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The market rumors that the five "national team fund" liquidation: no reduction increases will increase

2018-10-30 14:20 beijing evening news TF017

According to the "Five" national team has fund liquidation of the market rumors, yesterday, the Commission spokesman said that the relevant reports are distorted, the fact is not only relevant institutions held stock holdings, but increased.

Data for photo: Zhang Yujun

Yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities to open lower, affected by consumption, financial sector callback, stock index decline gradually fell over 2%; the gem afternoon decline in the expansion. Chuancai Securities report said that the short-term factors suppress the liquor sector valuation, economic and consumption data to be expected to usher in warmer, boost the valuation of the plate. The report pointed out that the recent frommultiple factors, liquor stocks sharply adjustment caused by weight. With a quarterly disclosure, the market continued to disagree whether the liquor business cycle volatility index, collective institutions adjust positions or passive Jiancang will amplify the liquor sector. The Thai team of securities food and beverage industry believes that next year the growth rate of the downlink greater probability, but the result is not fully down but the differentiation, high-end wine slow but not backward, high-end will still benefit the shift upgrade.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jian

Editor: TF017

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