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Xu Deliang's "100 100 ink cat ended with two hundred Baishou Exhibition" old ink painting cat response

2018-10-29 12:11 beijing evening news TF017

The comic actor, writer Xu Deliang's "100 100 cat Hyakuhisa ink exhibition ended in the Jiayin Grand View Garden hall.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency for map

In recent years, Xu Deliang in two hundred from the Qing Dynasty to 80s the old ink painting, two hundred different postures of cat, caused no small impact in the painting industry. This exhibition, Xu Deliang is "200 old ink painting cat" achievement exhibition.

Xu Deliang loves the cat as everyone knows, he also help many stray cats these years. But why should we draw the two hundred postures of the cat? Xu Deliang said: "the four kind of tool China painting is ink, to draw a good picture Chinese, essential to the study of these four tools, but today most artists do not attach importance to study is the ink. From ancient to modern times, ink formula, process, and medicine, and the carbon black is also different. With the glue different glue glue method is different, after 100 years of storage effect and glue defeat is different...... To know the ink quality, must try ink, try to a certain extent will understand." Therefore, Xu Deliang in the ink, ink painting with each to a different attitude of the cat, tried nearly two hundred kinds of ink, painting the two hundred postures of cats, are pure ink, avoid the influence of color on the ink. The exhibition, due to the limited space, an exhibition of forty paintings boutique.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Run

Editor: TF017

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