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Change of the legal representative, deposit period is prolonged, the small yellow car can hold for how long?

2018-10-29 15:45 Beijing daily client TF003

Recently, some consumers reflect ofo yellow car back the deposit period extended from 1-10 days extended to 1-15 working days. From public reports, this year, ofo has a deposit refund cycle change, extend the refund period from 3 days to 10 days, and then extended to 15 working days now.

Photo by Hu Tiexiang

In the latest released a microblogging ofo small yellow car 10 months 26 days, the comments area has been called "refund" to users. For deposit back extension period, many netizens showed extreme anger. In Sina's consumer service platform complaints reflect the black cat, the small yellow car out of the slow speed of the deposit is relatively concentrated.

However, according to reporter experience, if by Alipay to pay a deposit, deposit after application can be immediately credited into account. There are enthusiastic users are given a deposit refund way: call the customer service phone, always press 2 to enter the artificial service, then you can refund your payment number. If there is a refund within the prescribed time limit is still unable to account, recommended to communicate with artificial customer service, the negotiation fails to report complaints can call 12315.

There are consumers reflect, being misleading propaganda page in deposit, I want to return the deposit, and finally turned into a purchase card.

Ms. Tian users in Beijing has been reflected in the deposit to "win glory in battle", in order to successfully refund. "Ofo refund page is hard to find, find back the deposit will have every kind of stay alert, little attention will be wrong." Ms. Tian's click deposit, see "China and invite you to free riding, then bought a strange combination of circumstances in the card, not to retreat a refund.

As one of the pioneers of bicycle industry share, ofo small yellow car is not better than recent days, repeated in takeover rumors.

Beijing enterprise credit information network show, 10 22, ofo small yellow car operators Dongxia Datong (Beijing) the legal representative Management Consulting Co. Ltd. by founder Dai Wei changed to Chen Zhengjiang.

The news came out, the media interpreted as "Davy way", and lead the market to guess it will be acquired.

In this regard, ofo small yellow car response, the legal representative of the change is only ofo within the normal personnel changes to simplify work flow, improve work efficiency, the actual controller of the company is David, there are certain media interpretation of the "way" said. At the same time, the personnel of any change will not affect the company's operation and management. It is reported that Chen Zhengjiang 2014 joined the company at the end of the year, ofo 5, former employee, who is currently one of the main business district is responsible for the ofo Chinese.

In addition, the acquisition of ofo's travel hello hello travel, co-founder and CEO Li Kaizhu responded in a circle of friends, "the board of directors of ofo have been invited and proposed hello and merger, but in the current stage, hello the most important thing is to improve yourself, good service users".

After sharing the bike boom receded, once the big two retired. 2018 years 4 months 4 days, v-mobile bicycle by U.S. acquisition. Then ofo was repeatedly heard drops, Ali's merger rumors. Although each ofo rumors have been denied, but ofo's difficult situation is difficult to avoid the fact.

In the ant payment service support, hello The bicycle began rapid rise. In the fierce market competition, struggling to support the ofo capital chain more daily, repeatedly heard the takeover news will be not at all surprising. For the ofo operation of the main legal changes behind the fact that after a period of time will come.

Author: Chen Xuening

Producer: Chen Yan

Editor: Huang Pinchao

Source: China daily client

Edit process: RB003

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