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So suddenly! Host Li Yong died of cancer, his last one is that micro-blog......

2018-10-29 10:39 Beijing daily client TF003

Recently, micro-blog confirmed that her husband Li Yong, died of illness. She wrote: "in the United States, after cancer treatment 17 months, 2018 years 10 months 25 days at 5 am 20, my love......"

In November 23, 2017, Li Yong released the last Thanksgiving thank micro-blog, wife and all. In in the comments below: "happy thanksgiving."

Finally, a micro-blog Li Yong's hair

Li Yong (May 3, 1968 -2018 October 25th), Chinese mainland show host, graduated from the Communication University of China broadcasting system. In 1991, CCTV entered the director.

In 1996, as the feature film director, and served as the documentary "Hongkong" explanation of the vicissitudes of life. 1998, began as the variety show host, the same year began hosting the "lucky" 52. 2003, began hosting "very 6+1". For 2004 years, served as the "dream of China" chief designer.

"Dream" in the final 2004.10.24 Chinese CCTV host Li Yong. Photo by Bai Jikai

For 2008 years, began hosting "Yong Le Hui". 2009, published his autobiography "Yong far Lee". In January 4, 2015, presided over the program "is your" in Beijing TV premiere. 2016 years, the network variety show "hosted by and jointly launched the" idol on aunt sauce.

Reporter: Wang Guangyan

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Producer: Wang Yi

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Source: Beijing daily client

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