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"The tongue" director Chen Xiaoqing new "flavor world" premiere cited sensation: don't be hungry at night!

2018-10-30 10:54 Yi Zhan TF008

After the build on the tip of the tongue "China" first quarter and the second quarter, "the documentary director Chen Xiaoqing will eat" new "flavor world" yesterday finally meet with the audience. From the previous poster to the trailer, most of the audience are tempt the appetite.

In the Tencent video and Zhejiang TV broadcast last night the first episode of "mountain", 50 minutes more than 20 kinds of delicacy rice, butter crabs come in a throng, bald, ham has become the hardest hit audience fall "". Although broadcast only a set, but watercress score has reached 9.4 points.

Yes, many people are directed to Chen Xiaoqing. He left the CCTV, "the tongue 3" collective experience make complaints about China. The Tencent executives in charge of his identity "flavor of the world", familiar recipe and taste are back. There is such a watercress users evaluation:

Crabs and bald earlier in butter bibimbap, "flavor world" propaganda was repeatedly mentioned. From the piece of the first set of view, really captures the taste buds of the audience. Huang run shiny color fragrant crab, break through the screen, a breath!

Such as delicious butter bald bibimbap, lethality doubled!

But "flavor world" vision is not confined to the delicious camera to capture the growth story of Taihu crabs.

Crabs in the first episode, also carrying the connection at home and abroad, the director group focused on Holland's largest freshwater lake Esther lake, as the fate of the crab invaders. There is a lens that many viewers feeling Chinese Holland fishing family Bo Tim Tin Mat, a straight face told the audience: "we really did not eat crabs, crab too much trouble because the demolition!"

The same kind of food, in the East and West have different practices and eating, which is behind the cultural differences, but Chen Xiaoqing wanted to express is that there are a lot of things about foreign delicacy agree without prior without previous consultation, can also cause everyone's sympathy.

This family in Anhui in the winter solstice carefully preserved ham, ham are refined through a year of airing;

There the Spanish Jabugo Town, both of the Iberian ham production mode, also has law characteristics cellaring.

Another ", and potatoes on different approaches but equally satisfactory results.". Gansu Lintao people love potato group up, let the potatoes showing a rice cake like cotton glutinous taste without losing the original flavor of the state;

In France, chefs with cheese, milk, cooking very sticky potatoes "waterfall".

First impressions of many viewers, "human" flavor texture than before on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" heights. Zhan Jun Yi can be responsible to tell you, that is because the team more money, a netizen is to say the truth in the bean:

General director Chen Xiaoqing, and not the tongue 3, but more than the ox tongue. The father Penguin ostentatious, making use of "planet Earth" standard to shoot the delicacy Documentary film , aerial photography, microscope, high speed photography, from the inside to the outside of said is "not bad money". We must see the high level of quality, the lens is too cool, full details, descriptive, and beautiful and greedy, look at this meal, the feeling is just to eat food.

Well, where the money? "The world" flavor "micro photography photography" more advanced, narrowing the scope to the molecular level". Listen to what Chen Xiaoqing said

The shooting technique, although can let more delicate details completely in front of the audience, but it made the failure rate is particularly high, we spent half a month's time may be completed only one shot. But from another perspective, the "micro photography" to see the world is really wonderful.

The "molecular" perspective, we see the minus state, fresh meat setting out the beautiful night frost.

Salted horses ribs, and the changes of salt on the jump in red meat.

From the collision between the ingredients, subtle changes in the environment of food by micro photography glance to show in front of the audience, and then consider some flavor and taste is how to produce?

For the delicacy, we know it, Chen Xiaoqing to shoot is the reason that part of the. Know to eat crab dipped in vinegar sauce more delicious, in microscopic photography, this approach has been a scientific explanation. The audience can see, when the acid is close to the crab, crab meat fiber will instantly start. At this time, you will know why suddenly become delicious crab.

The art that Jun impressive, and is not easy to get the ingredients. The first set of "most" between the mountain and a fragment of breathtaking, appear at the end of a young harpooners in hand, the wind waves bumps to jump on the bow, and harpoons, chasing a swordfish......

Good documentary, it is shot out, rather than wait out.

"Between the mountain" diversity director Zhang Ping recalled, the crew waited 5 days for the swordfish, "the first day are not even a shadow, in despair, don't know to take a few days to find the opportunity, it is time to meet the sea waves especially large swordfish."

The sailfish delicious, ultimately did not live up to - whether hypertrophy of swordfish sashimi, or Taitung locals love three cup's skin.

In fact, the first episode "between the mountain" was just an appetizer, this set from the natural geography, about the complex topography and diverse climate, how people to interpret life with delicious.

The next few episodes, "" on the evolution of air plant species for delicacy. When food and food out of the country, they will happen to change? "Red dust" from the context of traceability, the food we eat today is how to pass evolved, and what their past lives?

It should be said that the familiar "tongue on China" first in the two quarter of the audience will find intimacy from "flavor of the world". After all, "the world" with the flavor is the most familiar "meal" configuration, Li Lihong has a charm that akun stunning four soundtrack, and "chowhound" team of delicacy cordial tone, as in the past. Yi Zhan Jun friendship reminder, not to see at night, hungry more easily, really.


On the "flavor of the world", how do you see?


Source: Yi Zhan

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