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Beijing poly theatre national original ballet "flower circle world" tribute to 40 years of reform and opening up

2018-10-30 11:04 beijing evening news TF019

Dream garden, the goddess of Muliujia by layers of flowers in her hands to play the central arch, exhibition, flowers have descended to. The scene of a turn, the world to the rice harvest season, young people play in the field of threshing, a very touching the sad journey but quietly close imperceptibly. Last night, the reform and opening up as the 60 anniversary of the 40 anniversary of the establishment of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region tribute repertoire, by the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department, Guangxi performing arts group hosted a national ballet "original row flowers circle the world" in Beijing Poly Theater stage.

"Flower world world" of the creative team is very strong, the president Feng Shuangbai Chinese Dancers Association as a screenwriter, had a row over the "Fan Dance indeed" "moon water Luo" "Tang Yi dance" and many other works of the China opera director Tong Ruirui served as director, Chinese people's Liberation Army band creative director Guo Sida. Tong Rui Rui had eight to lead the team to the Guangxi folk songs, the way the first train to the car and then removed, in precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs on the mountain. The monasteries of the Zhuang style being used in "every flower world": the world stage design by Liu Kedong and full of elegant outline into the Lijiang River landscape level stage background; this paper will focus on the life, Long Zhuang, threshing sacrifice, offer medicine four big scene, which make our dance is particularly exciting. Dozens of actors with Chung rice muchu, knock long trough and ground issued a "pound" sound, without any music, they beat dance scene, grand and warm, the ritual dance is also doing grand and full of primitive savagery. In addition, the "flower world world" also shows the Zhuang culture in God, "the" cultural content of the universe, three silhouette.

The cast is also very strong. Young dancer Li Yiran, Sun Ke, Qin Xi played in the drama of cotton, cloth Zhuang, ghost spider 3 main characters, other actors from the autonomous region and the national art colleges, through strict selection and training can be selected. Tonight, "flower world world" will continue to be staged in the poly theater.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Gao Qian

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