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Japanese director Shunji Iwai Hu Ge praised the questions with "burst" acting

2018-10-30 18:58 beijing evening news TF011

Last night, the famous Japanese director Shunji Iwai appeared to know "we talk about" salt salon activities at the scene, and the audience face-to-face about sharing his "life and miss" treasure the memory, and discusses the emergence of "missed" the understanding of life. In the end, Hu Ge suddenly sent questions to Shunji Iwai himself in November 9th the upcoming film "Hello, China" in the show, Uhmi Junji praised Hu Ge's acting is "burst".

In the event, with Shunji Iwai as his cinematic tone about his boyhood love of comics, and illustrates their understanding of "miss". This miss appears not only in his life experience, he also appeared in the process of creation. "I haven't experienced it can be reconciled, and then want to go to the creation of such a thing, may I have such an obsession."

In addition, about Shunji Iwai's writing style, he thinks he does not have a clear awareness, for him, writing more from inside, he said: "in fact, my heart has been to create more and more to depict the world or the feeling that I have such a desire."

He also confessed to the audience chatted about their actresses. For him, Xun Zhou is together with his "Hello," the Chinese movie partner. With Xun Zhou because of the language, at the scene did not have a chance to talk a lot. But it is unbelievable, Xun Zhou can be very accurate to play he want to feel. Yu Aoi impressed him is just when filming Yu Aoi is the junior middle school students, to do a lot of interpretation and Yu Aoi, but Aoi Yuto said "do not understand". He will put a small radio in her pocket at that moment, a shooting and she said "look up, look left". When two years after the shoot of the flowers "and Alice", he is happy to see what Yu Aoi will, also grew up.

The event also has an interesting egg, Hu Ge sent to ask Shunji Iwai himself in the November 9th film "Hello, China" in the show, Shunji Iwai very frankly said that Hu Ge's speech is a mystery like the poor man, but his acting is really crack type performance. "The photographer when filming his very close distance, can see Hu Ge face a variety of subtle expressions in the lens, very good."



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Intern Hu Decheng

Editor: TF011

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