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Why not souvenirs Xiangshan red color? The upgrading of consumption which "Beijing gift" best selling

2018-10-30 13:51 beijing evening news TF017

Beijing comes late autumn, is the best period of leaves the tour outing. Last Saturday, although the wind is not small, but the blue sky and white clouds, the weather is good, go to the Xiangshan leaves the tour visitors has more than 90 thousand people. Miss Xu and family, but also deliberately go to climb Xiangshan autumn, although many people, but the beautiful scenery makes you very comfortable.

Drawing: Wang Chenyu

Careful Miss Xu found in the tour, tourism souvenirs on the theme of the red mountain, or very simple and rough, "to me, can only be said to be a few years, I remember in high school at that time is the simple plastic pieces of red, some smoke there is the maple leaf. At most, with some poem words. The price is not how with rising prices, or particularly cheap, I did not earn much money, the mountain sold 10 dollars in 10, the mountain is selling 3 dollars in 10, but I think I pick up a few pieces of beautiful leaves back caught in the books as memorial can ah, no need to buy these. Want to find what other delicate red souvenirs, or not, even some of the unique design of refrigerator red theme stickers, key chains like simple creative souvenirs, or not. I see some foreign tourists, is really not what can be bought."

Ms. fan last Sunday in the whole family, old and young, went to the red ridge, specifically to see red leaves around the magnificent beauty of the ancient the Great Wall. But the wind is too large, the leaves were scraped off the lot, only to enjoy the ancient the Great Wall spectacular. "I found the entrance to the park is not what good souvenirs for sale, or leaves the ancient the Great Wall theme, we really do want to buy something home. But the tourist service hall there, only the sale of mineral water, instant noodles, biscuits, sausage and other food, what tourist souvenirs are not, for example, even a postcard printed with red ah ah do not the Great Wall. The mountain side of the road, only one of the two local tour vendors, in front of a basket of walnut persimmon, sell some of what." Ms. fan said.

Why not color Xiangshan souvenirs?

Beijing tourist souvenirs are well designed for more than ten years of Xiangshan why souvenirs without change? In this regard, Chinese Industrial Design Association Design promoter Song Weizu told reporters that at present many tourist attractions to rent tourist souvenir counter the majority, so the lack of planning and management of tourist commodities. Even the scenic self also remains on the counter, handicrafts and other "old three", a serious shortage of innovation consciousness.

To Xiangshan as an example, the the Summer Palace, the the Imperial Palace and the tourists of different tourists. Xiangshan visitors to local residents of mountaineering. Therefore, the purchasing power of the scenic area itself is not very high, the lack of innovation also makes the scenic. Xiangshan and have the same area there are many problems.

Beijing tourism souvenirs creative scenic spots, generally tourists mostly, such as the Imperial Palace and gongwangfu. Gongwangfu is Beijing's first tourist souvenir ticket sales income of more than the the Imperial Palace scenic area, the souvenir has been "red" goods. The majority of local tourists and scenic spots, but few gesture.

In fact, this is similar to the Xiangshan scenic tourism commodity development there is a great space." Song Weizu told reporters that the Xiangshan local go hiking and fitness are mostly tourists, according to the demand of this kind of scenic tourists can develop creative mountaineering bags, insulation Cup, fitness equipment, can also attract the attention of tourists. "Tourism is a kind of special goods to meet the needs of tourists psychological, special needs for tourist needs to develop, design and operation."

"Beijing gift" to keep up with the global tourism

Song Weizu another identity is Beijing gift tourism product competition director, has been 20 years. For the development of Beijing gift ", he is a witness, the understanding of the development bottleneck in.

The six elements of tourism "chizhuhang swim purchase entertainment" in the tourism shopping plays an important role, is the most direct embodiment of tourism consumption upgrade and specific. From the Municipal Tourism Commission data show that Beijing 2017 tourism shopping and food consumption of 2891 billion yuan, an increase of 8%, the amount of zero agency proportion reached 25%.

Thus, Beijing tourism shopping many opportunities, but "Beijing gift" is not just passable. Song Weizu told reporters, the first is the number of Beijing a serious shortage of the gift shop. Beijing gift is aimed to tourists, but now some scenic spots only part of the core to open franchise stores, many scenic spots so a variety of complex reasons, it is difficult to open a franchise store. Beijing gift opening 100 goals for many years have failed to achieve.

"Now about the global tourism, is also the entire city is a tourist area, tourists to enter the city from this moment, there should be some souvenirs to keep up with." Song Weizu told reporters that the positioning of regional tourism should be more clear. Taking Wangfujing area as an example, its position should be tourists shopping, but now this area is mostly commercial service to local residents. For example, the new Dongan market, with the characteristics of Beijing underground souvenirs and merchandise sales is very good, but some brand shop mall itself has not, this is because there is no shortage of demand characteristics.

"Beijing should establish a centralized" Beijing gift "building, similar to the duty-free shops, so that visitors can stop to buy Beijing characteristics." Song Weizu suggested that foreign tourists to Beijing the most love buy Beijing characteristics of the goods, this building concentrated not only souvenirs, as well as the characteristics of the food such as tea Beijing Tongrentang, JINGWAH and Huairou local specialty chestnut in Beijing.

"In the past shortage era, people for much, now be fine." Song Weizu told reporters, before, to the village on the outskirts of tourism, people are buying fruit baskets, bags to buy rice grains, eat it wasted. Now the concept of "a meal" is on the rise, people are more willing to experience the fine small packaging of agricultural products, such as the two apple exquisite packaging, a small bag to eat a small grains. The advantage is that tourism products more in line with the needs of people's lives. This change is reflected in the rural agricultural products to a conversion of tourist commodities. For example, Beijing Baihua honey, launched a one-time small package, convenient carrying. Even developed a honey powder, but also for life convenience consideration.

One hundred yuan in the best selling souvenirs scenic spots

Comprehensive network era makes tourism commodities become popular online. From Tsinghua Heng Tourism Planning Design Institute Chang Xuesong showed reporters a report grabbed nearly 100 thousand Beijing tourism commodity sales data in the Taobao platform, some current development reaction of tourism commodities in Beijing.

The analysis of Tmall flagship store sales to the record of the the Imperial Palace. The flagship store a total of more than 160 pieces in the sale of goods, category notes, including the the Imperial Palace Home Furnishing furnishings, antique, Zijin clothing room. The flagship store sales total of more than 30 thousand, the monthly sales of more than 3 million 500 thousand yuan, the monthly sales of goods is higher "the Imperial Palace notebook". The Imperial Palace a sales shop, in addition to the Tmall flagship store sales, the best is a personal shop, the shop only sells a the Imperial Palace Wenchuang tape: the Imperial Palace. Check found that because of its high sales, according to the seller to provide packaging sale service for users cm, while the official store only by the whole volume of sale. These more in line with market demand the thinking, can open the market faster and more efficient way.

Chang Xuesong told reporters, at present, in the Taobao platform can only query to the the Imperial Palace and the the Summer Palace cultural and creative products sales outlets, or other major scenic spots have not yet formed mature electricity sales channels, or no good and a system of cultural and creative products, it is necessary to pay attention to.

The study also found that the most popular items and most profitable goods are often not the same. Operation good brand often have one or both sales high explosion of goods, general merchandise explosion but because of low price, high quality and inexpensive, sales are not high, such as the the Imperial Palace in a notebook, its main function is to promote the brand, has been recognized by the market. The real money is generally more expensive goods, these goods often contain deeper cultural connotation and higher added value, early sales as commodities explosion models, but with the formation of the brand, the more valuable commodity that will take advantage of, be sought after market, and because of its high price, the sales will be very high one of the most profitable products, such as the the Imperial Palace, the dress in the class.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Fu Yang Meng Huan

Editor: TF017

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