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"The dark labyrinth" was selected as the world science fiction convention official certification recommended: wonderful than expected

2018-10-29 12:08 beijing evening news TF017

Yesterday, the science fiction suspense film "the dark labyrinth" held in Beijing conference opening, the film side announced that the film will be screened in October 31st to mention. Director Wen River, producer Jiang Dai, Nie Yuan, Ge Tian, Du Yiheng, Luan Yuanhui, Chen Jun, Yu Weiwei and other creative dressed appearance. Conference, the film side exposed the film "truth" version of the poster, behind the murderer and the tunnel maze serial killer hiding the truth ready. It is reported that "the dark labyrinth" is the first domestic movie in the world science fiction convention, specialized in science fiction elements has been recognized by the industry in the 75 Science Fiction Convention after the premiere, "the future Affairs Bureau and other professional institutions of official certification and recommendation of the film, Li Zhaoxin and Ye Sheng are experts in science fiction highly detail: multiple inversion, rigorous, wonderful than expected.

The story began from a journey: seven strangers, somewhere on the same car. When the vehicle enters a dark tunnel, but always open to the end. After many tests, they still cannot escape. Inexplicable corpse, dead people and sudden murder ensued. As a terrorist, and this is not the end of the tunnel, so everyone in the dark gradually exposed the weakness of human nature.

"Production team dark labyrinth" produced the first film was "the door of deception", won the 2015 annual box office champion of the same type. The Wen River said, "the dark labyrinth" the earliest title is the "cycle of death", a story about the relationship between the origin and a lot of people in real life experience, "if a person is driving at night walking in the dark tunnel, there will be a time of stagnation as a cycle of death, feeling, so only in the mind in the construction of such a story."

Actor Nie Yuan shared his film "dark labyrinth" when feeling, he said, this is the first time he starred in this film with science fiction elements, to show the movie in some aspects of the brain and mind are full of curiosity, the film finally ending an open, but also want to give the audience more space for imagination. Nie Yuan played the male lead in Chen Jia "the dark labyrinth", the film had released "black Nie Yuan" episode, he showed amazing "face" performance, conversion between the two roles with. In the conference site, Nie Yuan also shared his play two feelings, "a warm, full of human power, and the other one is evil." The complex character let Nie Yuan play very quickly, he said, when shooting the director's thoughts are very rich, always induced inspire the "darkness" of the dark side of Chen jia. Nie Yuan said, "the elements of this movie is not only suitable for young people, will be very suitable for middle-aged audience, there is a little shocking things, but still conveys a lot of positive energy characters."

Jiang Dai said, the film is shot in a real tunnel, "this is a barren years of neglect of the tunnel, to spend 3 hours every day in the morning time on the road, shooting tunnel play with 20 days, which also encountered a heavy snow in Beijing the crew is finished, will play in the cold."

Starring GeTian revealed that her relative to other actors more fortunate, the most difficult is the water inside the play, "but now everything is worth it; at the beginning of" Jun Chen joked director is too strict, causing him too much pressure to sleep well; Luan Genki broke the news that he was director of the "cheat" good results, a thriller action movie, also injured; Yu Weiwei "wronged" said 20 minus a few degrees weather, she only wears sexy dress, finished after the winter to hibernate. Director Wen he responded with a smile, the actors' dedication and professionalism is the key to the success of the film.

"The dark labyrinth" in science fiction elements on the show under the foot work, it is understood that "the dark labyrinth" is the first in the world science fiction Convention Chinese movie screenings and in a 75 World Science Fiction Convention, caused a good response. Focus on science fiction "future promotion authority" is also dedicated to the movie "the dark labyrinth" held a "starting point" and the consciousness of science fiction theme viewing forum, film makers and the "future authority" guest of science fiction writer Lee Hin, structural biologist Ye Shengyi, together with the audience of science fiction description of "consciousness and brain" are discussed. Two people on the wonderful show "the dark labyrinth" in science fiction and film production capacity evaluation: the movie the biggest surprise is that the final outcome is expected to start and have a very big reversal, it is unexpectedly. Two people of "to the brain and mind control show the dark labyrinth", to the human nature profound analysis of the content of scientific proof, to the current level of development of science and technology, human beings should want to achieve in the movie "the scientific and technological level is still far".


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Wang Jinyue

Editor: TF017

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