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China social welfare foundation in the love care for veterans entrepreneurship fund project start public employment management

2018-10-29 10:58 beijing evening news TF003

Recently, Chinese social welfare foundation in the double love fund "care for veterans employment public project launch ceremony held.

The fund and the Beijing gold Nongliang Products Co. Ltd., agriculture and animal husbandry science and Technology (Beijing) International Maple flavor Catering Management Limited jointly build in a public restaurant chain project, direct specific assistance for veterans employment, to explore a government support, fund support, enterprise participation, and adapt to the conditions of public opinion veterans of new venture Road, provides entrepreneurial stage and employment opportunities for the veterans. This project started, reflects the new era of wind is formed from all sectors of society and new initiatives, but also reflects the full respect and care for the society is the expression of veterans with a more pragmatic action.

In a public restaurant chain project, on the basis of full market investigation, according to the characteristics of veterans, accurate integration catering industry various elements and key links, the funds to support the import operation mode, the input of entrepreneurial talent, the formation of "helping fund + module mode", and through the whole industry chain system. Organic ecological base, the main non-staple food supply, cold chain logistics, and decoration design, technical training, data management and security monitoring and other factors combined to form "Fund + industry chain" system, supporting the extension of system management mode, chain copy. Through the support of governments in various provinces and cities to promote, to provide protection and support by caring enterprises, retired soldiers can be zero, zero based funds to join, the maximum to avoid the business risk, shorten the experience accumulation period, reduce funding pressure, to maximize the convenience condition for veterans and junlieshu entrepreneurship. Participate in the project cooperation institutions and enterprises, follow the market rules, the organic combination of each other, play their respective advantages, gradually expand the market, provide strong support for the sustainable development of the project.

To start the ceremony, the foundation is responsible to the organizations and caring companies involved in the project construction signed a strategic cooperation agreement and awarded a plaque.

The guests of the witness, China social welfare foundation in the management of the fund to accept the love of love and corporate donations. Cold wide will be set up for love in the management of the fund in addressing the public welfare projects and expressed full recognition and praise, he said: "as a service for many years in the army veterans, veterans care duty. And that, through these activities, let more people to care for this group, to help veterans a good job transition, a key step in life turn; encourage retired soldiers carry forward traditional forces, hard work, active government worries, strive for progress with determination, and make brilliant achievements; to force the service for veterans do a better job, let the serviceman ease of service, let veterans make contributions in the new position, for the people to make a greater contribution to society!

Ms. He Xiaoming said in his speech, I am very pleased to participate in this activity, to see so many people doing some real for veterans in the country, real thing, very pleased. Retired military is the most respected and most need our care groups, then we have the responsibility and obligation to care for them, they love.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Yu Jian

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