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The car has been established for 23 years in Beijing City, Asian Sports Village witnessed the car into thousands of households

2018-10-29 14:50 beijing evening news TF019

A weekend afternoon, the sun shines into the Beichen Asian Sports Village car market sales hall, sales manager Liu Hailong is to introduce a new energy automobile energy saving: "we do not have to say; many cars now, priced from one hundred thousand yuan to several hundred thousand yuan on all......"

Zhou Shuping shows two old Asian city in front of the "New Asia city" (Asian Sports Village car market) photos, she experienced the "sub city" and the development process from scratch. Beichen Asian Sports Village automobile trading market door is like a ship sailing, since the opening of trading a total of 2 million 300 thousand new vehicles, 320 billion yuan of total transactions.

Back in 1995. At that time, in order to meet the market demand of car into the family, approved by the Beijing municipal government, Beijing Asian Sports Village automobile trading market (later renamed) set up. The market is located in the North Fourth Ring in Asian Sports Village area, under the Beichen group, is the domestic and foreign brands display, sales, publicity and service platform.

2002 Asian Sports Village car market, the car can only be in the open square, summer sun, winter cold.

Zhou Shuping is worthy of the name of old city of Asia, as early as in the previous sub city was founded, she made financial in car sales company. The city was founded, she became the first batch of dealers and the company together. Recall that when the sub City, was a bit of a farmers market. All the car dealers are placed in the outdoor plaza, the sales staff all exposed to the weather beside their own car, see customers first with the car, good to talk to buy into the sales hall formalities. In the hall, every business is a small compartment, no air conditioning, hot in summer and cold in winter. Is such difficult conditions, as the first Beijing Asian Sports Village car market, has built up a bridge between automobile manufacturers, businesses and consumers, has become the vanguard of the leading national automobile market.

Beichen Asian Sports Village automobile trading market covers an area of nearly 500 acres, the construction area of 130 thousand square meters, annual sales of more than 12 vehicles, new cars.

2006, the Beijing Olympic venues construction requirements, sub city relocation to Changping Tang Road No. 70, total area expanded to nearly 500 acres, set sales, second-hand car trading, supplies car sales and car repair, decoration, beauty, scrap disintegration and other integrated services in one. The market has also established a "one-stop" service hall, industry and commerce, taxation, environmental protection, vehicle and other government departments in the detection field, and other social institutions for businesses and consumers to provide on-site services, and on-site consumer credit, insurance and other financial services. To achieve a one-stop office service in the true sense, a precedent in the country. The market has parallel import car sales area, Beijing new energy automobile application center, but also the country's first "sunshine" certification, "for" certification of the second-hand car market, the formation of the national automobile cooperation network tangible market and become the main place of domestic and foreign automobile industry to visit and study.

A one-stop office service hall of Beichen Asian Sports Village automobile trading market in the country, opened the first of its kind

New energy automobile science exhibition is located in the most prominent new car sales in the hall position.

Cars in Beichen yuan, bright and spacious, Asian Sports Village car market is the main place of automobile industry at home and abroad to visit and study.

The changes of the times, now Beijing Asian Sports Village automobile trading market not only has a new name - Beichen Asian Sports Village automobile trading market. But after the treatment of the market can not see the market taste, a row of "shop" out of order is a luxurious atmosphere of the store was replaced by the soft environment in the market is upgrading to have regrets, just a few decades, our life has changed so turn the world upside down the.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Wang Haixin

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