total size of 10 billion yuan for science and technology innovation fund to guide, for the national key support the experimentation area construction and sophisticated industry development, promote the industrial scale, agglomeration and specialization, high-end development, the establishment of Chaoyang District cultural and creative industry development fund, for the construction of cultural and creative industries, complex facilities, cultural industry and the integration of science and technology development, broaden the direct financing channels for enterprises, focus on cultivating a number of cultural and technological integration, good market prospects, the comprehensive benefit is prominent, meet the capital function and the future direction of industrial development of the "unicorn" and listed companies.

In addition, in accordance with the "one policy" service principle, Chaoyang District will have the quality of listed companies is difficult to provide one on one service. On the private listed company Mopai Chaoyang District by way of entrust professional institutions, direct inquiries, and strengthen communication with the financial, securities and other departments, has combed the area of key support standard of listed companies, the ongoing negotiations due diligence and cooperation.

In the municipal government under the guidance of Haidian District formed a specific plan to support the development of the quality of listed companies to the market fund, from Haidian belonged to the 3 state-owned enterprises jointly initiated the establishment of "Dongxing securities, Dongxing state fund", and in the 9 month 5 days to complete the registration. The fund to support technological innovation, support the real economy, state-owned and private enterprises to work together for business purpose, adhere to the 5 principles of investment: one is a high-tech enterprise certification only supports the principles of the listed company; the two is not to get control of a listed company for the purpose of the agreement on the transfer of large transactions or access do not exceed the company's total share capital of 10% shares in circulation; the three is not intervene in the operation of enterprises; four is a single investment of more than 500 million yuan in principle, each of the listed companies only once; five is the shareholders of the listed company can repurchase equity transfer. The fund size of 10 billion yuan, a period of 4 billion, has been in place 2 billion.

In addition to supporting the development of high technology enterprise investment platform, the next step, Haidian District will be combined with banks, securities companies, investment institutions, guarantee agencies and other financial institutions and relevant industry associations, the establishment of Haidian District to support the development of listed companies joint meeting of the working mechanism, in accordance with the "+" self-help and mutual aid hemostatic + blood in the work of thinking, study and formulate more support for the development of high technology enterprise policy measures.

Reporter Wang Haiyan correspondent Zhang Haitao Jiang Lijun in Lishuang

Source: Beijing daily

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