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Former army twenty-fourth army commander Yao Baoqian's death: the Tangshan earthquake first arrived on the scene

2018-10-29 12:03 Beijing daily client TF003

In October 28th, the "Liberation Army Daily published an obituary: Tianjin garrison military retired cadres, Lu Jundi is the original 24 army commander Comrade Yao Baoqian, died of illness in Tianjin on June 7, 2018, at the age of 93.

Yao Baoqian is Anhui Dingyuan people, born in 4 months 1925 years, 1939 years 3 months 1942 years 4 months to join the army, the Communist Party of Chinese. Served as orderlies and students, operator, monitor, platoon sergeant, platoon leader, company commander, deputy commander, deputy chief, chief, chief of staff, deputy head, head of the twenty-fourth army 197 division deputy chief, chief of staff, commander, sixty-sixth army chief of staff, twenty-fourth army chief of staff, deputy commander and other staff.

People's Liberation Army in October 28th 3 edition

In 2007, the Tianjin "Meirixinbao" media reports mentioned, from 14 years old to participate in the New Fourth Army, Yao Baoqian has participated in the Sino Japanese War, the liberation war and the Korean War, is a veteran in battle, have seen many tragic scenes on the battlefield. But the old man said, his experience of fighting, are not to be compared with 31 years ago he led to Tangshan earthquake rescue. The horrors of that time, so far reminds him of all fear, and the soldiers were in the earthquake relief heroic performance, is the most unforgettable memories in his military life.

During the Korean War, Yao Baoqian served as a volunteer army 24 army 72 division 215 regiment. After the war, he led the troops home off the place is Tangshan, after he was promoted to the 197 division, in 1969 received a military command, led the division stationed in Tangshan. In 1976, he was promoted to the 66 army chief of staff, headquarters is located in Tianjin to work, but it was not until the Tangshan earthquake, he led the 197 Division has been stationed in Tangshan.

"I was the first on the site of the earthquake, Tangshan was in ruins." Recall the scene 31 years ago, Yao Bao money heavy heart.

Reported that more than 3 months 7 1976 28 am, sleeping in the Yao Baoqian was a violent shock woke up. "The earthquake! The earthquake!" Outside in the panic shouted, Yao Bao Qian hastily dressed to the garrison command. "All the way to see a lot of collapsed houses, some escaped people standing in the middle of the road." Yao Baoqian said, who also don't know where is the epicenter, also do not know how much damage. The current disaster, as a soldier, they must find the most affected areas as soon as possible disaster. In the security area of the basement, military leaders held an emergency meeting on the side of earthquake relief plan, while contact several Division 66 army subordinates for the epicenter.

"The 197 division, 197 division please answer......" Get in contact with a plurality of division, stationed in Tangshan's 197 division, but always can not contact, as the teacher long Yao Baoqian's mind about pulling up. "Will the troops had an accident?" With this idea, he in a moment stay Do not go, leading to higher active plead, he only took two soldiers, drove straight to the 197 division headquarters in Tangshan.

In the town of Lutai, because the bridge was broken, the car can not pass. Yao Baoqian anxious to leave off the ship through the local villagers to find, to cross the river to continue the journey. No car is too slow, Yao Bao money easy to find a pickup truck in the vicinity of the village is, at 11 o'clock on the day that the first arrived in Tangshan earthquake site.

The first few days, Yao Bao money led soldiers rather than rescue, as it is found in "corpse", dug ruins to see all the dead, in order to speed up the pace to clean up the rubble, looking for survivors, those bodies can only be placed on the side of the road. Not dispose of the bodies quickly emit odor, the soldiers have to wear a gas mask. Because the equipment is limited, some soldiers only wearing a towel wearing masks, continue to adhere to the work.

"When I found a survivor in the ruins of the soldiers, is the happiest and most happy moments." Yao Baoqian recalled, after 6 days, surnamed Guo instructor in the ruins heard a faint voice underground, and several soldiers rescue organization, stone ruins, a dozen soldiers can barely move, tool is not good, we dug by hand. Finally rescued a 10 year old child. See the children all excited, All is well., like to fight a great battle. A buried for a week or so in the old lady, after being rescued, see the people's Liberation Army soldiers said that the first sentence is "long live the Communist Party", then all hearts are warm.

Yao Baoqian's wife told reporters that "Meirixinbao", in the Tangshan earthquake rescue, he is not a person in the emergency money Yao Bao line, they have two sons who are soldiers with the unit came to the rescue and reconstruction work in Tangshan.

"He was busy, can not attend to the safety of children." Yao Baoqian said his wife, she was very worried about the safety of the children, reconstruction, disease, lack of food...... There are dangers everywhere, a son from the dirty water in the hospital, Yao Baoqian had no time to visit. (source: surging News)

Author: Zhong Yuhao

Producer: Chen Yan

Editor: Zeng Allison

Source: Beijing daily client

Edit process: RB003

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