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Beijing: reflect the colorful leaves the tour everywhere why get together Badaling Xiangshan (map)

2018-10-30 13:59 beijing evening news TF017

"Shuangye red flowers in February." Once a year the red tours travel season, let people enthusiasm over the autumn chill. Or is a trip, or group activities, washed in the wind under the blue sky, in the most gorgeous flaming autumn leaves color decorating mountains, so Beijing Xiangshan, Badaling and other famous areas in this late autumn season is crowded. However, when people get together in these places at the same time, but did not think of other places in Beijing are still pretty red leaves.

Beijing Yuyuantan Park colorful leaves, Yuyuantan Park Cherry Park is a concentrated area of cherry blossoms, autumn mountain cherry, Hangzhou, the early Edo period, the other side and so on different varieties of cherry together constitute a beautiful picture, colorful red and yellow.

Autumn Pinggu Yaji mountain forest, with the beautiful scenery let the mountain people relaxed and happy

Beijing East Gate Bridge will be near the side of the road is red vine covered, people walk in the beautiful autumn, good to hear or see.

Yanqing DAZHUANGKE Town, rich vegetation, leaves spread from the mountain to the mountain, and pine and cypress embellishment, a colorful paintings.

Every autumn, Kitamiya Forest Park leaves garden, sumac, torch, maple, colorful tree like a gorgeous riotous with colour, watercolor painting.

The Olympic Forest Park is a good place for appreciating the leaves, autumn leaf falling here, do not have a style.

Badachu Park, park, mountain ranges, valleys, pine and cypress leaves with each other

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Liu Ping Gannan photo coverage

Editor: TF017


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