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Wuzhen Youth Theatre Festival Grand Prix this year for the first time there is a vacancy! Judge: no alternative to standard tolerance

2018-10-29 11:56 beijing evening news TF017

Last night, the sixth Wuzhen Drama Festival Closing Ceremony in Wuzhen held the office of water pillow Dragon Hotel site, announced the next year Wuzhen Drama Festival time and theme: the seventh Wuzhen Drama Festival will be held from October 17, 2019 to October 27th, the theme of "yong". With the closing of the sixth Wuzhen Drama Festival, high-profile youth contest results also settled, the most exciting championship award "award this year for the first time at the town"!

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It is reported that the sixth session of the Wuzhen Youth Theatre Festival Competition play unit has attracted much attention from published since the proposition. From across the 32 provincial 400, more than 18 in the application form talent shows itself group entries, through several rounds of performances, layers of screening, the final six works finalists are "Dear Ms. Xie Wanting thank you", and "Hanya water" "Sleeping Beauty", "the night waking from a dream - no habitat", "ant", "mourning" birds fly.

Last night, after a tense day and final debate judges fierce, the final selection results in all the enthusiasm look forward to the dust settles. Birdsong "," mourning "Hanya water" to obtain "youth contest" town award special attention to award; "Sleeping Beauty" -- waking from a dream writer / Director / actor Xu Yewen won the "youth contest" town Award for best individual performance award: most people watched the 200 thousand drama prize - "youth contest" town the award for Best Drama Award for "vacancy"! The jury also said: 'let' is the festival's theme, but we cannot use inclusive alternative to standard. Our standards and your level to accommodate each other, it is the life of the drama festival."

The closing ceremony, hear Lai, Huang Lei on behalf of championship jury announced the news, we first froze for a moment, then the scene immediately burst into applause, the jury decided to give the best support and affirmation!

After the results were published, the reporter interviewed the Championship Committee Chairman Lai Shengchuan, director Lai Shengchuan said: "this was a unanimous decision of the jury. We also review the whole selection process has no missing piece? Can you do better next year? But this year we do not see enough, enough, enough skill pattern of execution, enough people moved to the works. Unlike in previous years, a play out, the entire theater house feeling in shock. But this year there is no such works. In fact, these teams participating this year were very hard, but it is not worth to let us feel special awards. We are now worried about this decision, we are not able to understand, but we decided to make such a decision. I also think that now is not the variety talent show too much, affect young people's vision and ideas, the level also decreased. Maybe there is no reason, next year may well work level."

Critics and media people are very consistent support and appreciation for the jury's decision. "90" critic Xi Mu cool said: "the six finalists I saw five, I think everyone works in fact there are some bright spots, but compared with the previous winners, in the creative direction and ideas on some similar. So I think the judges will give the "vacancy" as a result, also want to show that in the championship and did not pass the unit what mode or judges love mode. The final approved, either form or content, or to really touch the soul we work."

The new media drama "Anne theater" responsible person Anne said: "I think the result is very good! Because from this year's work, we all have a tendency to have some reference to previous winners. The jury 'vacancies' decision to show an attitude, is the hope that we can like the theme of the next year, a torrent of creative, spewing out!"

The new media drama "theater Ferris wheel" for Yang Xiaoluan said: "this is a result of the most controversial i see now Wuzhen Youth Theatre Festival Competition play best, especially if there is no good works, it really should be vacant. If only seven or eighty minutes of work but gave awards, so will give the other team, the future of a team is not so good as that China future drama development is not particularly good. And now, is really too good!"


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Run

Editor: TF017

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