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Shopping: 10 fast lipstick machine suction gold block people spend 1000 yuan in two lipsticks lost 1 minutes

2018-10-29 16:25 beijing evening news TF008

As a kind of selling beauty products, how much are you willing to pay for a lipstick? Today, the mall in the emergence of a similar machine grab lipstick doll machine, consumers spend 10 yuan per game to play the game can be obtained with a certain probability of price of three hundred or four hundred yuan of big lipstick. However, there are operators that want to catch "very difficult", some people spend a thousand dollars only in two lipstick. Experts also remind consumers to rational consumption, do not keep on fighting will be more money to feed the lipstick machine.

Xinhua news agency data figure

Play the game to win through the lipstick

It is reported that this machine is initially popular in "lipstick Trill" and other online platforms, from a "lipstick challenge" game. Now, the lipstick machine also continue to line mall laying in Beijing Wanda Tongzhou shop, bloomage live Wukesong shop etc. have lipstick machine figure. Station to Huaxi live shopping center in the Wukesong subway passageway on the distribution of the Fourth Red apron machine. The reporter saw, the machine looks like a lipstick open, inside is divided into 41 squares, placed a lipstick each grid. Lipstick placed lattice are all priced at three hundred or four hundred yuan a big lipstick, including Dior, Givenchy, YSL, Armani and other brands. The middle position of a machine with electronic screen is lit, the show named "lipstick challenge game interface. The first game player to select the desired red mouth, and then through the mobile phone terminal to buy game currency, then scan the code you can start the game, each 10 yuan. On the machine need to challenge the game game player to the corresponding number of the bottom of the screen to send lipstick disk, do not touch the lip gloss has been sent to the next level, through continuous three can take the selected lipstick.

Not a minute to lose 10 yuan

In the shopping channel in a company called "baby" game store, a lipstick machine and a dozen dolls put together, from time to time passing into the young girl to try luck, there are young couples passing demos, mostly boys playing games, girls cheered at the side. However, the reporter observed in half an hour, the more than 10 game player to try all ended in failure, losing a game even for a minute and then it was impossible, up 10 yuan lipstick machine. The shop staff told reporters that the machine is the Palace House, and complained, "I charge 1000 yuan, only two, rather than directly to the counter to buy!" This machine has more than 10 stage Red Plaid was empty, the staff said that the proscenium red machine for a long time, "this difficult, more people play only replenishment", the first game of the second, are very simple, is a difficult, basically in third fold shut".

Reporters saw only four or five red, red mouth placed in the proscenium machine, not hot single product, called Givenchy lipstick, but do not see any signs as genuine. Corresponding to each lipstick lattice outside with a two-dimensional code, the scan will jump to introduce a lipstick variety, color number, name, position of the page. The development of pages owned by the Beijing times lipstick machine company Interactive Network Technology Co. ltd.. When a reporter asked about the "baby" game shop a staff that the lipstick is genuine, the staff can not be determined, only said "should be true". To ask the reporter then call the lipstick machine on the customer service phone, customer service staff said there are lipstick regular purchase channels, and support the inspection counter.

Impulsive consumption to not overdo sth.

Both the game and the means of operation, machine and grasping dolls lipstick is quite similar, but compared to two or three yuan price to catch a lipstick machine more expensive. Grab the doll machine grab the success rate, while the probability can be set artificially, lipstick machine too. Lipstick machine equipment operating manufacturers in an interview when he said that each lipstick machine lipstick amount can be artificially set, such as a purchase price of 300 yuan can have 350 yuan lipstick fetched a lipstick set in the background, in order to ensure the cost, and the recharge amount each WeChat number will also affect the probability of export red.

In this regard, experts advise consumers to act, not overdo sth.. Low cost lipstick machine game game player stimulate impulse spending, to spend 10 yuan to three hundred or four hundred yuan to win big this lipstick gambling psychology plays a role in boosting the more challenge more want to continue, the more times you can try, the greater the sunk costs, is not willing to give up, to avoid failure the more money feeding machine lipstick.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen

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