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Beijing golden Fair opened in November 1st! These bright spots ahead of secret

2018-10-30 22:58 Beijing daily TF011

11 month 1 days, Beijing will usher in a financial industry event! Reporters recently learned that the "financial opening, financial reform, financial innovation" as the theme of the 2018 th Beijing International Finance Expo, will be opened in the Beijing Exhibition Center on 11 June 1 to 4 day.

Were waiting for the gold Expo audience arrival

According to reports, the gold Expo exhibition area of 23000 square meters, booth number more than 900, a total of "national strategy for financial services exhibition", "financial support for the real economy" exhibition, "Small and micro businesses financial services exhibition," the capital of financial reform and innovation "," Financial Science and technology exhibition exhibition experience "," the future of the financial and financial wisdom "exhibition," listed company "exhibition," blockchain exhibition, "financial center city" exhibition 10 theme exhibition.

Banks, funds, securities, insurance and other financial institutions in more than 150 gathered together, will showcase the latest achievements of financial risk prevention and control, the wisdom of financial services, inclusive financial innovation of financial industry for the audience. The characteristics of small and micro finance, finance, technology finance, regional financial Huimin Industrial Park, finance, intellectual property financing business institutions will also be collective debut exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition, industrial and commercial bank, Agricultural Bank and other financial institutions will showcase the achievements of innovation and development of the financial industry has made in the prevention and control of financial risks, deepen financial reform, service national strategy etc.;

In the service of the real economy, the postal savings bank, Beijing rural commercial bank to support Inclusive Finance, Small and micro businesses financing, financing, poverty alleviation aspects of innovative achievements as exhibition focus;

In the financial field of science and technology, construction bank, Bank of Beijing, Bank of Zhongguancun will show the intelligent robot, wind control, biological recognition and other innovative technology service demonstration.

In previous years, the gold of the Expo site

In recent years, the capital financial industry in deepening reform, the initiative to undertake the reform of national financial tasks, firmly hold the bottom line of systemic financial risk does not occur, spare no effort, not the capital of financial institutions.

Beijing, the capital of Financial Street financial center, Beijing new financial industry gathering area, Beijing Town, Beijing Internet financial fund safety demonstration Industrial Park, the Bank of Beijing insurance industry park will debut exhibition, Beijing financial assets exchange, Beijing equity exchange will also show the first multi level capital market construction and development are the results.

The users are more concerned about aspects of Inclusive Finance, the gold Expo, intelligent investment consulting, convenient payment, Internet insurance, online financial manager network convenient financial services and education, tourism, immigration, overseas insurance and other cross-border financial services and other projects will show zaduier. In order to better serve the public to participate in the exhibition, hundreds of financial institutions will be in the gold Expo site to carry out hundreds of financial seminars, and people experience, investors and other convenience consulting activities.

It is understood that the Beijing fair was founded in 2005, has been held 13 times, is the largest and most influential, the highest degree of internationalization of financial fair, known as the "Chinese barometer of financial innovation".



Source: Beijing Daily reporter Pan Fuda client

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