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Be fully equipped for! Beijing 4741 enterprises and institutions to participate in international China Import Expo

2018-10-29 13:08 Beijing daily client TF003

The first Chinese International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai in from November 5th to 10th, this is the first to import as the theme of the national exhibition. On the morning of 29, municipal government information office held China International Import Expo Beijing trade delegation press conference, introduced the Beijing trade delegation on the situation.

Beijing City, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the trade delegation of government departments, associations and enterprises, mobilize the purchaser registration. As for the end, Beijing trading group total registered 4741 enterprises and institutions, 14354, 18.5%, 19.6% respectively exceed expectations. In the registered 4741 enterprises and 4150 enterprises, institutions, social organizations 191. Among them, Hong Kong and Macao enterprises 62, 191 foreign-funded enterprises. The top three trading group is a state-owned group, Chaoyang District trading group and Haidian District trading group, the number of registered enterprises were 1018, 789 and 297.

Beijing City Trading Group under the municipal state-owned enterprises trading group, high-end equipment and automobile trading group, medical equipment and medical supplies trading group, trading of food and agricultural products group, cross-border electricity trading group, fashion brand trading group, service trade group, Zhongguancun science and technology innovation group, Yizhuang economic and Trade Development Zone Trading Group and Tianzhu Free Trade Zone Trading Group and other 10 key enterprises trading trading group and 16 District sub group.

The morning of November 6th, Beijing trade delegation will at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center site with the opening of Beijing Unlimited Business Opportunities - sharing opportunities "as the theme of the development of Beijing's high-end market promotion activities in Beijing, opening up a new round of policy interpretation and release of key project signing, policy interpretation, trade promotion, around the project signing three plates, outstanding Beijing hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games, Beijing Daxing International Airport and other characteristics of Beijing, centralized referral service industry a new round of opening up, deepen the innovation and development of service trade development innovation pilot, sophisticated industry development, financial and other policy initiatives. The activities planned to invite the Ministry of Commerce, international organizations, provinces and cities, countries and regions on behalf of the overseas group, overseas business associations, multinational companies and exhibitors represent about 200 people involved in.

In the Import Expo, Beijing trade delegation will also focus on the construction of Beijing "four centers", and promote the construction of sophisticated economic structure, the high-end equipment manufacturing, service trade, science and technology innovation of products and technology in line with the industrial development of Beijing products, technology and service procurement. From the needs of the people, will focus on the upgrading of the consumption structure, actively purchasing high-end consumer goods and services.

As early as in the previous exposition, Beijing trade delegation to carry out import turnover promotion work, through the use of imported "online exhibition" Expo plate, Chinese bank "exhibitors and buyers under the auspices of the line" project, before the exhibition matchmaking opportunities, the timely release of information to the enterprise organization enterprise exhibitors, familiar with the interests of exhibitors and exhibits the appointment of exhibitors, negotiate, prepare in advance for adequate on-site transactions.

In the import of the Expo site, Beijing traditional cultural image will also be demonstrated. Beijing enamel factory with copper tire cloisonne production art, called "three hills and five gardens" enamel murals, the mural will be located in the main venue of the hall import expo.

The first Import Expo including national comprehensive exhibition, business investment and trade fair and the Hongqiao International Trade Forum three parts.

The national trade and investment exhibition a total of 80 countries and 3 international organizations exhibitors, 80 countries across five continents, including 21 developed countries, 50 developing countries, the least developed countries in 9, there are a lot of countries to be held in supporting activities, the whole exhibition area of 30 thousand square meters.

Divided into two sections of trade in goods and services business exhibition, the exhibition area of 270 thousand square meters, there are 138 countries and regions exhibitors, more than 2800 companies signed up to participate, all from China overseas, including more than 200 of the world's top 500 leading enterprises and industries. Exhibitors will bring more than 100 new products and new technology, presents a comprehensive international cutting-edge, the most cutting-edge, the most representative products and services, many developing countries and the least developed countries enterprises will also bring their own characteristics of high-quality products to the exhibition.

Including the Hongqiao forum main forum and three parallel forum, the main topic is "Global trade forum to stimulate new vitality, create a new pattern of" opening win, 3 parallel forum is "trade and opening", "trade and innovation", "trade and investment". At present, the Hongqiao forum for international trade organization work is being conducted in an orderly, combined with China World Trade Center, the World Trade Organization Conference, UNIDO has officially confirmed as a forum for cooperation unit, part of the heads of state or government have confirmed their attendance.

Author: Ma Jing

Source: Beijing daily client

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