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"Mars is committed to the development of novel" IP "quality first" Chinese IP Hou Xiaoqiang said

2018-10-31 08:04 beijing evening news TF019

The novel network platform "IP push domestic senior Hou Xiaoqiang founder of the Mars novels" published the 60 "core IP" list, open to the film and television companies.

Grow up

Hou Xiaoqiang served as deputy chief editor of sina, Shanda literature CEO, known as "the first person to Chinese IP". Last year, he launched the network novel platform "Mars novels", and is committed to the development of the IP network. The Mars novels has created "the three days of the publication of a book, seven days sales of a movie copyright" Mars speed, a lot of judgment about IP in Hou Xiaoqiang industry has a wide influence. Hou Xiaoqiang, the new changes in the network literature and the film and television industry since the beginning of this year, from the explosion of the relationship with IP, and the relationship with IP, the novel and the relationship between the IP three point of view, explains his deep understanding of IP and to control, he said, "IP is the essence of potential energy. It combines the new user, and each user based super people bring cross-border. So when IP, we only choose two kinds, one kind is special, one is proved particularly effective, and IP is not a high price, but the price high."

How to generate IP explosion models? Hou Xiaoqiang lists a formula: "explosion = + + classic set super broad-spectrum emotional narration and aesthetic iteration". He believes that one can be widely accepted in the market of IP novels, it conveys the mood should have common feelings and let people feel at the same time, the reader must have an identification of the character set, the image of the unique, distinctive personality. He is also the Hollywood blockbuster model of plot emphasizes the classic narrative role, but he believes that the public's aesthetic is with the escalation of the development of the times, and this trend is irreversible, good IP should pay attention to the iteration of the public aesthetic, make public aesthetic works.

The value of IP in the film market still can not be underestimated, since this year the film market performance, as of the end of August, the drama play ranked 30 with 67% IP adaptation. The film in the top 30 of 14, accounting for about 47%. IP network literature is still an important source of television drama. For a period of time in the opinion of the film industry's bad mouthing the sound, Hou Xiaoqiang believes that we must believe that the film market, this is a growing market, more volatile, the more I believe.

"Mars novels" App officially split into two parts, namely the positioning platform for women's fiction "Mars women" of App and positioning for the palm a thing "Mars strange novels" App, more targeted services in different Gender and different reading interest of readers. The two platform includes many influential writers of network literature, such as Bai Jiwan, caneduckweed, oblique shadow Qing, Su Yi, Shi dingrou Ningxiang, Cui Zouzhao, sheep, Li Yifan, Yufeng Building for centralized master etc.. "Mars" novels published including caneduckweed "thousand", after full dress eyebrow "Timecop", "Ling nine", the "white itinerant doctor give you the night Star" and 60 "IP" list, open cooperation to film and television companies, in the "third international new media film week IP 100, the more than 60 works more than 20 selected Asian new media film 100.


(original title: "Mars novels" development of high quality IP)

Source: Beijing Evening News

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