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The fox friends national contest 20 into the 10 campus Belle Halloween night Beijing UPS

2018-10-30 17:21 network TF017

The afternoon of October 31st, "the third friends fox campus Belle contest final will start in Beijing. After 4 months, the more than 200 national key universities screening, interview, several rounds of selection, from the 20 strong School District 7 contest selection talent shows itself a flowering season, will accept the judge Zhang Zhaoyang, Cao Yunjin, Hong Tao, Dai Jun, Su Qing and other judges last pass strict examination tomorrow to decide the ten fox friends of the national campus belle.

And the final winner of the "Fox friends of the national campus Belle", not only have the opportunity to sign the Sohu, Sohu starred in video homemade drama, the election process will be made into a variety show broadcast in the media, multi platform. Most of the attention and support of fans of the players, will also enjoy the whole network of millions of Sohu exclusive exposure, "occupied" the opportunity to boot screen.

Quick to guess, look at the following "she" who has the best chance?

Friends of the national top 20 fox campus Belle contest:


The charming girl from Hebei Bazhou, but she claimed that her smile skills is "seriously funny", introduced himself as "big eyes more funny funny than". Self lovely girl, coming in tomorrow on his stage.

Joe Huang

Learning administrative smile girl, she can not bear any typical Virgo is not perfect, singing, charming stage full appeal, hoping to see her in the finals to break the normal procedure, the stage shine their beauty!

Often Xiyue

In college campus in the new age, well-known film and Television University study at Beijing Film Academy, studying cinematography and production skills of all her full point, violin, singing and dancing, all have photography skills, coupled with the hole full of beautiful, be endowed with both beauty and talent.

Zhang Dingding

She is from the Beijing Film Academy professional players, professional background of her television show, is a member of women's new strength 21 percentage, dancing, swimming and tennis are her good heart, is to see how the body not to wipe the star potential.


Is from the same group FN 21 percentage of players, is also Acting professional Cobain girl. Graduated from the Communication University of China College of Jiayi, safe movement, not only will the zither, basketball, dance can also play imposingly.


Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama 2012 performances undergraduate, China mainland actress. Starred in many film and television dramas she turned up, afraid of risk, starring chance to play, the way to the finals stage, the Shanxi girl is ready to.

Xiao Lin Liu

From Shandong Qingdao Liu Xiaolin is at the Beijing Dance Academy, Chinese professional classical dance girl, soft appearance, actually is a matter of the heart. In addition to dance, singing is her a juehuoer, the campus Belle cold heat and high cold and funny than.


Miss world 2017 Beijing division champion, champion of individual talent; China Miss talent, single race, Topmodel singles top ten most beautiful woman ten; 2017 Sohu; with the Sohu to participate in the Milan Fashion Week show. This is the wonderful experience in domestic campus Belle, enrolled in professional law at the same time she also self-study courses related to fashion management, amateur part-time model, artists work, good at English and Japanese oral expression.


From Sichuan Chengdu chuanmeizi, is also a school drama television show students, she was 19 years old, singing and dancing are proficient in. The motto is "face life, please yourself" her, the girl is fully deserve the Sichuan Conservatory Of Music campus belle.


The same is the Chengdu plain, shy look forward to "I hope you will love me, dance specialized Mao Lin, also in the University School of dance, she is tall, the play is also very full, on the stage of her radiant bloom charm.


A student enrolled in acting Cobain, the film and Television Institute of Sichuan, long Tang Han classical dance, magic. She loves acting, served as the movie "meet you meet your" female number two, has appeared in "3", "former Raiders in love" and other films, as well as in many advertising photography. Want to walk the road performing her, will become the final winner?


The people of Sichuan in the top half of the sky, a radio host Master, up to 178 her eloquence, singing well, can be said to sing, can play more strong yen value, also secretly determined the connotation of his savings on the stage, she will become the focus of attention.


The girl is not, trill fans near 200W, a well-known Chengdu area campus belle. Graduated from Sichuan normal college Betty, broadcasting her basic skills, editing, row, play, everything, except by popular short video, she is expected to be in the limelight on the big stage fox friends on campus belle.


Long hair, short hair and sometimes sexy, cute style she switched freely, if one sentence of his own personality, Cui to say the name "Cui Xinyue, you don't listen to what others say, you slowly." The appearance of the heart is full, sweet, adorable contrast strength deduction. Since "the greatest achievement is to overcome the fear inside the new stage, the next breakthrough to present the wind, let you play better."


Advertising professional in Soochow University Phoenix college her hobby is very extensive, love acting, music, animation, delicacy, reading, travel. She is a lot like animation cos, Hanfu works, good character, careful steadfast. Really can circle powder campus belle.


Love show, did she have tens of thousands of fans of the anchor. English conversation ability good international campus Belle player. The fox friends came to campus Belle stage, although she is trying, but have to go very far. Courtesy, enthusiasm, hope that the good luck girl with a good performance in the finals.


To learn the Chinese language and literature of the classical girl, think of the distance and the dream. Love singing, house dance she has unique gentle and graceful southern girl. Hearty personality self-confidence is full of positive energy, both her fresh and lovely, but also her charm out of the ordinary.


This girl just graduated from school, engineering management, and some do not take her, but 179cm has his own stubborn. Has always insisted on singing and dancing and playing the violin she had been expecting to go out the same way. This stage is her desire, she will interpret a vivid beauty of youth.


Tall, very fond of Kickboxing she was known as the "replica sweet crit Guan Xiaotong", a ring full of strength, more impressive. According to Cai Rui said, his special love football, participate in the contest or the value of Sohu main campus Belle platform, as Acting students, love to challenge all kinds of different roles, there is no fixed location. "Want to try one played many roles, before all the boys play, want to break from the perspective of girls. Don't want to be a vase, want to become strength."


"An optimistic and cheerful girl, easy-going, love performing various roles and are willing to try hard." Study of film and television show her so introduce yourself. Although the face is beautiful, the work is also more responsibility and team consciousness, when work very seriously, the hope can make the greatest efforts to shape the role. In this stage, waiting for her performance.

Who can get the fox friends in honor of national campus Belle "Halloween night, Sohu homemade drama starred opportunity? 16:30 on October 31st contest started on time, come to Fox Pick friends of them!

The same day, you can also watch the game in the video broadcast platform, Sohu sails high-definition broadcast at the same time, the site will be invited to the Red Net popularity of anchors, in the backstage and fans together to play Call campus belle.


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