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Chen Xiaoqing, the director of tongue tip, is the first to make a splash.

2018-10-30 10:54. Art blossoming TF008

After the first and second seasons of the "tongue of China", Chen Xiaoqing, the most delicious documentary director, finally met the audience yesterday. From the previous poster to the trailer, many audiences were filled with appetite.

Last night in Tencent video and Zhejiang satellite TV, the first episode "Shanhai", in 50 minutes, more than 20 kinds of food poured in. Bald butter mixing rice, hairy crabs and ham became the "worst hit areas" of the audience's fall. Although only one episode was broadcast, the score of the bean score has reached 9.4 points.

Yes, many people go to Chen Xiaoqing. After he left the CCTV, "tongue 3 China" encountered collective Tucao. This time he held the "flavor world" as a Tencent executive, and the familiar recipes and flavors were back. This is what the netizens say.

Hairy crabs and bald butter mixing rice were mentioned repeatedly in the promotion of "flavor human". From the first episode, we really stir up the taste buds of the audience. The yellow and bright crab roes burst through the screen.

And so on become fragrant bald butter mixing rice, the killing power multiplied!

However, the vision of "flavor world" is not limited to tasty. It captures the growth story of Taihu hairy crabs.

In the first episode, hairy crabs also carry the function of linking up and outside the sea. The director group focuses on the fate of hairy crabs as an invader in Lake Esther, the largest freshwater lake in Holland. There was a scene that made many Chinese audiences feel very sad. The fishermen in Holland told the audience with a serious face: "we really haven't eaten the hairy crabs, because the crab meat is too troublesome!"

There is a cultural difference between the same kind of food in the East and West, but behind this is the cultural difference. But what Chen Xiaoqing wants to express is that there are many similarities between the East and the West.

The Anhui family salted the ham on the winter solstice and obtained the refined ham by air drying.

In the town of Harwood, Spain, Iberian ham has a systematic production mode and a special method of cellar storage.

Another kind of "different works" is related to potatoes. People in Lintao, Gansu, like to make potato stir ball, so that the potato will taste like glutinous rice cake without losing its original flavor.

In France, the chef, with the help of cheese and milk, cooked sticky "waterfall potatoes".

The first impression of many viewers is that the texture of "flavor world" is even higher than that of the previous tongue of China. Yi can tell you responsibly that it is because the team is richer.

Chen Xiaoqing's director is not tongue tip 3, but more than tongue tip. Father penguin is very rich. He uses the standard of "earth pulsation" to make delicious food. Documentary film Aerial photography, microscope and high-speed photography reveal "bad money" from inside to outside. We must see the most high-definition quality. The lens is too cool, full of details, vivid, beautiful and greedy. After dinner, I see this * I feel like I just ate pig food.

So where is the money? The "flavor world" adopts a more advanced photography technology, "microphotography", which reduces the perspective to "molecular level". Listen to what Chen Xiaoqing himself said.

Although this technology can make the details more detailed and completely presented in front of the audience, its failure rate is particularly high. It took us only half a month to complete a single shot. But from another perspective, the world under microphotography is really wonderful.

From the "molecular level" perspective, we see zero status, fresh horse meat condensing beautiful ice cream overnight.

When salt is used to marinate the ribs, the salted meat will jump on the red flesh.

From the collision response of food materials to the subtle changes of food in the environment, we can see through the microscopic photography in front of the audience, and then think about how the taste and taste come from.

For food, we know it. Chen Xiaoqing wants to take the part of it. They all know that eating crab is better than dipping vinegar, which is scientifically explained by microscopic photography. Viewers can see that when the acidic substance is close to crab meat, the meat fiber of crab meat will develop instantaneously. Then you will know why the crab suddenly became delicious.

And what impressed him was the difficulty of getting food. The most thrilling episode in the first episode of the mountain and sea is at the end: a young dart hand leaping over the bow in the bumpy waves, holding a harpoon and chasing a swordfish.

A good documentary is not so much a film as it is produced.

Zhang Ping, director of diversity between the mountains and seas, recalled that the crew had waited 5 days to wait for the swordfish. "The first day is not even a shadow. It is very hopeless. I don't know if I have to take a couple of days to find the opportunity. It's really the time to get out of the sea to meet the swordfish when the waves are strong."

The swordfish's taste was never betrayed in the end, whether it was the thick swordfish fish, or the three cup of flag fish skin loved by locals in Taitung.

In fact, the first episode "between the mountains and the sea" is just an appetizer. This episode starts from the physical geography, and tells how people adjust their lives to the local conditions in the complex landform and diverse climate.

In the next few episodes, "take root" tells of the delicious food that has evolved because of the spread of species. When food and food go abroad, how will they change? "Rolling dust" is traced back from the time thread. Now how does our food go all the way through evolution? What are their previous lives?

It should be said that the audience familiar with the first two seasons of "China on the tip of the tongue" will find a sense of intimacy from "flavor world". After all, the flavor of the world is still the most familiar "meal" configuration, with the commentary of Li Lihong's flavour. There are four soundtracks of Kun, and the "eat goods" team's warm tone towards food. Art reminds you, don't look at it at night, it's easier to get hungry, really.


What do you think of "flavor world"?


Source: Art blossoming

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