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Jin Yong died in a dream: with rivers and lakes to relive the classic salute Heroes (Photos)

2018-10-31 08:01 Beijing daily TF008

In October 30, 2018, "I said with a smile that has been dead more than 20 back to Mr. Jin Yong, this is really gone.

He came out to the arena.

He turned, the repercussions of rivers and lakes.

With a wild dream, revisit the classic, salute heroes.

A generation of martial arts master Cha Liangyong (pseudonym Jin Yong) 30, died in Hongkong in the afternoon, at the age of 94. The news came in the network world, shock and mourning and remembrance instantly become the main. Many people don't even believe it, because he died news as early as a few years ago continue to spread, but unfortunately, this time it is really. With the death of Jin Yong, also means the end to humanity as the core of the martial arts novel era.

How many people watched his work grew up...  

"The Sword Of Many Lovers"

"The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain"

"A Deadly Secret"

"Eight guardians"

"Legend of the Condor Heroes"

"White horse squeals in the wind"

"The deer"

"The Legendary Swordsman"

"Pretty cool."

"The legend of Condor Hero"


"The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber"


"Yuanyang sword"

"The female sword"

White Deer

Monday god man leaning Bi Yuan

His great success

Now the stars fall

Journalist Cha Liangyong

Jin Yong, whose real name is Cha Liangyong

Born in 1924 in Zhejiang of Haining

He was born mingmenshijia

May be a lawyer

A judge or diplomat

However, the situation of chaos

He was destined to pick up the pen

With a body of chivalry

To record the times

He began his life newspaper

The "Heroes" of Jin Yong

While carrying us countless young people

In several generations of memories

He is for us to create another one

The martial arts arena sloppily, ready to do boldly what is righteous


Northwest gas cold person sword, sound full southeast several flute

Since the 1955 pen pen

Last year to 1972

He used 17 years

The 15 works known to every family

Department of classics

With passion and tenderness,

A collision between history and chivalry,

Because he made a world of martial arts pen,

We have a common wild dream".


The novel

To write novels by accident, but the Ministry became a myth

Jin Yong was born in March 10, 1924 in Zhejiang province Haining County town of Hua Yuan, once the creation of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" "The legend of Condor Hero" "eight guardians" of "The Legendary Swordsman" "Luding Ji" and other household novels. In addition to the novelist identity, he was news scientists, entrepreneurs, political commentator, activist, was hailed as "one of the four Hongkong wit.


Jin Yong began martial arts novels, from a very accidental opportunity. 1955, "Ta Kung Pao" the next evening there is a martial arts novel written very successful young people, Jin Yong and colleagues, he called Liang Yusheng. The year of Liang Yusheng's novels is coming to an end, and his writing to the tired period, then, editor in chief of newspaper inviting, Jin Yong took the best martial arts novels.

Although had never written a novel, but by virtue of his understanding and love of the martial arts novels, Jin Yong agreed to take Liang Yusheng's task. He gave his name to the Yong word apart, do a pseudonym, "the sword" is his first martial arts works, works of fame. Subsequently, Jin Yong again within a few years the creation of "sword" "The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain" and "the legend of the Condor Heroes" and other works, popular for a time in Hong kong. More than ten years, he wrote 15 novels, and the Ministry has a new breakthrough, leave can not copy the myth. In 1972, Jin Yong announced last, after his previous works began to revision.

The 1983 edition of "the legend of the Condor Heroes"

In early 80s, a Guangzhou magazine began serialization "Legend of the Condor Heroes", Jin Yong's martial arts novels officially entered the mainland. Today, the work of the two sides of the three has been adapted into a TV drama, has become a symbol for people with growth. Until today, the search of his books on the Internet, there are still at least hundreds of different versions in the sale of books. The old version of the works of Jin Yong, in the old market has been fried to a thousand dollars.

He constructed with humanity as the kernel of martial arts novels

Come, go, hate not to meet

Love hate rush, rush, all with the wind

A sound of laughter, with a sigh, happy life, sad life

Who and I die

The sword - "dream"

Peking University professor Chen Pingyuan Chinese (author of "ancient literati Knight dream") had heard Jin Yong lecture, also met Jin Yong at the scene. He recalled that more than once to see such a warm scene, readers are asked to sign, Jin Yong is always very complex, and asked what her name, along two handwritten language or pun encouraged. What impressed Chen Pingyuan, so Jin Yong in the state of fatigue, always keep a smile.

Chen Pingyuan appears in Jin Yong's novels is beyond elegance, martial arts is the quintessence of "man is the soul, Wu is the body", Jin Yong's works are touching, lasting mental shock, he is in the martial arts show, writing of human history, and that those in human history, literary classics, guardian the constant value, which is the spirit of a classic.

In 1983 the "Legend of the Condor Heroes"

The literary critic Bai Ye believes that Jin Yong in the martial arts writing, built in this era can reach the height of his departure, the end is that he represents the martial arts novel era. Bai Ye said, Jin Yong gave us an important cultural wealth to humanity as the kernel of the martial arts novels, now many martial arts novels can only see the physical strength, force, nature and mystery, not Jin Yong writes rich, he did not write so touching, Jin Yong did not leave the unforgettable images.

The Chinese literary critic association network literature committee that the Secretary General Zhuang Yong, before Jin Yong, "man" is called "Ranger" "Cavalier", pay attention to these lakes sloppily, "man" is the current revolution system destruction and subversion, and Jin Yong the "Heroes" as the "man of the road, for the people", "man" from the destroyer to builders, solve the problem of "Tao".

For Jin Yong's death, Jin Yong expert Chen Mo said, he has been in a state of shock, "he put an ancient genre to write a sit up and take notice degree, become a public topic for a long time, and enter the academic circle are discussed, which in itself is very great." Chen Mo believes that the stories is the literature foundation, and Jin Yong tell the story of the foundation may far beyond our cognition for popular literature. "30 years ago, I read Chinese Department of the University of reading Jin Yong's novels, but read the Chinese department person is generally not possible to read popular literature, Jin Yong apparently broke the barriers of elegance." In Chen seems, people talk about popular literature will be considered to be self replicating, but Jin Yong's novels is not copy others, do not copy themselves, he is always in self breakthrough, self perfection.

In 1997 the "eight guardians"

Jin Yong's novels also influenced generations of Internet writers. Zhuang Yong specifically mentioned, his name is for the worship of Jin Yong, and deliberately changed in the university. "Jin Yong's concept, creation, deeply influenced generations of network literature writers, like the God level network writer tricky" swordsman ", is the soul in the penetration of martial arts." Zhuang Yong believes that Jin Yong is the traditional literature and network literature landmark bridge. The network writers, energy-saving network editor Dong Jiangbo said that Jin Yong's death, represent the enmity of Wu River, completely away from us.


The TV series

Jin Yong's novels frequently on the screen, a classic remake of ten years

A biography in ancient times

Life is water mountain high

Justice does not fall

The world hero


- "The Legendary Swordsman"

"A Durian, a smile. Pass a total life in ancient times, water mountain high." For many 80, premiered on 2001 in the CCTV version of "The Legendary Swordsman" produced voluminous works in Jin Yong's literary world, play by Li Yapeng, played by Xu Qing Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying, everyone thought is, Shenxianjuanlv like lakes ranger. From the beginning of the last century in 90s, Jin Yong's novels as an important source of adaptation, has been in Hong Kong and mainland TV series creators has rescreens. Only "swordsman" works, it has had in 1985 1996, Taiwan ancient edition version of the TVB, Taiwan in 2000, 2001 the Zhang Jizhong Richie Ren version of the CCTV version, in 2013 and 2017 net genuine drama version.

Barely ten years a remake, especially in recent years, a remake of the frequency further improve, confirms the direct conversion of film and television works of Jin Yong high. Just from last year Mr Jin Yong got the "copyright eight guardians" movie and TV drama "A Deadly Secret" copyright fan Xin man, learned that Jin Yong died in the news, in the company and the team to negotiate "A Deadly Secret" adaptation. Once as a director of Zhang Jizhong's wife, in the CCTV version of "The Legendary Swordsman" and "the legend of the Condor Heroes" creative team, fan Xin man always is the core of creative. As Jin Yong Zhejiang fellow, fan Xin man recalled in 1997 on CCTV, or Ma suggested that she shot the works of Jin Yong, and in 1998 I met Jin Yong, the cooperation between the two sides is also very smooth, Jin Yong only charge a dollar royalties to "swordsman" copyright license to the affiliated CCTV TV production center in china.

"Mr. Jin Yong is a character of the people of Zhejiang, so there are so many years of Jin Yong drama remake, he's not satisfied with some of the works, will not be authorized second times." Fan Xin man recalls, as a literary figure, Mr. Jin Yong will not directly intervene in the remake of the novel creation, but the creation of characters will have certain requirements, will choose to locaion. Fan Xin man believes that when the CCTV drama remake version of Jin Yong was able to become the hearts of everyone's classic, the key lies in the creation team a great respect for the original attitude, "every play will make some adjustments, but we do not damage the transformation."

"A Deadly Secret" screenwriter Wang Hailin also said that Mr. Jin Yong is a great novelist, although he stopped 30 years ago the creation of characters, model and structure model but his works as the classical literature provides, in fact has been as a "copy" in today's story of creation. "We are in today's Spy Drama, emotional drama and war drama, can see the story of Jin Yong's literary routines such as Guo Jing, the one and only person, then there is XuSanDuo and similar to him. Jin Yong's martial arts story plot but also appeared in the "Legend of Sword and Fairy" "spend thousands of bone", including today's network literature is also used a martial arts story. "

As of 2017 the net drama version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" director, Guo Jingyu as early as 2001, CCTV version of "Zhang Jizhong and Jin Yong" The Legendary Swordsman set soon, he recalls and Jin Yong have spoken directly to the old man, pay attention to the film adaptation of impressive. Guo Jingyu's adaptation of "the Eagle Shooting Heroes" last year, up to 7.9 points score, in recent years become the audience the best reputation of Jin Yong drama, and Guo Jingyu said, in fact the core secret is to respect the original.


2001 "The Legendary Swordsman"

1998 "the deer"

The "golden master is walking, but the work is still in the world." Guo Jingyu said, as the classic literary works, Jin Yong's novels have undergone the test of time, if the subsequent writers can not go beyond Jin Yong in the narrative and character, in fact, do not have to do a lot of changes, "completely modified than not, Jin Yong left the works is an important aspect of the banner of Chinese culture going out, Chinese film go out, hope to have a better future counterparts will be interpreted, can have the whole world can understand the new martial arts drama."

The movie
Jin Yong's remake of the film is the "eternal challenge"

There are Chinese, there are Jin Yong's novels, the film company has production capacity to shoot it. The novels of Jin Yong Books are numerous., regardless of the content of the story or cultural implication, are very difficult to hold down in a movie, and imaginative novels into figurative film is also difficult to meet all the audience's imagination.

Laughter sea

The surging tide of cross-strait

The waves recorded at the present

The heavens laugh

Have the world tide

Who is to win and lose awareness day

- "a laughter"

1992 "2:" Invincible Eastern The Legendary Swordsman

" Jin Yong works on the film is eternal temptation, is also an eternal challenge. He provides a very rich material adaptation, but so far, there is no a movie adaptation to novel art." Study on martial arts novels Chen Mo said.

In 1958, by the Hongkong Emei film company to film "the legend of the Condor Heroes" was released, the film directed by Hu Peng, Cao Dahua, Li Qing, Rong Xiaoyi, Mei Yee and other stars, this is the first time the works of Jin Yong to the big screen. Since then, Jin Yong has become the works of several generations of Hongkong filmmakers creative material treasure.

In 70s and 80s, the Hongkong Shaw company filmed the more than 20 Jin Yong movie, the movie while framing the relatively simple, but more faithful to the original. By the late 90s, Tsui Hark opened the new wave of martial arts is a bold adaptation of Jin Yong's works, such as "The Legendary Swordsman" "The Legendary Swordsman of Invincible Eastern". In addition, Wong Kar Wai's "ashes of time", Jing Wong's "the deer" is a well-known film adaptation of Jin Yong's works.

1994 "ashes of time"

" Strictly speaking, these films really Jin Yong fans may not pay, because they are more like independent" Tsui Hark film "Wong Kar Wai works". "Chen Mo said, after Xu Anhua's version of" sword ", with the original relatively close," but the novel itself is not Jin Yong's best work, influence it co.."

Had been the creation of "New Dragon Inn" and "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate" movie script writer He Jiping said, she and Jin Yong were the first to join China Writers Association members of Hongkong, when the whole of Hongkong only five or six people into the house China writers association. He likes watching Beijing opera, often go to see Hongkong opera star Deng Wanxia's performance, we will see little head, hand in hand, he is not a very sociable person. "

In the view of He Jiping, Jin Yong should be the first chair of the martial arts writer, his works have been translated into various languages, not only for Chinese, all over the world are greatly affected. Hongkong film, he also gave a lot of inspiration, screenwriter director. "I'm from his works, draw a lot of good writing method. His novels are good at writing characters, Hongkong and the former martial arts films is not very prominent figures, so I in the creation of the "New Dragon Inn" script written many distinctive characters in it, such as Maggie Cheung's, Brigitte Lin's Jinxiangyu Qiu Mo Yan. Jin Yong's stories are particularly tortuous, there will be a lot of China classical literature, many traditional allusions and other cultural content, which is relatively rare in previous novels."

Hongkong filmmakers Wu Siyuan recalled that during his tenure as chairman of the Hongkong Film Awards, one year has invited Jin Yong awards for Best Screenplay award, the old man agreed. The ceremony that evening, Jin Yong played before his introduction is " as long as there are Chinese people, there is a reader of Jin Yong ". The prize, Jin Yong talked a lot about the importance of the script is. Wu Siyuan said that a year ago he began preparations for the "Jin Yong anecdote" a book published, there are a lot of valuable information and pictures of Jin Yong's book, is expected to soon publish.

In fact, Jin Yong's contributions to the Chinese cultural circle already completed, his death is the end of. But when he was alive, we all think he is still, now only works." Chen Mo said. However, the significance of Jin Yong may not yet to the final conclusion of times, just as Chen Mo said: " read or not read, the evaluation of high or not high, like it or not, are normal. " in his view, the controversy itself can also be active in our cultural spirit, this special cultural phenomenon worth for a long time study.

We meet arena again when take a friendly drink


This year,

In addition to the dean of the martial arts novels,

Give away too many people......

Accompanied by a generation of childhood national host,

A mouth, is the arena storytelling performance artist,

Butterfly to violinist......


2018, they are all gone......

Li Yong: the hair, throwing hand card national host
In October 25, 2018, the host Li Yong died of cancer at the age of 50.

Shi Shengjie: Ten Star people
21:43 on September 28th, the famous performing artist Shi Shengjie illness is invalid, died in Harbin at the age of 66.

Zang Tianshuo: "friends", all the way!
On September 28th, singer Zang Tianshuo at 4:56 in the morning of lung cancer died in Beijing at the age of 54.

Bbu Jin Bayar: "auspicious Sambo" Lost Treasure
In September 19th, the Mongolian musician Bbu Jin Bayar died due to sudden myocardial infarction, only 58 years old.

Zhu Xu: "the best father" is gone
On September 15th at 2:20 in the morning, Beijing people's art of the famous artist Zhu Xu died in Beijing at the age of 88.

Dan Tianfang: "he is a mouth, rivers and lakes"
9 11, the famous storytelling performance artist Dan Tianfang has died at the age of 84 years in China-Japan Friendship Hospital.

Sheng Zhongguo: "the butterfly lovers butterfly to play.
In September 7th, the famous violinist Sheng Zhongguo suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 77.

Chang Baohua: do not do, "the vines" Waner
9 7, the famous comic performance artist Chang Baohua 88 who died in beijing.

Ji Chunhua: villain specialist
In July 11th, Ji Chunhua died of illness at the age of 57.

Li Ao: "I don't envy the young, I only admire myself last year or the first half of me."
In March 18th, Li Ao died at the age of 83.

Also, he, she, they......

In March 14th, Stephen Hocking died of illness at the age of 76.

In August 15th, "Chibi Maruko" original author cherry died of breast cancer at the age of 53.

In August 18th, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan died at the age of 80.

Deep memory,
Leave the people.
Remind yourself,
Cherish the moment.


Source: Beijing daily comprehensive art Zhan, CCTV news, Xinhua news agency, global network etc.

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