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Some people feel like health day "wind" Peking University Professor: the concept of health is every day

2018-10-30 12:08 beijing evening news TF017

As people focus on health, a variety of health more and more, open the calendar, we can find the health day of each month. January 28th is the world Leprosy Day prevention, February 4th is the world cancer day, February 28th (leap year February 29th) is a rare disease day, March 3rd is national ear day, 2013, the national health day into the World Health Day, world love day March 5th is the world; glaucoma, March 8th is the World Kidney Day, March 21st the world sleep day, March 24th is the World TB day...... By October, health day more, October 8th is national hypertension day, October 10th is World Mental Health Day, this month has analgesic, the world world sight day and world arthritis day, world Osteoporosis Day, world traditional medicine day, World Health Day, male bone marrow gray sun, the world stroke day......

Drawing: Wu Wei

For more health, Peking University Health Science Center School of public health professor Chang Chun said, the establishment of Health Day is mainly different scholars hope that through this way, calls for different health problems to the attention of the whole society, to better carry out the field of disease related knowledge of science, better meet the public health of low extensive and diverse needs. For the public, this is a good time to increase knowledge, but the concept of health should not be reflected in one day, but should permeate in the daily life of every day, of every place in the work in life.

Do love day

Health Day: the day looks really interesting

On the establishment of healthy people at a glance: image. For example, March 3rd is national ear care day, two "3" 3 August, it is like a pair of ears;. The first is the "national ear day love day" became "world love day", is also on the same day. 6 6 April is the day,". "66" is like a pair of big eyes with long eyelashes. The establishment of both the image and the day.

That day, in recent years, juvenile myopia problem more and more attention on. The year before the fall semester, the Ministry of education, the National Health Commission, General Administration of sports, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of human resources and social security, market supervision administration of press and Publication Administration and other eight departments in the year before the fall semester jointly issued the "comprehensive prevention of myopia in children and adolescents" implementation plan (the "plan"), proposed in 2023 the children, and strive to achieve the overall rate of myopia in 2018 on the basis of an annual reduction of 0.5 percentage points over the high myopia annual reduction of 1 percentage points higher than the province. By 2030, the new implementation of child and adolescent myopia rate decreased significantly, significantly enhance the overall level of eyesight, myopia in children 6 years of age rate at around 3%, myopia rate dropped to below 38%, the rate of myopia decreased to below 60% junior high school students, high school students myopia rate dropped to below 70%.

AIDS, Tuberculosis Day

Health day calendar: this day had heavy news

WHO in December 1st of each year as World AIDS Day, because this is the first case of AIDS was diagnosed in 1981 December 1st. In December 1st, AIDS has now been adopted by governments around the world, international organizations and charities. For the prevention of AIDS hospital in Beijing Ditan Hospital and Beijing you, have ushered in the party and state leaders on this day. Professor Chang Chun, Peking University Health Science Center School of public health, said that the party and state leaders attach great importance to the prevention and control of aids. Through the propaganda point of view, December 1st is for most public knows, the establishment of the World AIDS Day, but also let more people know that aids can be prevented and controlled; at the same time, it also is to raise awareness of HIV infection and AIDS Concern and understanding.

March 24th is the annual World TB day. The World Health Day and also a key day: the day of 1882, German microbiologist Coelho announced that he had found the TB pathogen. It can be seen that tuberculosis is an ancient disease. Compared with AIDS, tuberculosis to a number of "generation", but the situation is still serious in TB prevention and control of risk. Just last month, the United Nations General Assembly held the first high-level meeting of world leaders to discuss tuberculosis, TB eradication action plan. WHO in response to this important meeting, invited major city in the world to carry out "red light city" tuberculosis campaign. Beijing landmark building "Water Cube" light is red, the government, non-governmental organizations and the public concern the problem of tuberculosis.

On the day of Parkinson's disease in diabetes mellitus

Health day calendar: the day the birth of important people

In recent years, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat "three high" the size of the crowd more and more large, kidney disease, chronic diseases such as tumor population is very large. Therefore, our country and the WHO established a chronic disease related health on many, to remind people to prevent chronic disease, prolong life, improve the quality of life of the treatment.

November 14th is the annual diabetes day. This day was originally known as the World Diabetes Day, and later upgraded to the United Nations diabetes day. November 14th is the first discovery of insulin scientist Frederick Banting's birthday. By the end of 2006, the United Nations passed a resolution, from 2007 to November 14th every year "World Diabetes Day" as the United Nations diabetes day, experts and academic behavior rise as governments, governments and all sectors of society to strengthen the control of diabetes, reduce the harm of diabetes. At present, diabetes has become an important chronic diseases in China, the Chinese Diabetes Association in 2007 to 2008 of credit Chinese 14 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, 48431 people over the age of 20, diabetes screening, results show that, the prevalence of diabetes and pre diabetes in China amounted to 9.7% and 15.5%, and so calculate the China affected by diabetes, a population of about 92 million 400 thousand people. Research results published in 2013 showed that the prevalence rate of diabetes in adults in China reached 11.6%. Diabetes has become a major public health problem seriously affect people's physical and mental health. Diabetes itself is not terrible, various complications of diabetes is the leading cause of death among disabled patients with diabetes, heart disease, diabetes, diabetic nephropathy and diabetic ophthalmopathy because the number of patients with diabetic foot are very large, considering the number of people with pre diabetes group, if not controlled, the diabetes "reserve army" in a few years to may become diabetic patients.

Parkinson's disease is a common disease of the nervous system for elderly. Each of the 4 11 world Parkinson's disease day, this is the European Parkinson's disease association established at the earliest stage, this is the day that Parkinson's disease, a British physician Dr. James Parkinson's birthday. Parkinson's disease is a common neurological dysfunction disease, mainly affects the elderly onset after the age of 60. The symptoms of resting hands, head or mouth involuntary tremor, muscle rigidity, slow movement and posture balance disorder, lead to life can not take care of themselves. First described this disease is a British physician Dr. James Parkinson.

Expert comments

The concept of health is every day

Changchun said, now the health day than the original increase obviously, which explains the experts of each field are actively promoting the popularization of health knowledge in the field of science. On the one hand, can improve the degree of social concern, but also for this kind of disease and potential population provides authoritative scientific knowledge; and on the other hand, also can reflect the health more and more attention by the people, for the public demand for more and more healthy. The establishment of Health Day is a good thing.

A lot of people feeling like "health day wind", today, tomorrow. As a public health expert, Changchun believes that the concept of health should penetrate through the whole cycle of personal growth, "which is from birth to death, even from fetus to death, the whole life cycle of each day to cover the health concepts and health knowledge." Every time need to all aspects of health science knowledge, covered the whole process to disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

From the perspective of health promotion, Changchun believes that the concept of health have penetrated into every place. "We need to carry out health knowledge communication has four kinds of places." The first is the school and kindergarten. Health knowledge on this site is mainly for the needs of young children, such as children to control obesity, myopia prevention, develop good health habits. Second place is in the workplace, the young people in the workplace, the youth population and occupation disease related health promotion. In addition, health promotion places also covered to the community, mainly for the elderly; coverage to the hospital, especially in the two and three hospitals, health education for medical staff and patients. If all the places will carry out health education, so that we can make in a year "flash" health knowledge in a year long, not a gust of wind, but silent.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jia Xiaohong

Editor: TF017

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