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2018 Chinese PPP Investment Forum held investment XinDa Chinese Masanobu cooperation development

2018-10-29 11:01 beijing evening news TF003

Recently, the "2018 Chinese PPP Investment Forum held in Beijing forum to" quality and efficiency create value "as the theme, aggregation of global PPP think tank experts and social resources, in-depth discussion on PPP mode of Masanobu capacity building, local government financing platform to resolve the debt restructuring, implicit and PPP project quality and efficiency, operation and integration the construction of PPP project and PPP project budget performance management and other hot issues of political development and the deepening of the letter PPP, boosting the new era China Masanobu cooperation development.

Vice president of Central University of Finance and Economics Shi Jianping said that from the beginning of the second half of 2017, the central deep reform commission, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, the SASAC, "a line of NPC and CPPCC" and other major economic departments issued a series of intensive PPP specification development policy document will highlight the determination and confidence in the sustainable development of health, the decision level specification PPP. Development of the PPP, not only to meet the conditions of our country, it needs continuous innovation. The main purpose of the reform of the PPP, is that the quality and efficiency.

SDIC XinDa (Beijing) investment fund group limited company Masanobu business center general manager Kong Qingming said, from the perspective of the enterprise should be strengthened through early involvement to the project quality and efficiency, starting from the top-level design of the project, analysis of industrial space, strategy, financing, integration of regional land, science and technology, talent, information, the brand, innovation resources and elements, unite the advantages of the project financial resources, benign to ripe. The use of new technologies and new industries, new energy, construction of ecological chain project development, this project will be implemented PPP quality and efficiency.

In the PPP under the new situation, should obey the PPP model to promote the beginning of the heart, regulate the local government and enterprise behavior. SDIC XinDa (Beijing) Investment Group Limited Executive Vice President Qiu Ying said that the market principle is PPP mode of existence and development and the success of the essence, to promote the PPP mode of the line steady Zhiyuan, the need for market reforms, insisting that the elements of market allocation. As the PPP industry participants, investment XinDa in the process of development and promote the follow-up project to always focus on quality and efficiency, practicing corporate social responsibility, to create greater value for society.

SASAC Research Center deputy researcher Lv Hanyang said, need to government ability construction into the framework of credit system construction of a country, a set of index system to evaluate the ability of the political issue, carry out evaluation on all levels of government credit construction, promote the construction of local government finance channel. In addition, the two sides in the process of cooperation between government and enterprises face the issue of unequal status, need to establish relevant mechanism, forced the government to comply with the credit.

SDIC XinDa (Beijing) investment fund group limited company vice president Ding Zhaoji said, from the view of enterprise, enhance the ability of government credit is a long-term and continuous development of the need of theoretical research and practice interaction, should follow the direction of the market principle, establishment of a market-oriented system of language, the rules of the game and evaluation system.

In this forum, Chinese Masanobu financial development index, the index released, become a barometer of the development of the political field. Vice president of Chinese Information Association Credit Specialized Committee Song Hongguang said, Chinese Masanobu financial development index is the release of the credit construction of our country's government affairs, but also political finance affairs, have milepost significance. It is scientific, forward-looking and guidance, is a major breakthrough in the construction of government credit, kicked off the political building of institutionalization and standardization, through the combination of research and practice of academic road.

Professor Wen Laicheng of Central University of Finance and Economics School of finance, financial development index China Masanobu with specialization, hierarchy, accuracy, use objective data to reflect the scale and development status of local government financial activities and problems. It will serve the government, investors and the public three party. The government can grasp the overall index of Masanobu financial situation in a region, such as development speed, to effectively control the risk. For investors, can determine a regional financial environment through the index, select the appropriate investment strategy to maximize profits. The public can understand the political and financial situation of the area through the letter index, as well as the risk, to form an effective social supervision, to safeguard public interests, the interests of consumers.

An Xiumei, Dean of the Central University of Finance and Economics Political Research Institute said the index China Masanobu financial development has the following vision: first, the political and financial risk to help macroeconomic policy-making departments better observation places, has become an important reference for macro Prudential assessment. Second, become the investment reference of local financing micro participation, help the parties involved in micro Prudential evaluation. Third, hope can become the political activities of the financial market supervision and restriction of power, promoting the local government conscientiously perform their duties to fulfill responsibilities. In section four, the hope can help build academic integration Masanobu finance platform.

SDIC XinDa (Beijing) Investment Group Limited Executive Vice President Qiu Ying said that the enterprises should be involved in the PPP project theory and practice of combining self confidence, always provide power for the government, the government determined to be a good assistant and staff. At present, SDIC XinDa has in-depth Masanobu business exchanges and cooperation with the more than 240 city and county government, formed a complete system of financial ecological government. Future investment XinDa will continue to rely on government finance, and guide more capital return to the real economy, promote regional economic and social development level.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jian

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