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"Five social insurance and one housing fund" will build "blacklist" system, these acts will be punished

2018-10-30 16:26 TF010

"Five social insurance and one housing fund" the importance is self-evident, recently, the "five social insurance and one housing fund" will usher in a major change, to establish "blacklist" system.

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Later, these actions will be included in the "black list", by the joint discipline, sitting high iron, by plane, the civil service exam may be restricted.

First look at the social security blacklist "

The "Interim Measures of social insurance field serious dishonesty blacklist management department before the date (Draft)", to seek the views of the public, the deadline for feedback on 29 August 10.

According to the draft provisions of article fifth, the following 6 kinds of situations to be included in the "blacklist" of social security

In new network reporter Li Jinlei mapping

Included in the social security "blacklist" will be what kind of punishment?

Social insurance agencies at all levels shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the social security "blacklist" information into local and national credit information sharing platform.

By the relevant departments within the scope of their respective duties according to the provisions in the "memorandum", government procurement, transportation, bidding, production license, qualification review, financing, market access, preferential tax, Pingyoupingxian aspects limit.

The social security "blacklist" punishment period how long?

The social security "blacklist" to implement dynamic management, into the Joint Disciplinary period is generally not more than 5.

Look at the housing provident fund "blacklist"

The Ministry of Housing recently drafted the "urban and rural housing construction area of breaking the Joint Disciplinary Interim Measures for object list management (Internet draft)", the October 19th deadline for feedback.

In the housing provident fund, the following 6 situations will be included in the "black list" -

In new network reporter Li Jinlei mapping

What will be limited?

The competent department of urban and rural housing construction at or above the county level should be the focus of concern, has been included in the list of dishonest Joint Disciplinary object list of credit entities included in the key regulatory object, and the limitation on administrative licensing, bidding, preferential policy etc..

The "black list" for how long?

The list of objects and breaking the Joint Disciplinary focus on the implementation of dynamic management and calculation is valid from the date of publication, generally for 1 years.

Thus, for individuals, the insured, insurance fraud, false illegal extraction of housing provident fund, housing provident fund loans overdue, will pay a higher price!

For the enterprise, then, do not give employees pay five social insurance and one housing fund "will cost more!

In real life, some enterprises in order to reduce costs, not to pay five social insurance and one housing fund employees, and if the unit is not to pay, and refused to rectification, will be included in the "black list", a series of Joint Disciplinary waiting for it.

The world social security research center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zhang Yinghua China executive:

This "blacklist" mechanism has the deterrent effect, let offenders pay the cost of credit, which is the effective protection mechanism of the fair.

The employer should recognize the insured on time full payment is guaranteed to protect the interests of workers, is the enterprise social responsibility. At the same time, the government should also make tax cuts down the negative, so that law-abiding enterprises for the survival and development of the good environment.




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