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Garbage, parking chaos, water is not smooth...... The people of Beijing to solve the problem of the door

2018-10-30 13:49 beijing evening news TF017

We listen to the "day and night in the column the related reports for the public to solve the problem of life this year", since June, all kinds of public reflect, 125 have been solved properly.

Baiwanzhuang Street No. 2 hospital fire hazard rectification.
Rectification Baiwanzhuang Street No. 2 hospital after fire hazard.

In June 28th, a series of problems in this column reported Baiwanzhuang Street No. 2 of poor water, fire safety hazards and so on.

It is understood that the property has invested 50 thousand yuan for sewage pipeline maintenance, and to shed debris piled up, inside and outside the hospital so messy wires removed one by one. At the same time to fire equipment shops and family hotel nuisance problems of governance, to minimize the impact on the surrounding residents.

In June 12th, this column reports the Xicheng District white Canton Road No. 6 Building No. 1 hospital garbage problem.

Residential property to place the trash, and maintenance. The inspections by the Institute of steel community, are littering residents persuasion, instructed the company to arrange jinnuowei property cleaning vehicles, two times a day to clean up the garbage.

In June 13th, the newspaper reported the Daxing Jiugong Town Road Hongxing floor East Gate area, public toilets in the garden did not open, near the fitness of the residents feel inconvenience.

At present, the public toilets have been put into service.

In June 14th, the Daxing District Ocean Day program focus areas of no one to clean up the garbage problem.

It is understood that the Yizhuang town sanitation department of coordination, building 33, on the east side of the garbage piled up thoroughly clean, and make the system realize Nissin garbage.

In June 30th, the newspaper reported the Haidian District Ze Park East Village tap water pressure is too small, the residents of water inconvenience.

The afternoon of July 3rd, held in Haidian District the water chamber of Commerce, Sujiatun Zhen Yu Tong company in coordination, installation of water column 27 community. The water pressure is too low can resolve the problem.

In July 4th, this column reports on the west of General Hospital of the Air Force PLA sidewalk narrow problem.

It is understood that the road does not have the implementation of planning or expansion conditions. In order to improve the traffic environment, the Haidian District Transportation Commission Organization for the renovation of the road, through the improvement of isolation facilities, parking, traffic order management specification.

In July 10th, temporary electrical problems this column reported more than one cell, which involves the Mentougou Railway West district.

Mentougou district actively coordinate the supply department to complete the formal power to send as soon as possible, at present China Railway West District officially electric power transmission work is completed, we solve the problem of temporary residential electricity.

In July 12th, the newspaper reported Chaoyang District Jintai No. 24 lock problem.

The territorial government posted notice, urging residents from the demolition locked streets, contact the relevant department of the building of public parking lane and rectification work, after the demolition of locks.

7 June 16, this column reports the Star Road, Chaoyang Road North four sections of the blind is the occupation of large areas of the problem.

Territorial Street Lane and bike sharing to clean up, and inform the enterprise to maintain the bicycle parking order bike sharing. At the same time, the streets of solution space for the blind walking easier.

7 June 17, this column reports Xicheng Edmond alley No. 15 of rain water problems.

Local housing authorities, neighborhood neighborhood organizations carried out inspections on sections of water, in addition to regular inspections, in the frequent rainfall period, the streets of the area of key low-lying homes built once the attention, the water pump scheduling mechanism in place.

In July 19th, 13 residential building top leaking problem and light on Fengtai District newspaper.

Local streets and District Housing Authority property management company requirements on the real body in waterproof maintenance, overhaul maintenance, but also through the roof covering plastic cloth and other emergency measures, the residents of the solution as pressing danger.

In July 24th, the newspaper reported Tongzhou District West Town cattle Mutun integrated checkpoint 361 highway to Beijing direction, there are frequently large trucks retrograde phenomenon.

Said local traffic control department, will be set up to monitor the probe, real-time monitoring of the road vehicle retrograde, increase the off-site enforcement penalties, and actively cooperate with the Hebei section of the traffic control department to carry out joint enforcement.

7 June 25, this column focuses on Dongcheng District Qian Fu Xiang rain water problem.

According to the actual situation of territorial street public opinion, the installation of new drainage in pavement design following pipe, rain water wells, construction order, visit the reporter learned that, at present, the construction has been completed, a thousand years not Fu Xiang water problems.

In July 25th, the newspaper reported the "black house" in the travel business platform to attract.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Construction Committee law enforcement departments, currently reports involving all points, including a "magic bag" apartment Xizhimen Jinmao building shop, Hong Shan home "star of the Beijing youth hostel" and other specific points, the law enforcement departments have been punished by law or ordered rectification.

In July 25th, this column reports the rainstorm waterlogging problem, involving a number of small city, which involves building 2 Water Exhibition in the south.

It is understood that the east 2 Building 5 unit building rainwater pipe blockage, resulting in roof rainwater drainage is poor, now has been clear, no accumulation of rain. The Territorial community has helped residents actively communicate with the property unit, and has been urging the property unit as the main body of property companies hire property management.

In July 26th, the newspaper reported Chaoyang District Long Island long bridge high-end residential villas owners do waterproofing, resulting in heavy rain after the construction site of a large area landslide.

After several reports of territorial street view field, continue to prohibit construction, and ordered the property company to protect the site safety, pit backfill work was completed in August 15th.

In August 7th and August 20th, the attention to the two groups of shops suddenly shut down, the back of the card without the consumer, which involves the "home with kids" and "infant swimming pool swimming hall in Beijing 14 stores.

The business sector to start work immediately, including investigation, registration, review of governance according to law and so on. As of now, some consumers have to recoup their losses, lost to some shops have been included in the list of unusual.

In September 12th, the newspaper reported Xiluoyuan South No. 17 in the district was packed with nearly 50 locks, the elderly and children walking must always pay attention.

Dahongmen street urban management division with related departments to lock problem field view, and the removal of the lock. Aiming at the shortage of parking spaces, street planning and sea households of roadside parking management consultations, to provide some cheap parking spaces, for use by residents.

In September 18th, this column reported Haidian District Spring Garden Exhibition Road congestion, parking problems.

The reporter understands, to regulate parking order, combined with the District Transportation Commission slow system construction work, provided with embedded parking isolation facilities, the construction process within a short period of time caused by the single row direction of the motor vehicle parking, non motorized traffic impact. The isolation fence has been installed, traffic order management, greatly disorderly parking.

In September 19th, this column reported throughout the Galaxy Street South Road section hipped Street damaged, part of the road without lights problem.

Local developers to install solar emergency lamp coordination, solve the problem of the road lighting. The street in September 26th to begin the installation construction, and put into use in the round before September 28th, mentioned in the report are all repaired damaged lamps.

10 June 9, this column reported Changping District Ryugo cell sewer blockage problem.

Residential property has tenants for the internal sewer thorough dredging using high-pressure cleaning equipment, at the same time the property on a regular basis, residential septic tanks and sewage wells Qingtao dredge, and arrange the maintenance staff to resolve the problem of sewer blockage of home owners.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jing Yiming Wang Qipeng Chen Shengyu Qu Jingwei Zhang Qunchen Xie Yuhang

Editor: TF017

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