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Xicheng District Culture Museum second rhyme Spring Beijing opera opera "the three row of the original club opening celebration Park legend"

2018-10-30 14:08 beijing evening news TF003

In October Beijing is the most beautiful day is a memorable day, the original opera "three Qing Yuan legend" will open row in October 29, 2018!!! This is our library combined with the requirements of the development of cultural undertakings in Xicheng District planning, "one city three with two nuclear area" as the center, to the heritage of Chinese traditional culture features, and original works launched. The story in the background of development of three Qing Yuan ", through the opera art form, the story will be reasonable arrangement and creation of the real character with virtual characters, highlighting the sense of justice, loyalty and righteousness, the spirit of pear. The whole drama of folk songs, discussion, repeatedly discuss 5 drafts from the beginning of the year, it is not easy. Confirmed by the structure of "+ opera interpretation + open space deduction" to perfect present. The aim is to understand the traditional opera culture, promote the development of Peking Opera, tell a good story China.

The west is the birthplace of Peking Opera, Peking Opera is the milepost four huiban formation, since the emblem of Jin Jing, Peking Opera has been fully inclusive and equitable, with unique artistic form, the lips of good intentions of beauty, has gradually become the favorite of the masses art activities. West City as the birthplace of Peking Opera, music drama source are richly endowed by nature resources and opera opera culture atmosphere. Not only have a high level of professional troupes, and there are many opera box office and fancier, support and love them, the Peking Opera Development in the west of this land on rooting.

Original opera "three Qing Yuan legend" by Xicheng District Culture Museum second rhyme Spring Beijing Opera Club creation, drama club was founded in 2013, mainly from various professional troupes retirees and working in personnel specialized organizations, has won the Beijing Beijing Kunming Association awarded the "outstanding drama" certificate of honor, has participated in CCTV "mid Autumn Festival" and other activities. Club long active in Beijing city and various regions of the country, has been widespread concern in society, has certain social influence. The reason of choosing this theme is the embodiment of our library over the years to create "Beijing Dance Beijing Beijing Beijing Opera songs story" brand culture. In the pure beijingstyle Beijing accent and strong artistic style, show the unique charm of Peking Opera, in three Qing Yuan deduction three Qing Yuan legend, is a coincidence but also the wisdom of our library, and strive to "three Qing Yuan legend" made into a "live pass" repertoire, spread the traditional culture, promote the quintessence of art plays an important role in the.

This will overcome the difficulties, in November for the entire force of joint efforts, ningxinjuli was rehearsing at the end of December looking wildly beating gongs and drums, "three Legends" successful premiere celebration park. The general secretary Xi Jinping put forward "the spirit of the instructions to create the history and culture of Beijing gold meditation name card" air plant.

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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