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Moderator: because of the death of Li Yong "lucky 52" hot a few years after the jiliuyongtui return home

2018-10-29 14:42 beijing evening news TF017

This morning, the famous show host Li Yong's wife HARVIN announced at micro-blog issued a document: "Li Yong died in the United States, after cancer treatment for 17 months, on October 25, 2018 at 5:20 in the morning, my love......" Two years ago Li Yong is still active in the screen, the morning news of the death of the issue of a rapid scraper, all sigh heard the news.

Presided over the "lucky 52" popular

Li Yong was born on 1968 in Xinjiang Urumqi. 1987 years was admitted to the Communication University of China. In 1991 China CCTV. Worked as a journalist, presenter, feature film director, documentary and other duties. 1998 began as the variety show host, the same year began hosting the quiz shows "lucky 52", which entered the public view, and more and more popular with the audience.

CCTV in numerous host, Li Yong quite offbeat. He presided over the "lucky 52" open field host and audience frequent interaction model, Li Yong's appearance, to his own design fancy suits and fluffy curly hair, is also CCTV unprecedented, matching with the style of the program, with the hit show, Li Yong also became a famous host Chinese known to every family.

"Lucky 52" popular for several years. Since then, he presided over the "6+1", "dream of Chinese" will take it to the peak of career. In 2002 Li Yong will bring the highest standard of CCTV party, with Ni Ping, Zhu Jun and Zhou Tao jointly hosted the show, and became the permanent host after a few years of the spring festival.

In 2013, served as the chief director of the two session of the Spring Festival in Li Yong wife HARVIN after the couple storm resigned from CCTV, returned to his alma mater University and taught media. For the reason they leave CCTV, said once the situation, after a long silence, Li Yong said in an interview all explained his reasons for leaving CCTV, CCTV's feelings and plans to return to his alma mater to teach. The answer he gives people a little surprise: "children need their parents, not the couple have no time to accompany the children, I am willing to do more, and the man behind her."

retreat when sb. feels unable in doing sth.

Hidden in the wife behind

From Guangzhou Academy (formerly University Media) broadcasting system for young lovers to CCTV of his wife, Li Yong and Havenn loved each other through the decades, the achievements in their respective fields, it is difficult to say "what the weak strong". However, the need for the child "transformation" of the moment, Li Yong chose to behind. In this regard, Li Yong does not feel pity, he joked, "the glowing period is almost over," praised the wife "have the wisdom of her greater contribution", reveals the words full of love, pride and willing to fate. He said: "this 22 years before, I have been CCTV Li Yong, but in 22 years I want to be the life of Lee's father Tumai France, HARVIN classmate's husband. They are my two most important women in life, all their feelings, it is 100%."

After four years, Li Yong served as moderator in the running of satellite TV channel, is actively involved in a variety of styles, different types of programs, such as "super orator", "love to fight will win", "top secret", "China past face", "the five season" The Voice of China etc.. In addition, also starred in the movie "private custom", in the comedy quiz show "comedy story" in partnership with Yu Qian crosstalk performance.

In 2016, Li Yong, the couple produced network variety show "Idol" bold aunt sauce should not offbeat, achieve great success, but the couple never fails, not afraid of setbacks in the admirable spirit of innovation. In order to cooperate with the program publicity, Li Yong in the program on the line when the dawn eight show their ABS, HARVIN on micro-blog to modern network language like her husband: "thin dressing, undressing meat sauce."

People remember

The joy you bring

In December 2, 2017, Li Yong presided over the "Iqiyi screaming Nights", this is he in public before the last public event. Released from the Kazakh cancer 17 months experience that he already knew when suffering from cancer. Li Yong micro-blog 11 2017 23 stay in the month, he has more than in the United States for half a year, he was his wife and daughter Fatimah, AIT, and all people expressed gratitude. His last public appearance, is to change the image of the haircut photos netizens point praise.

This morning, Li Yong died the news confirmed, Ni Ping, Zhang Ziyi, Feng Yuanzheng, Sun Qian, Yue Yunpeng, Li Yugang, Jimmy Lin and other stars in the first time for micro-blog issued a document, said the heart sad, Li Yong is willing to take a good way, ha.

Li Yugang said, back to early 2012 board gala with Li Yong and together day and night, now Yongcheng memories, may, strong. Jimmy Lin thanked Li Yong wrote in "super orator" when recording: "take care, you bring us so much happiness, we will always remember you."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Jin Liwei

Editor: TF017

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