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50 year old Li Yong is gone! Cancer 17 months did not disclose any information only good to the world

2018-10-29 11:36 Yi Zhan TF008

The morning of October 29th, the famous host Li Yong micro-blog wife HARVIN confirmed that Li Yong died of illness. She wrote: "in the United States, after cancer treatment for 17 months, 2018 years and 10 month 25 day at 5:20 in the morning, my love......"

In this regard, users have to express my condolences: "Li Yong grew up watching the teacher shows how to grow up," "impermanence, can't believe" "" very 6+1 "as if yesterday, Yong brother go"......

Li Yong (May 3, 1968 -2018 October 25th), China mainland show host, graduated from the Communication University of China broadcasting system. 1991, director of CCTV to enter. For 1996 years, served as the feature film director, and served as the documentary "Hongkong" explanation of the vicissitudes of life. In 1998, began as the variety show host, the same year began hosting the "lucky 52". Curly hair and sequined suit, with humorous hosting style, with the program of the high ratings, Li Yong is the majority of the audience recognized and familiar.

The 1 month 2007 years 25 days, Beijing, CCTV studio, Li Yong presided over the "6+1" is recorded.

2003 years, Li Yong began hosting "very 6+1". In 2004, as the "dream of Chinese" chief designer. 2008, began hosting "Yong Le Hui". 2009, published an autobiography "Yong far Lee". In January 4, 2015, presided over the program "is your" in Beijing TV premiere. 2016 years, the network variety show "hosted by and jointly launched the" idol on aunt sauce.

2004.10.24 Chinese "final" dream in the CCTV host. Figure / Bai Jikai

The middle school Li Yong tell anyone that be scanty of words, not words. At that time, love the two things in his life: painting and running. The family found him a teacher reading training, the teacher heard Li Yong read that his voice is in good condition, advised him to go to Communication University of China. In 1987, young Li Yong admitted to the Communication University of China, came out after he had set foot in Xinjiang, came to the capital city of Beijing. Li Yongceng readme, University after several months is autistic, not good at socializing with the other students. Students' eyes the boy is strange, don't talk, go back a picture clip.

However, for the emergence of Li Yong's life, light color. Li Yong in the "Yong far Lee" a book tells the story of love and his wife, former director of the show. Li Yong college, a classmate in love at first sight. In September 26, 1992, Li Yong, and the lover finally entered the marriage hall together. First they are classmates, is the first love; is not only a couple, or a colleague. Li Yong on the stage, but the "hidden" behind the scenes.

Li Yong once said with a smile, his wife is the boss, his wife sent by wage. Li Yong once wrote: "affectionate confession to the wife married ten years, my definition of marriage is" like a fog like rain like flowers. ". The passion of day has gone, the rest is a kind of affection, care and sustenance of a mutual. I think this is the deepest love, deep to free to describe. "

Li Yong HARVIN and Delta

The past two years, Li Yong rarely appeared in public, he was upload his photos, photos of Li Yong changed with his trademark decades of long hair, cut a neat short hair.

2013, Li Yong announced his resignation from CCTV, returned to his alma mater, Communication University of China, which makes many viewers feel very suddenly. But he also taught the arts hosted, in December 2016 Communication University of China presided over the new year's concert. Li Yong in the course of illness, the university does not have any news, the Department of broadcasting and teacher's circle of friends is no news, it seems that he is not willing to let the world know ill news, only good to you.


Have a safe trip home.


Source: Yi Zhan

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